…answer maker,

what is happening?
i am not related to chicken little,
i am just confused and concerned.

it is february in montreal canada,
it is above the freezing mark.
this is unheard of,
it should be 20 below zero right now.

bears are coming out of hibernation early,
birds don’t know which way to go,
whales are swimming to Big Ben,
and a generation of baby seals,
normally born on ice (but there is none),
were being raised on land instead
but swept away by a strange storm.

it is no coincidence that the Climate Control Conference,
was just in montreal and created LOUD noises.

did we really miss the deadline to fix the problem?
is there no turning back, just a strange future?
of course there is always slowing down,
and taking responsibility for our own actions.
each individual informed on what they can do.
taking the baby steps to make a difference,
and creating awareness.
(go to dr. suzuki’s site,
and take the suzuki challenge)

when one of president bush’s reps was asked:
should the american people be changing their way of life?
he said “NO!” that the way we live is the AMERICAN WAY.
protect our “freedom”….uhh huh.
that is the most;
short sighted,

i look to scientists and leaders like david suzuki,
to lead the way through this unknown future.

the good hearts and minds of the world,
will do their best,
and make the best of this situation.

the beauty of love and music will survive all.
nothing and no one can take away our truth.
what is really important is untouchable,
it lives inside us and our relationships.

i am sad thinking of the confused animals out there,
but i also know that we too are one of those confused species.


38 Responses to “dear…”

  1. m. says:

    if govenment leaders can’t face the problem we have to….and i will galdy stand right next to you in that fight…..those bears must be so confused…that last thing we need is angry confused bears…especially when enough people are like that…

  2. Mark Sommerschield says:

    Ugh geez definatly. Bush is a complete joke! The earth seems to be going to hell in a handbasket. Which isn’t great news for being one of the new generation. February seems to be colder than January here, which is actually normal for England, but I hate the cold – I also hate the warmth, so bring on spring the best season.

    My Dad saw the Whale in the Themes on his way back from work, its really sad what happened.

    But be happy Melissa,

    Mark x

  3. Krapp says:

    I think it’s very difficult, or even impossible, to change ours way of living, the politicians can say this idiot things only because they know that the majority of their voter doesn’t event want to try.
    I think the only way to change the situation is to concentrate the scientific effort in research for technology that are less harmful for the planet,and for US(A)!, alternative energy sources, and most efficiency in the use of the energy sources we already have. Unfortunately often scientific founds are redirect to weapons…this we must try change! We have the science, we have the brains, we must use them in a different way we had used in the last century. The risk is that the humanity will not see the next century.

    I apologize for my english, I’m italian, but I hope that what I have written is clear to anyone. Thanks Melissa for your post (and for your music too…we are waiting for your next album, I loved your first one)


  4. IceShaft says:

    The problem is that people is powerless actually..
    Our future is in the hands of clowns and what can we do?
    We can talk, we can discuss but then.. who makes the decisions?
    I’m not saying we have to give up.. but i feel so left out from this.. if the society won’t change, how can we hope for a change in other fields as well?

  5. Tempest says:

    Bush and his cronies make the rest of us look bad. I do not feel that way and not all Americans are the close-minded obnoxious asses that many believe us to be. Keep being passionate for what you believe in, Melissa!

  6. emi says:

    I’m Emilio,I’m from Italy.
    I’ve found your blog startin’ from mine,,I have a band,the Encelado and we are recording our first album.I play the guitar and sing.
    I try,in my blog,to sensibilize people,like you do,but I’m losing my hopes ‘couse I think people don’t care a lot of what we feel…
    But I’ll go on.
    If you like,leave me a message on my blog,It would be so nice to have you for a few seconds near to me!
    good work,
    take care

  7. player_hater says:

    Confusion does not apply to we the open minded. As (London Ontario’s own) Mr. Suzuki says “Kyoto is only the tip of the iceberg to preventing global warming”. It seems that economic progress constantly over shadows the need to protect our fragile existence as God’s creatures. We could see Canada scrapping the Kyoto Accord to applease big oil in Alberta. We need to ban together and make sure this doesn’t happen……Murph

  8. smashing_pumpkin says:

    Bush and his equals (and there are many) are destroying this earth one tree, one animal, one forest, one piece of the ozone at a time. It makes me sad, yes, but glad that it is bringing out people like you and many of those who have commented. I get called “hippy” or “tree-hugger” at school, but I take that as a giant compliment (my friends don’t seem to understand that).

    People who say our way of life cannot change are only feeding the beast. It is that kind of thinking that makes it impossible to make a change. There WILL be a change, because people like you make a difference. You are using your fame in the best way ever, and that is being a good, caring, compassionate, intelligent influence on your fans.

    I just bought a bass the other day. I have you to thank for that. Much fun playing “Real A Lie” and “Skin Receiver” and “Awful” and “The Everlasting Gaze,” not to mention “Boys on the Radio,” “Violet,” “Good News,” “Followed the Waves,” and “Head Unbound.” Your songs are always the most fun 🙂

    Happy writing, and keep your spirits up! We are the children of a revolution!

  9. Doctor Rock says:

    The warnings have been around for a long time now, back in the seventies as child I used to cry uncontrollably for the animals of the world and I used to be laughed at. Now the humans are going to get what they deserve.

    I used to experiment trying to make small model aeroplane motors run from hydrogen I would chemically produce, I used to want to build a wind turbine generator in the back yard, make ethanol to fuel the 1957 Morris Minor of my parents. I wanted to plant out the back yard as a permaculture garden before that word existed. Everyone just laughed at me.

    The only hope now is to stop burning fossil fuels, and that means nuclear power stations, it’s dangerous but the pollution of fossil fuels will kill us all more certainly than nuclear accidents. And the use of Hydrogen now as a fuel is highly developed and can be produced in vast quantities with the virtually unlimited nuclear power, it only takes the will to change.

    But it’s not going to happen, short of some kind of miracle we are all doomed, man and animal, by “The American Way”

    Stupid Consumers.

  10. Nathan says:

    I fell exactly as you do Melissa. The world is changing around us, quickly and people are not noticing, and if they are they choose to ignore it. Without a sustainable earth we cannot sustain ourselves.

    I guess it’s true that ignorance is bliss. If people do not wake up there will be no going back.

    The ‘American Way’ and ‘American Dream’ are both such jokes. What good is the American Way if there is no America?

    Here in Calgary it’s barely dipped below -5 and as you know that’s insane for this time of year. Usually I’m dreading the outdoors with -30 windchills. This should be a GIANT sign that we must change our ways.

    – Nathan.

  11. Veronica says:

    Dear Melissa,

    I can‘t do anything except just agree with your words and share the confusion. I recently mentioned similar thoughts of helplessness and frustration in my blog at from the other end of this mad world that freezes in an unnatural cold for this country nowadays (we have today –14°C, and over 10 people already died this winter from the cold in Germany)…but I also try to hold on to the power of music/art and keep the hope for still sensitive living beings, and I‘m so glad I don‘t seem to be on my own with my worries here. Ignorance and stupidity is not just an ‚american way of life‘, I see everyday it‘s universal…it‘s especially hard to speak your mind and keep it sane when you also have to realize that you grow up in an environment that is always eager to mention how tolerant and open they are, but in reality they act like everything is just fine because they have their house and car, and everyone who‘s thinking different and wants to make a change, or just live an alternative life, is an outcast and idiot in their opinion, because they don‘t even try to understand that there is a world outside their own four walls.

    Shortly before the incident with the whale in England, Greenpeace protested against whale hunting in Japan by dropping one of those poor dead creatures in front of our japanese ambassador buildings, because no one seems to care anymore, and everyone is just fixed on their fucking religious wars and who‘s got the bigger bombs and don‘t give a shit about the rest of the world. Listening to the daily news makes me so sick because I can‘t pretend it‘s all just a bad movie.

    Do you have a music profile on myspace, too? If so, I could not find it yet…Can‘t wait to hear your new material.

    All my love, Veronica

  12. GnomeluvsMadM says:


    hey im just complimenting her…

    mmm yes the worlds going to shit, I neevr used to believe the green house effwct business but after the strange weather in oz… well…

    Bush, there no point even saying anything, the man speaks for himself (no particularly eloquently but thats not the point)

    Over here in australia we are just as bad, we refuse to sign the kyoto agreement its poor work but its difficult! as for damage to the planet, its not reversible… we can easily help the co2 leverls drop and they will eventually drop naturally aswell!

    still waiting for ur new album, its so close i can allmost taste it (which raises the question… why do i eat my Cd’s?)but i will sit and wait patiently ( yeh right).

    your humble follower

    the reverend gnome III

  13. robotdestroy says:

    yeah, i feel more confused than anyone.

  14. ZEUGMA says:

    about the creepy sounds you tell us to turn off… I´m so addicted to them that I just can´t turn them off, what is that I love the repeating line (are you saying metal?) love that “song”…

  15. adamkozlowski says:

    Dearest Melissa,

    I would really not be concerned with all that fuss regarding “global warming”. The global warming so far causes Eastern Europe to have the coldest and most snowy winter since a long time. Our bears will probably oversleep a hell lot this year.

    If you really think there is something wrong going on with the climate, wait for a big volcano to blow up. You’ll immediately feel a global cooling.

    Climate works this way. You have little ice ages and you have little drought periods. It happens. You can’t really help it, you know? And please do read some statistical data and historical journals – you will learn that our ancestors, even before the age of industry, had really big troubles with weather.

    Sure, Bush is a dick and we surely need to find a more safe source of energy. I’m pro-nuclear so far, cuz this is the only technology that right now, temporarily, would allow us to live cleanly and safely, until we find something better. But the problem isn’t that the exhausts from burning oil and coal hurt the atmosphere. The main problem with exhaust gases is that it causes our children to breathe the bad air. It would be lovely to just burn coal and have no side effects, apart from production of carbon dioxide. But the real problem is that the coal/oil combustion produces a lot of other compounds which are harmful.

    So i’d be more, much more worrried about our children rather than our climate. Wait for a volcano to blow up – you will have icebergs in New York next winter. And much much more toxic gases and compounds in air and water around the volcano than a coal power plant can produce in a year.

    And the whale? Come on, we had a whale in Poland too. Back in the sixties. No big deal. They just go crazy, like people, you know?

    So chill out Melissa and make music. It’s a divine thing to do.

    Blessings from Poland
    (you’re always welcome here, btw)

  16. adamkozlowski says:

    Btw, i totally agree with DoctorRock. Fossil fuels are bad for burning. I’m wondering what people will do when all fossil fuels are used up for burning. What will they produce a lot of materials from? I mean e.g. plastics, rubber, textiles and many more… 😉 I know it’s a minor problem but we need to stop burning them also in order not to run out of them.

    But i disagree that we are really that much responsible for global warming. This very slow vibration of temperature, sea levels etc. is natural and our influence might only very slightly accelerate or decelerate the whole process.

    The Earth has always been in a very fluctuating balance and we should understand that. Why do you think some early civilizations disappeared? Not because they burned fossil fuels, but because their climate changed radically and they couldn’t handle it. As simple as that.


  17. PaulaMoura says:

    hey melissa!
    i’m from Brazil. here it’s 40°C !!!… it’s HOT ! a hell.
    we all know bush is a great idiot… for me the world is ended… we will have difficulty to repair all the shit they make, but i still belive in a best world… if exist people like us that try to make diference, i think it’s a good begining…

    brazil is waiting for you…

  18. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Hi xMELISSAx
    It was always easier for men to destroy is environment than protect nature from is own nature. The “evolution” of mankind don’t make a place for all species. Because men destroy to built his place and he destroys without consideration for organisms threatened. The madness of mankind doesn’t stop there! Men eliminate plants, animals by his long-term stupid acts. But it’s even go further than this. Men (rich men) are stealing Mr and Ms everybody because oil magnates and tycoons of all kind want to become always more and more powerfull, more and more rich. So they do exactly the same thing to theirs neighbours than they do to nature,weather,animals,etc…
    Mankind don’t know BALANCE presently!
    Everything is at the extreme!
    It’s jungle on earth!
    It’s each man for himself!
    Our planet is in fact an Hell of 6.5 billion of wolves and lambs!
    So at the end it will just stay stupid and hungry cannibal wolves!
    And that’s realy make me confused!
    Cause I’m not stupid as a cannibal!
    So send me an Angel God, to save me from what we called mother earth!
    Your nice little devil Dominic 😉 XXX

  19. MdMb says:

    I’m sad. You’re talking about important things and my lack of vocabulary doesn’t allow me to join the discussion. I hate these language bareers!
    What can I say? Should we really expect world leaders to care about the environment? They don’t even seem to care about the people in their own countries, so…
    I’m afraid some (maybe many of them)politicians are becoming more interested in their own “affairs” and don’t give a damn about justice or the sake of those who gave them the oportunity to represent them in government. If they don’t care for humans, can we expect them to do something about Nature???
    I’m sorry if I’m too negative. And I wish I could extend a little bit more. I should improve my English first!
    Take care, Melissa. It’s always nice to see you involved in fair causes.
    Huge hug! =)
    PS: by the way, I have a new niece! Her name’s Victoria, and she’s absolutely gorgeous!

  20. xmariannxhx says:

    I seriously can’t understand at what point the humans got the idea that they can rule the world…

  21. Mau's Brain says:

    Hola Melissa!

    I am Mau from M�xico. I\’ve heard your song \”taste you\” I think 50 times just today. I think you are great. I am very happy because I found your blog.

    Saludos! 😀

  22. Torsey says:

    David Suzuki one of 56 named to Order of Canada


    Environmentalist and broadcaster David Suzuki has been named a Companion of the Order of Canada, one of 56 people appointed to Canada’s highest civilian honour.

    CBC Arts
    Suzuki, host of The Nature of Things, is a Vancouver-based scientist and winner of the United Nations Environment Medal.

    He is one of two people named as Companions of the Order, the highest level of the honour. The other is senior civil servant, public affairs broadcaster and former chief executive of TV Ontario Bernard Ostry.

    The Order of Canada was established in 1967 to recognize outstanding achievement and service in various fields of human endeavour. There are three levels of the order: companion, officer and member.

    Governor General Michaëlle Jean will award the insignia at a date yet to be announced. Canadians with accomplishments in arts and culture are to be honoured, alongside others who have made contributions to social services or public life.

    A National Film Board filmmaker and a Vancouver artist have been named officers of the Order of Canada. Gudrun Parker of Montreal is the director of documentaries and short films such as A Vous and A Musician in the Family. West Coast Salish artist Susan Point uses cedar, steel glass and stone to make contemporary art that reflects native tradition.

    Toronto jazz singer and performer Salome Bey has been appointed an honorary member of the Order of Canada.

    Among the accomplished Canadians appointed as members were:

    – Peggy Baker, a contemporary dancer, dance teacher and choreographer and founder of Peggy Baker Dance Projects of Toronto. She was a founding member of Dancemakers and danced in New York with Lar Lubovich.

    – Walter Borden, a Halifax stage performer and film actor.

    – Louise Dennys, publisher of Toronto-based Knopf Canada.

    – Paterson Ferns, Victoria-based producer of films such as The Brylcreem Boys and The Burning Season and former chief executive of the Banff Television Foundation.

    – Sonny Greenwich, a world-renowned jazz guitarist based in Montreal.

    – Wanda Koop, a Winnipeg visual artist who Time listed as among Canada’s best. Her landscapes and other works are held in numerous public and private collections.

    – Daphne Marlatt, a Vancouver-based essayist, novelist and writer 14 books of poetry, including How to Hug a Stone (1983) and Two Women at Birth (1994).

    – George Walker, of Toronto, co-writer of CBC-TV’s This is Wonderland and the playwright who penned Suburban Motel.

  23. SciTy says:

    I just want you to know, I saw you once in 2000.

    I was a Pumpkins purist, but in the last week the world told me you were more than I thought previously.

    I confirmed it tonight.

    Good luck, musically and in life.

  24. Mau's Brain says:

    You have perfectly described George W. Bush!

    Hola Melissa!

    I am so happy i found your blog, i wanted to tell you that i love yor song “taste you”, you are great. I have posted you as the Artist of the Month in Inside… Mau’s Brain.

    thank u 4 sharing your blog with us.

    hope u visit México!

  25. To the Hindenpeter says:

    Miss Maur,
    I AM the AnswerMaker, coincidently; I have the answers to your questions…. Bears coming out of hibernation early you say, have you possibly considered that it is not the bears that are coming out of hibernation early…. but merely you that is going INTO hibernation late…. now there’s a thought i hear you cry, but WAIT!!

    There’s more

    For you see not everyone has the wonders of the magic 8 ball, within its yes/no based wisdom, there are the answers to all the questions, yes you may think it merely answers such yes no questions but for those who can gaze correctly, such as myself, the answermaker, there is a lot more to be seen, a full analytical report of all factors, with it, the trained eye can see beyond the Boolean answers, we can see the horse, brown as the chocolate sunset, canter across the volumous fields of Kent. Following their lead the whales advance full throttle upon the capital, get stuck and die. but that’s besides the point to be perfectly honest. the question im sure your dying to ask is, WHY?

    Why do the horses canter in Kent?
    Why do the whales make political statements in the capital?
    Why do the bears come out hibernation early?
    Why do the birds fly the wrong way?
    Why do the right lottery numbers come up for me?!
    Why do people fight & quarrel needlessly?
    Why does Mr. Bush continue to push the oil rich world into wasteland?
    Why do people have to ask so many questions?
    Why does Aston Kutcher still get work?

    The answer is, within your own mind, have a think, what’s inside your brain? Have a think….

    See it yet?

    DO you?


    Now your getting it?

    EXACTLY, THAT is the reason, you will find the answers to these questions to be the ultimate meaning of life itself, with the understanding of the cosmos you will begin to be able to help the situation. Go out, make a difference, kiss babies, distribute flowers, COME TO BRIGHTON, Generally make the world a better place.

    We all have a obligation to help make the world a better place or we are all scum…… no-one around here is Scum are you……..

    For we all have a need to change the world around us, we need to throw off the vision of the constipated lion, always looking for the easy way out. We have to endure the pain and uncomfortable times, in the knowledge that things will get better… one fine day


    We must unite, mother earth calls upon me the answermaker, and i call upon you, my adoring public, take down this monkey like menace and put him to work in the tea fields, supplying rare and expensive tea, for that is all he is good for, no? Prove me wrong.

    The drums of war beat to the uniform beat, like the hoof-stamp of the devils stead, the belly flop of the satanic hippo, the ink squirt of the devil octopus…..

    Yes, you did read that correctly.

    And in the face of the oil coated beating war drum we must march, MARCH MY CHILDREN, for the day of destiny is fast approaching, but like a child in front of a speeding combine harvester we must not falter, less we be sliced into small bits and all be lost. We need to unite, young and old, smart and stupid, fit and feeble, Paris & Mary-Kate, old differences must be set aside, old boyfriends left to rest, lawsuits set aside, and the fight shall be on. Us vs. Them, Nature vs. Oppression, Rocky vs. Mr. T.

    The earth mother needs our help, no longer can she defend herself from the onslaught of our more irresponsible kinfolk. Unite, Mount the horses, pack the cases, board the boats and we shall sail, we shall christen the ship of our struggle for freedom Titan……


    But in all this turmoil, uncertainty and destruction, we can be sure of one thing….

    Iceland – Brings home the goods

    Eternal Love, My Children.

    (No Katy this week 🙁 love you honey, don’t ever forget that)

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  38. Lorraine says:

    I’m iprmeessd! You’ve managed the almost impossible.

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