election time…

… in canada.

it is that time in this country.
after living in the u.s. for the past decade,
and witnessing two of the most crucial elections there,
i am about to witness the same thing here.

this liberal country is looking straight into conservative eyes.
we are facing a potentially very scary turning point in this country.
the uber right, money people are seducing our fellow canadians.

all they talk about is money and tax cuts,
a manipulative move,
knowing that 99 % of the population is hurting for cash.

social services,
health care,
support of arts and culture,
is what makes this country so beautiful and progressive.
those things will be the first things to go in the faux $ utopia.

we need to stop them from getting in.
we need to exercise our right to VOTE !!!!
please please please vote on monday,
or remind your canadian friends and family to vote.
this is as crucial as the last u.s. election.

pass it on……


( a reminder of our close ties to england,
this is the queens personal canadian flag !!!!)

44 Responses to “election time…”

  1. To the Hindenpeter says:


    …..The queen has her own flag for you all….

    IN CANADA…..

    …..She rules all of your stuff big and small…..


    IN CANADA!!!!!!!!!!1

    So election time is it? The universe itself held an election once. It made Earth King, and the holy stapler Queen. And for that we must respect them both. They choose the overlords in a fair and democratic way, and we must respect and care for it.

    Rappers….. do not help.

    They wear bling, weighing down king earth, stolen from the pockets of the king itself. They influence the young minds of those that will care for the king and queen, binge drinking, bling wearing little earth destroyers. However, rappers do serve some good to society. Like loyal Nelly who goes to the trouble of taking out his Nana’s trash.

    However, one thing i believe the new elected overlords of Canada shoud instate….. the compulsery shifting of Celine Dion’s music genere to Rap…. Yes!!!

    There are many reasons for this being a VERY GOOD IDEA. Namly,

    the fact her lucky number is 5. this is important because the average spoted dog, has 5 spots….. See the connection?

    she also rituals the band before concerts… and as we all know, every sane and logical person performs rituals before a band before a performance…. however im sure your familiar with this, arnt you Miss Maur?

    She also has tics.

    I also ran into my friend the other day, they said http://home.no.net/cdion/english/fakta/index.htm

    So Canada, i trust you all to vote well, vote wise, vote for the compulsery genre shift of Celine Dion to Rap….Vote or Die

    But all of this dosent really matter because

    We have the third post.

  2. Tempest says:

    I do not feel that it is my place to comment on the politics as I know nothing about them, but I hope it all works out for the best. It is great that you are so passionate about this. I appreciated your concern in the U.S. faux elections.

  3. Tempest says:

    Or I should say I appreciated your enthusiasm in the U.S. election. Thanks!

  4. futureundefined says:

    vote, everyone! it’s your right, privilege and very important to keeping things the way you want them, so do so!

    i’m a liberally-minded person, but not under canadian rule, so i cannot vote in this election, so i recommend you vote with your values in mind and not necessarily your wallets.

    if you believe in what the conservatives feel, then vote that way, if you are more liberal vote too, but don’t neglect your vote because you think it’s not important – it really is, and what you don’t want may just happen.

  5. Nathan says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your post.

    As a fellow Canadian I fell exactly as you do with this quote:

    “this liberal country is looking straight into conservative eyes.
    we are facing a potentially very scary turning point in this country.
    the uber right, money people are seducing our fellow canadians.

    As well as your whole post.

    All I can do is vote and pray.


  6. m. says:

    i hope that at least ONE country (canada) is smart enough to NOT LET A CUR INTO POLITICAL OFFICE! my fingers are crossed for you!!!!and toes…and eyes..pretty much anything yuo can cross is crossed….

  7. DarrenB says:

    long live compassion for the people,

    best wishes for your election on monday and congratulations on your caring ideology. if only the greedy knew how pointless their thirst for power and money is.

    it seems that the conservative harper is favoured to win. if he does, it is important that his legislative power is restricted. in oz, the conservatives have cart blanche to do want they want (which is very disturbing).

    it’s almost 10 years since the conservatives got back in power after an extraordinary period (13 years – our history is dominated by conservative rule) of progressive rule. the conservatives have exceeded the doom that we predicted, especially their foreign affairs policies and the dismantling of equal education and healthcare. our arts industry has been decimated.

    it was a terrible night when they were voted in – we were at bankstown sports club (bankstown is a classic working class suburb of sydney) to see our political idol (paul keating) say goodbye to australian politics forever. click here to see some of his defeat speech.

    melissa, if the evils do get elected and chip away at the fabric of your much loved society, rest assured grand old master time will deal with them. it’s bewildering to think the republicans in the us are also known as the grand old party (gop).

  8. IceShaft says:

    I can only envy all your passion about your country Melissa!
    I bet this is a crucial period for Canada but this 2006 will be a crucial year in Italy as well!
    We really would like to have more people like you!

  9. Mark Sommerschield says:

    You have such pride of your country its really inspiring! And yes Canada + England = WOO! Hope everything is going well for you,

    Mark x x

  10. Miss Mandylion says:

    Crucial time(tomorrow!) in portugal too. Election for new president. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed vote yet ๐Ÿ˜ . So I can just watch, wait, and ‘pray’.



  11. marcelonicchio says:

    We love you
    greetings from Brazil
    Marcelo Nicchio

  12. MdMb says:

    Politics…such an interesting subject. I wish English was my native tongue so I could make a clear statement. Unfortunately, it isn’t.
    I see this “trend” (right parties slowly taking over) in my own country. So I completely understand your point of view (I’m thinking and thinking about this in Spanish, but I can’t find the way to express my thoughts…it’s so frustrating).
    All I can say is I hope canadian people see what’s going on before it’s too late.
    Good luck, Canada! Don’t let them steal your spirit!
    Huge hug!

  13. KevinHogg says:

    Our flag…is a metaphor and symbol for peace and freedom in these times. On Monday we have an opprtunity to show ourselves and the world who we are as a nation.
    Every vote counts…democracy is alive in our country.

  14. Cricri says:

    Hi Melissa and all the bloggers!
    Yes you are right! Democracy is a chance, so vote!
    Whatever your convictions are…
    Anyway social services and culture are the cement of a nation, so vote wisely!

    Salut Melissa et tous les bloggers!
    Oui, tu as raison! La Dรฉmocratie est une chance, alors votez!
    Quelles que soient vos convictions…
    Cependant, les services et la culture sont ce qui cimentent une nation, alors votez avec sagesse!

  15. GnomeluvsMadM says:


    HEllo and greeting from australia! its nice to hear from you again! Saw something the other day, someone changed the page on wikipedia for the canadian liberal party, they changed their picture to a sinking ship, LOL! Its good that u get into the spirit and get people to vote! Over here in OZ voting is compulsory and as i have turned 18 less then a month ago next election i must vote! Its gonna be a crazy new experience (ok maybe not crazy), I think Canada and Australia are very much linked… for starters we were both started by the english, we bith have rather crap currencies (1 oz dollar equals one canadian roughly) and other stuff i can’t be bothered to think of!! ๐Ÿ˜›

    OOOOOO planning, im off to uni soon and have to sort all the crap that comes with it and im waiting… very patiantly for your new album, and by patiantly i mean tear your hair out, kicking and screaming patiantly!! ๐Ÿ˜›

    wat else can i say now but cya!

    Gnome… something

  16. DorotaAusPolen says:

    I cannot belive something like this is happening in Canada! …and it is true when we are not voting those scary people are going to vote to give power to even more scary people to rule — the world!!!!

    P.s. Russia gives me shiver. Have you see documentary made by Hanna Polak nominated to Oscar “Children of Leningradski” – shot in Moscows Leningradski Station ? See it .

  17. enxofre says:

    we had elections too last sunday in this poor country… the bloody right-winged-conservetive won. do not allow any similar result in canada so i can go there to live;)

  18. El Conquistadore says:

    Canada’s finally wising up with these new elections.

    Y’know, after having to ENDURE all these Canucks–these foreigners–coming onto OUR soil and telling us how to run OUR country, all I can say is…

    …good for ya.


  19. Black Swan says:

    Those Conservative Eyes are terrifying, and I am scared about what Harper will do to this country.

    I pray he doesn’t become George Bush.

    And I pray we don’t go backwards.

    But on the forum, Dave’s quote is good:

    ‘pete townshend got it right in the whos wont get fooled again

    “And the world looks just the same
    And history ain’t changed
    ‘Cause the banners, they are flown in the next war

    I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
    Take a bow for the new revolution
    Smile and grin at the change all around
    Pick up my guitar and play
    Just like yesterday
    Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
    We don’t get fooled again ” ‘

  20. Doctor Rock says:

    We’ve had a conservative government here in australia for a long time now, it’s difficult to believe with the compulsory voting here that the people vote them in, just goes to show how easily to government can buy the voters loyalty. Theres no stopping it, it did no good here except for the rich so I should expect you in Canada are in for the same horrors.

    Alot of people here actually move to China to escape it, certainly alot of industry gets moved there.

  21. DarrenB says:

    sorry melissa…

    music is medicine – click here

  22. lewismarks5437 says:

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  23. Austin says:

    At least Harper didn’t get an outright majority….and at least you guys have a social system upon which to build. I have always looked to Canada as an example of how it’s Southern neighbour should aspire to on a larger scale.

    Any thought in the US of having any sort of universal health care, more support for the arts, or fair-er legal and education systems died loooong ago with LBJ’s Administration….

    Let’s not even bring up gay rights, cos here in Texas, where I live, they’re eroding faster than john kerry’s face.

    Live forever,

  24. Zรฉ Pedro says:

    Also here in Portugal the last Presidential elections have put a center-right candidate in the highest seat of power.The country is now divided as he only manged to get 50.59% of votes.
    Iยดm not confident about the future.
    Anyway and more important than that you have here a great blog.

  25. Redlunaman says:

    This is the reason, I suppose, we have a responsibility to vote, and to vote responsibly. Here in England we endured ten years of Conservative rule only to elect a Labour government just as they seemed to have abandoned socialism.
    Ask someone in the street what they think and about seven times out of ten they will tell you that they are not happy with thier current administration. Ask them what they are going to do about it and they will throw their hands in the air and claim not to have a choice, it’s just the way things are. Like luck determines who wins an election. In Britain the general public have become so disillusioned with politics that they have largely stopped voting alltogether. And that is how it happens. It takes only a handful of wasted votes, a few people of conscience stepping aside to allow hardline candidates into office.
    We are lucky to have the freedom and opportunity, not only to vote but to form political ideologies of our own, many do not even have that. Anyway, love, peace and vote Mellisa ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Hi xMelissAx
    Some days before the election I talked about a little bit politics with a friend of mine (Selina). She was worried like you about the coming of conservators power at the head of the country. Personnaly I voted for the NDP (New Democratic Party) because to my eyes it was the best choice.
    I hope as soon as possible a kind of government who will improve the chance for each child of this country and maybe for children of the earth by ricochet,to be in good health of development and good health in general because the future is our children.And I don’t forget help of any kind to people in difficulty.
    So there is NO place for corruption of any kind in this country and neither on earth.
    So dirty corrupt politicians,go eat shit and enjoy it cause you deserve it!
    Thanks to read me…your friend Dominic ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    It’s me again.I make a mistake in a phrase that I whant correct:
    I don’t forget help of all kind to people living difficulties!HA HA HA! It’s could be me!HA HA! From the CLUMSY Dominic.
    And thanks to read me again!HA HA!

  28. robotdestroy says:

    i heard you got a new job. congratulations.

  29. Thorr says:


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  30. Jal says:

    Thankfully most of my friends and I voted (Liberal), but unfortunately the outcome isn’t as we wanted. Even so, it’s a minority government and therefore the Conservative thought won’t be as widespread as it could’ve been. Another 18 months or so and another election will be on the way.

    Can’t wait for the new music!

  31. adamkozlowski says:

    Hi Melissa,

    I think i know exactly what You mean. We, here in Poland, are already deep in the sadness after the last elections. So don’t stop fighting for the right cause or it might be really bad…

    Unluckily the presidential and parliament elections were held in the same month in Poland. And it was a double failure of freedom and democracy.

    This may sound a little harsh, but actually the new president and the new ruling party are backed up mostly by catholic extremists. I can’t see much difference between those hateful people and the Taliban or leaders of Hamas in Palestine. Their view of freedom is a prison for everyone else. Their view of democracy is that their vote is stronger than the people’s vote.

    Poland is seemingly catholic country. Catholics are christians, right? They are supposed to be good people. Good, patient, loving, caring, sympathetic, understanding, forgiving… However i see that it’s a completely opposite situation now here. Extremely conservative, hateful, sad, mad, impolite, and just plain stupid people are the new talking heads in the TV. They are ruling us now.

    Our new president is even worse than Bush. Why? Bush at least smiles. Our president doesn’t. He looks like a mean and angry, minority-complexed 55-year old virgin. He seems to be seeing enemies in everyone around him. You look at him and you can’t resist the urge not to believe any single word he says. The empty propaganda that he served people during his campaign was so full of …. that it was just impossible for an educated person to vote for him. And indeed – people with tertiary education and people in bigger cities voted strongly against him. People with only primary education, farmers and people from poor towns voted for him. It’s depressing…

    Especially that you can’t really say that these people are right wing. Sure, they’re conservative, but actually they promise more than parties that are considered socialist. This is just plain dumb. How could so many people believe those lies?

    After 100 days of their rule, some people woke up. Now the surveys show that they would not win. 100 days… so little time to prove to people that they were wrong…

    So to sum up, and not to bore anyone of You, i will just say that Poland is right now feeling a little bit like a very sad episode of MTV Punk’D. Except for the fact that we need to wait almost 4 more years for some kind of Ashton Kutcher to show up and say – ok, you’ve been punked, but it’s gonna be alright now.

    Best of luck and health to all of you. Vote wisely.

    Warm greetings from Poland

  32. javox says:

    well, im from argentina (and my english is very rusty, ja), nothing more to say… (in politics)
    im waiting for the new record!
    too many kisses and bye

  33. player_hater says:

    We the free thinking Canadians were dealt a crushing blow on Jan. 23rd. Battered yes, beaten no. For those individuals who believe in freedom of speech, support for the arts and social programs for everyone will not roll over and die. Our battle has just begun. For those of you who aren’t Canadian, it can be difficult to understand the principles this country was founded on. Thank you Melissa for creating awareness regarding our nation’s election. The campaign ended a few weeks ago, but the dream that we Canadians have of a progressive nation that is open to all races, cultures, sexual orientation, religion and free thinking will never die, until next time……..Murph

  34. adamkozlowski says:

    Hi there Playerhater – indeed a battle in Poland and in Canada has only just begun.

    We will win. Not only in Canada and Poland, but everywhere.

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