hand in hand

theresia auf der maur died at 101 years old on march 17th, 2004
she came to me in my dream the other night,
she was still in between the two dimensions,
she has almost reached her son.

she was a woman with a mission and a vision.
her faith was in the force, the guide, the plan.
it kept her alive longer than most.

i honor her strength and confidence.

i send love to her and my father up above.
i miss you, but feel you close.


19 Responses to “hand in hand”

  1. Rock Sound says:

    Hi melissa, very sweets words. Ella debe estar muy orgullosa de vos!!!! you speak spanish?. Thank you so much for your beatiful songs.

    Chris, From Argentina

  2. Tempest says:

    I lost someone close to me this year and have had dreams almost nightly.

  3. Mark the M.W.D. creator says:

    I am sure, that they both are looking at you from above, and they’re so proud of You.

  4. MdMb says:

    I’m sure you’ve inherited your grandmother’s faith, strenght and confidence. That’s why you’re so passionate about everything you do.
    Including your grandmother’s voice in your first album was a beautiful homage to her.
    Last friday my band and I played our first gig. It was so, so thrilling. I really enjoyed it, and now I can’t wait to play again.
    I feel making music it’s the only thing that can make me 100% happy in life. What should I do?
    How’s your new album? Lots of people are eagerly waiting for it. Me too, OF COURSE!!!
    Give us a hint soon!
    Huge hug! =)

  5. GnomeluvsMadM says:

    your family will always be with u no matter where you are or what you are doing, im sure they would all be very proud.

    Can’t wait for the new album, iv been chewing my fingernails because of it and due to the fact it’s taking a while im now missing a hand! 😛

    Rock on!

    Gnome reciever

  6. xdimsx says:

    Salut Melissa,c’est vrai ce que tu ecris il y a un plan divin et nous en faisons tous parti.La mort n’est qu’un passage qui nous permet de nous retrouver de l’autre cote.

  7. Frank says:

    Some time ago, I dreamed about a girl I knew who might or might not be dead. She had leukemia 15 years ago, so it made me wonder. Is she still alive? What are the odds? If she is, is there a way to find her? Without a last name, without a history. At times I even doubt the name I do remember: Audrey.

    She’s between two dimensions, a little more metaphorically than your two dimensions. She’s between two dimensions in my head, between memory and imagination. I like to think she’s still alive, that an energy unknown to us, healthy people, has been keeping her upright and cheerful all along. That despite the constant threat of death, she’s the breath of life her family and friends remain fresh upon breathing.

    She’s an odd ray of light, she shines her own way. She’s now become a character in a novel I’m writing. A wonderful character, born out of both my memory and imagination. Strong and confident. Driven.

  8. Doctor Rock says:

    I have had dreams about my late father but they af a much more disturbing nature, I just often wonder if his soul is up there too with them what on earth will they be saying to one another about my wretched self.

  9. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Your grandmother died the day of your birthday!Sometimes unfortunately everything happened in the same time.

    I’m sure that dreams can be a way to communicate with people of the other side. Because, me too i had already dream to dead people of my family… I had ever dream that I have diner outside during the summer with my dead grandfather of my mother’s side.

    View that I’m a little bit like a kid, I used to think that dead people are like ghost on earth, they can protect us or they can ignore us or worst they can give to us malediction it depends of the relationship’s quality that you have with each of these person in the past. Do you see what I mean.Hahaaa!
    I hope that I don’t scare you too much.

    MĂȘme la vie la plus misĂ©rable vaut la peine d’ĂȘtre vĂ©cue. Even the most miserable life worth to be lived.
    -Angélique Gauthier, ma grand-mÚre décédée.

    Dans la vie, il y a de la mort et dans la mort, il y a de la vie.
    In life there is death and in death there is life.

    Everything have an end and everything have a beginning, it’s like a circle…without end…life is a constant succession of new beginnings.

  10. DOMINIC Gauthier says:


    Dominic von Lunatic

  11. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    I’m SORRY for what’s happend to the SCREEN.It’s not my fault…
    It’S the stupid computer fault, I SWEAR!

  12. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    WoW, HAhaaaa!

  13. Vieille Corneille says:

    Ton message ma touchĂ© parce que mes croyances personelles sont que lorsque qu’on nous rĂȘvons Ă  un ĂȘtre cher qui est dĂ©cĂ©dĂ© c’est que cette personne vient nous visiter dans notre someil pour ne pas nous effrayer.

    Mes pensĂ©es t’accompagne Melissa.

  14. Bassilik says:

    hey hey
    dreams dreams only dreams
    I’m so happy because all my friends are feeling this love, this spiritual energy and the music in our veines when they are sleeping
    kisses to Melissa and all her fans
    take care

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