by the river,

summer is comin’

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  1. panda cookie says:

    Summer is indeed coming! Over here in Massachusetts, the temperature has been 70 degrees and above! Beautiful, just like your picture! ♥

  2. Cassandra says:

    Lovely picture!

  3. Nathan says:

    well as your summer is on its way with warmness,our winter is sneaking up from over the sea,and its been realy cold the last week,but atleast we still have good music and love keeping us warm! enjoy your summer seeing that we had ours and well in all thats right,mother nature sure knows how to balance it all in this big world.
    keep safe

  4. IceShaft says:

    Yeah it is coming!And I really can’t wait!
    We had a terribly rainy winter here (strange..) and I really need some sun and blue sky now!People is happier now, it’s like they’re reborn and I love it!

  5. Sean says:

    Yeah, I hope to be doing the same thing as that, sitting out in the sun drinking…although just not in a skirt.

  6. Tempest says:

    Yes, I am glad it is coming! It is my favorite time of the year and always goes so fast!

  7. Rui Inacio says:

    Beautiful picture full of peace and a silent happiness, that embraces me a simple web traveller.
    Fells good to look again into your space, it feeds my mind and clears my soul, hope to listen to your new songs soon, until them lots of kisses keep up the good work in and out of the music world.
    Best wishes
    Rui Inácio Portugal

  8. Mark the M.W.D. creator says:

    Yeah, summer is comming. The Summer got civilian clothes back:-)

  9. Nathan says:

    Melissa you look amazing, and I can’t wait for summer!

  10. agacinco says:

    is that a good thing?

    i don’t know, maybe my mind is on autumn, and the leaves, orange, at the ground…

    here, at the south of america continent, winter is on its way… fits well for now…

  11. Claire says:

    Your blog signature makes me want to call you Madame X – So, Madame X, I hope you are drawing up plans to bring your screaming guitar to California this burnt-red summer. Your disciples of sound need you, and I am one.

  12. Apophis' Hand says:

    Melissa, as pretty as always.
    I’m really looking forward to buy
    your new Album and I’m convinced
    it’ll be fantastic 😀 *love*

  13. dancesoslowly says:

    hi Melissa¡you look so funny, i love the pic_:)thanks for sharing, i want to see more pix¡¡summer pics:)

  14. enxofre says:

    summer comes always in the same way and finds us not prepared, as usual. like the other song says: “the sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older”.

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  16. patricia says:

    hey melissa nice picture,you should turn on the word verification on your blog for the unwanted comments. im looking forward to hearing your new album once its released, im sure its going to be awesome, keep making great music!

  17. DarrenB says:

    I’m down in Melbourne at the moment and Winter is definitely coming. Good & big news in Oz is the two miners coming out okay after being trapped underground for 2 weeks. The bad & sad news is the death of Grant McLennan (Go-Betweens) on the week-end.

    I met a friend of a friend last night who interviewed Melissa for an Oz Music Magazine when ‘Auf Der Maur’ was released. It was pleasing to hear “she was really lovely, absolutely passionate about music & had no self importance”.

  18. Doctor Rock says:

    what a lovely place to be melissa, you are vary lucky to be living there.

    I’m from australia you know, you must visit sometime.

  19. GnomeluvsMadM says:

    indeed you must visit australia

    winter is comin’

    time to rug up over here


  20. MdMb says:

    Our weather is weird lately. It should be cold by now, but it’s warm instead. I mean, it’s cold in the morning, but then, the rest of the day feels like springtime. We are at 20ºC or even more.
    How’s your new album going???
    You’ve become completely silent about it…tell us more!!! 😉
    Huge hug!

  21. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Yah, summer is comming!
    Girls are HOT! But YOU MELISSA you’re THE SEXIEST GIRL even if you are all dressed! Hahaha!
    But stay dress, it’s always cold at NIGHTS until late at mornings in MONTREAL area!
    And don’t DRINK and DRIVE cause I see on the picture a BEER at your MOUTH!!!

    from the LUNATIC DOMINIC

  22. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    About drink and drive, I was kidding. I realy think that you are a responsible girl.

  23. DorotaAusPolen says:

    I was thinking about your album and I am so curious where it will take you and how /music/… take your time … as you do … I love the way you are xxx

  24. Baccal says:

    big hug from Turkey and curiosity of your new albums releasing date:)

  25. sem titulo says:

    your pictures are the best!
    here in Brazil it’s cold… cold for Brazil, of course


    waiting for the new album
    keep rocking

  26. PaulaMoura says:

    your pictures are the best!
    here in Brazil it’s cold… cold for Brazil, of course


    waiting for the new album
    keep rocking

    I want to go to canada

  27. smashing_pumpkin says:

    ahahaaa you make me laugh 🙂

  28. deatoris says:

    lol beautiful pic really 😉

  29. ilovemanateesalot says:

    you seem to understand this whole life-thing

  30. To the Hindenpeter says:

    First…. No summer is not comming, it hates us and dosent want to waste its valuable time here…..

    Second…. Big up the We-love-manatees-alot massiv!!! YO!

    Thirdly… for more information and for our live show where we spit our minds at all who pass, lets meet in the city.

    you know the one im talking about, THE CITY. And im sure you’ll all agree that the amount of water being wasted is a total freaking disgrace. I mean its so nearly gone, theres only 2/3rds of the earth surface left. WE’RE ALL SCREWED PEOPLE. Just think of the consiquences, cordial will be a thing of the past… ice cubes? pah! just a distant memory and water bombs? my god you have to be joking, urban legend they will be NAUGHT BUT LEGENDS TOLD IN URBAN AREAS!!! so do your part, dont drink sea water anymore, you’ll ruin waterfights for everyone!

    My god is it angry hour in here!!! This mumma works till her back is sore.. does that seem right? TOO RIGHT ITS NOT, get this lady some slippers… STAT. If we dont respect one another we shall slip into disarray, one day, mumma with a sore back, next? eating random strangers on street corners for their juicy water. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT!!? No, thats NOT WHAT YOU WANTED!

    But it might happen…………

    But moving on to the mythical entity that is Saint Sarah…. watching down on the Gypsies from outer space. Where all saints live…. on Saturns third moon of Titan. So, have we seen an incrase in travelling activity? Well, we cant do all the damn work for you, have a think for yourself and i think you will come to the wide range of thoughts that we did…..

    (We had none)

    Anyways, i heard cassandra and omar talking at break i did, and she said that nathan’s being a right slag with iceshaft. But i disgress. Lovley picture or not we are still all herteling towards the same certain demise. 2037 and gods fist will unleash its furious anger upon the unjust. 300 meter wide anger infact tidal waves or dustclouds, your wonderfull choice.

    We just need the spice girls, they could stop god, they would look him in the tentical and say “STOP RIGHT NOW…. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I NEED SOMEBODY WITH A HUMAN TOUCH…”

    However in responce god would probobly unleash jesus for round 2 to smack them about. with his 30 punch combo, hit them in the order they come up and get his name on the fist of the north star game.


    yet another informative rant, freashly squeezed for you by Rich & Katy industries.

    over all, it must be described in one way..


    that that that that that thats all folks!

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