getting closer…

… the sounds are fuller.
the end is near.
i am craving ears.
to share,
to share,
to share,
the inner world that has developed,
since i was last “out there”.

this melody is my carpet ride,
across the ocean to you, you and you.
reaching out to you through this tune,
around the globe just to get it to you.


41 Responses to “getting closer…”

  1. Dauthus says:

    Good to hear your labour of love is about to be finished. Can’t wait to hear the result.

  2. IceShaft says:

    That’s great news!Thanks Melissa!
    We are all waiting to discover the end of this long but, no doubt, fascinating and inspiring journey that led you to the creation of the new record.
    My ears are your ears, hungry for new sounds.

  3. Tempest says:

    I am also glad to hear this news.

  4. Mark Sommerschield says:

    Eeeep! You are driving us wild with these teasing blogs hehe! We’ll be waiting at the other end for you 🙂

    Mark x

  5. Frank says:

    That’s awesome. That’s beautiful. That’s exciting. That’s something.

    That’s it.
    What is it?
    It’s it.

  6. MdMb says:

    This is so exciting!!!
    It means we’ll have a new musical world to discover soon, and I’m sure it’ll be damn good, since you’ve put so much effort, love and passion into it.
    I’m about to leave. I have to pick up an Auf der Maur t-shirt I had made for my gig tonight. I haven’t seen it yet, but it’ll kick ass for sure.
    Wish me luck!
    Huge hug! =)
    PS: it’s nice to have you around here so often.

  7. i like plants xD says:

    omg omg 😀 im excited im looking forward to ur new album. i hope it will be out soooon 😀 xD
    and i hope u will come to austria as long as im still here ^^ lol

  8. Mark the M.W.D. creator says:

    That’s great message!!!
    Ok, I gotta go, I have a head full of ideas and hands full of work to change ideas into a things.
    bye 😉

  9. smashing_pumpkin says:

    You look very nice in these pictures 🙂

    And I am SO excited… you’ve no idea.

    Well, I suppose you do XD

  10. DarrenB says:

    thank you xMAdMx for your soothing communications. you are our special ethereal girl who helps us discover the deeper elements of life.

  11. E.J. says:

    I’m glad to have found this blog at long last. I met you in Irvine during Lolapalooza ’94 (the Marines that interviewed you guys and Courtney after the show… she went on and on about wearing pants for the first time) and I’ve had a crush on you ever since! I loved your first CD and look forward to hearing the new one (and would love to put a review of it on my site, If, by any chance, you remember us in Irvine, I was the Marine with the blond hair that also plays bass.

  12. .::[aNdrEa]::. says:

    I dreamt you..
    In the dream you had an italian sister and a dog…and you talked to me about the crazy people on YouTube…no-sense…but my dream…

    Bye,andrea from Italy

  13. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Hi Melissa,
    The dress of your musical soul is the best!
    And now your dress take the final shape, your musical soul becomes a musical body on CD.

    I’m already in LOVE with your second solo-album!

    Like a kid, I hope to see a little bit more what you hide under your gorgeous dress (but i have to wait the release of your new album), of course, Hahaha!
    A little bit like the dress of Marilyn Monroe in the wind! HAhaa!

    MELISSA, I xLoVEx you & your great music too!

    Take care!
    Peace to each of us

    Dominic von Lunatic

  14. Cécile says:


    Nous t’attendons avec impaciance en France!

    A bientôt!

  15. Doctor Rock says:

    Is She comming?

    Were you, out there?

  16. Flor says:

    hi pretty missy =) i love your music and your posts, you write really cool.

    i’m from Chile, south america, and we know your loving music.

    you rocks.

  17. Dan01 says:

    Hola Melissa.Buen Blog, yo recien descubro tu musica y tu arte, aun cuando sabia en los grupos que estuviste. Me gusto mucho tu cd.

  18. patricia says:

    hey melissa im really looking forward to your new album and i hope i can get a chance to see you play on tour once you start.

  19. Captomente says:

    Portugal loves you, Melissa. Follow the waves and meet us!

  20. DorotaAusPolen says:

    i discovered you again( cause i spotted you with smashing pumpkins now and then) while my friend was getting really excited about Courtney Love and celebrity skin album and me? i was listening to her and i was far beyond celebrity skin because i was listening to this when it came out ( and time i am writing about : well it is 2004) … but she had THE FACE magazine on a table(Catford, Vancouver Street) with THe Hole on a cover… and we start to imagine what’s going on what’s in who’s out … and your first album came out…and she bought it and i had no money( i had nothing at the time, and it was rough but good in a way) so i recorded your album on a cassette and you were the one who kept me going . i used to spend 3 hours to get to work (heathrow airport) and same back and i had to be strong . and i had no money at all. i was exsisting. why? it turned like this… well , i may never tell the story but i wonder what a journey it is going to be with your new cd( by the way I’ve bought you cd after hard times anyway and someone lost it so I am still listening to an old pirate copy cassette, how sweet}

    ah Courtney Love . i am interested in your relationship with her but i know i can only guess. cause it seems that you were close to her at the time whatever it means to be close to a person who is constantly on something…

    and you are not much of a drug fan…you are too wise…too aware…and I am waiting … wondering what you will say and in what kind of way… where you’ve been and who you are after….I am always feeling very close to you cause I’ve got that illusion that I can complitely understand you …but it may be only an illusion…cause we all strangers for God sake!

  21. Alex Ronalds says:

    Hey Melissa by the way… you should come to Mexico, a lot of people loves u here:::

  22. KevinHogg says:

    step one (close)
    step two (closer)
    step three (very close)

    U R awaiting 2
    aren’t U…?

    the sound rezzzzzonates
    the energy is toooooooo much to contain
    your sound
    the wallzzzz…the hallzzzz
    contain and release your energy

  23. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Dorota you’re right, we are all strangers for others who don’t know us.
    Mais j’ai toujours trouvé que Melissa était très gentille pour une star de sa grandeur , de son rayonnement internationale.
    Melissa a toujours aimé Montréal et en plus elle parle très bien le français et elle me semble très sociable car elle ne lève pas le nez sur personnes.
    Elle semble Très ouverte et sympatique comme Gwen Stefani d’ailleur…
    Take care DOROTA!HAha!

    TAKE CARE sweet Melissa! XXX

    Dominic von Lunatic

  24. Clever Monkey says:

    Looking forward to the new sounds. We need to all make sounds for ourselves, too, and share those with others.

    That is to say, I need to pick up my bass a little more.


  25. Nathan says:

    great news melissa, i hope the carpet ride ends soon and our ears are filled…

  26. damn nice says:

    melissa has an ear fetish………………… craving ears? like the ear at the start of blue velvet. maybe melissa dreams of being an earwig?
    oh the comedy.
    i actually had a dream with a special guest melissa auf der maur! oh yes.
    she was sat down composing music with a pen and paper. the notation contained 4 ledger lines, an “adm bass” style clef, the bass strings were tuned to b a c e (each line represented a string) and the musical notes were symbols that included; a snail, a horse, bullets, a sleeping cat, eyelids,lips amongst other things……. she explained what they all meant and i had no idea what the hell she was talking about?
    “sorry molly, i’d love to stay and chat but i’m due back on the planet earth…” i was indeed due back as i woke up…..
    i’m crazy it seems.
    farewell from me… until next time.

  27. DarrenB says:

    Sorry & sad about the shootings in Montreal in the past 24 hours.

  28. DorotaAusPolen says:

    oh yeah I forgot to read about it (college shooting in Canada) busy fixing a life plan (hahaha) DANZIG singing something and it sounds like a devil devil (below devil above or I am just hearing things:)) … the most evil happened in Polish school was stabbing a teacher to death. once. I think more evil is going on on daily basis. . . why Elephant (Guy Van Sant came to Canada? Because western model of life is America? Wrong concept of freedom and away from roots meaning the nest meaning family meaning first connection to love to be unerstood to be yuourself to be forgiven to evolve…the chain is broken( not mine. I am going to see my family in a month time and I am taking my friend from Portland Oregon(New York after she grew up) to Poland[she have been there once for two nights] and more! To my nest, where I was born and where I was growing up and she will meet my
    parents my sister my niece my homeland!

    P.S. She said that Portland was full of drugs(heroine) and that explains Courtney’s attitude. and death of Kirsten( bass player) … you have to be born to take as many drugs as they can, I can’t and I am happy to watch them…or sad…Dominic ? My father once said to me in anger that I am always right ( which happens to be true) but it would be nice to be wrong and do not see the consequences…but it is not me…and my father loves me more now.///because now he understands and I am less rebelious and violent to express…I do love more too

    Hey! Bless . and now there was a song How the God kills by Danzing in a background…would you let go…

  29. Manuel Lama says:

    I made a poem about faith/Faith and two-faced words and persons…even though is a little sad for me to write about “l’amour”…

    Well, there it goes…

    Nœud de cravate

    Votre cœur batte, c’est vrai
    Mais je pense que n’est pas
    Quelque chose que Mai

    Votre amour est fort ?
    Est votre Dieu Soleil ?

    Si noir et votre veille
    Et votre foi abeille,

    Que de nuit en nuit
    En la matin s´éveille

    Comme la obscure chanson
    De la vie, c’est vrai

    Que de jour en jour
    En pureté éternelle
    Est née…

    Soi bruit de pas votre péché
    Et chemin de feu en votre sein

    Visit for reading the explanation of some parts of this poem.

  30. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Shooting in college Dawson, Montréal,Canada. I hope that everywhere Melissa gone that she’s safe… Because people can be really mad sometimes!

    Dorota, I’m always sad & hurt to see that people take bad stuff ( drugs like heroine) to escape to reality. Because it’s not the way to solve our problems.
    And you know Dorota heroine remember me bad souvenirs…( my poor cousin Eric , that GOD takes away your sorrow!
    Who’s Guy Van Sant?
    What’s DANZING?

    Take care Dorota! XX
    xLoVEx & take care MELISSA! XXX


    Dominic Von LuNaTiC

  31. DorotaAusPolen says:

    Gus Van Sant- the director ( Drugstore Cowboy, Elephant)
    DANZIG- a band bland with evil “evil” sorry 🙂
    my dad is not well only me can feel his pain and nly I can describe what he is getting through because of compasion
    because I am a human sponge
    because I feel I think I care
    no, I never took heroine but I met some who took some she recovered she is well probably better that me today because I feel low I miss my friends do they know who they are? I do not know what I am doing here and why…this kind of staff…it means I’ll be better soon . full Moon

  32. Nathan says:

    well ive been gon a while and hoping to hear this good news

  33. Nathan says:

    oh and by the way… i cant express the role that you as an artist and person plays in my life, its been 10 years that i’ve been a fan of almost every band you’ve been in Hole, Smashing Pumpkins, and now your new adventure,god i can only hope that i live my dreams out to one day and that time is not running out…im 24 and life seems a shit load harder then when i was 14… if anyone wants to have a look what people in Port Elizabeth are getting up to…

  34. Itzel says:

    That’s great, can’t wait to listen to your new music.

  35. Oscar A. says:

    Melissa i know about you again by cassuality searching about misterious and pretty girl in the video of Everlasting Gaze (I think you are a much more interesting woman than you apparent), and I see you have a blog, writing about you think, your life, you day to day. I love it.
    I hear you tribute to Black Sabbath, I love BS, and your work sound really good.

    By the way, I NEED that you join to Billy in the return of Smashing (pleeease).

    I see the videos of your blog, rofl! you crazy? I want to dance with you.

    Greetings and kiss from a spanish redhair girl fan. 😀

  36. Oscar A. says:

    Por cierto, creo que sabes castellano también! Cuando quieras hablamos sobre música o lo que quieras para que no se te olvide el idioma.
    Me encanta el tema “Taste You”.

    Un saludo preciosa.

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