dear david,
what is happening right now?
why does it all seem so upside down?

i wanted to share my simple and personal post i made on my site today.
as always, when i’m pondering the future, i think of you.

i hope all is better than great, with work and play.


Oh Melissa, these are dire times. Just look at Canada after heroically keeping
Kyoto on target and resisting the pressure from the US to discard Kyoto, we
elected a guy who says he doesn’t believe in meeting the Kyoto target and wants
to come under the US umbrella.

We have already begun an experiment with our home and nothing we do now can
reverse what we’ve put into the atmosphere. The challenge is to see whether we
can at least stop adding to what we’ve already done. I am afraid there is a lot
of methane which is a much more potent greenhouse gas frozen in the permafrost.
Now that the permafrost is melting, there will be a huge boost in methane
released which will accelerate the warming. We are in for tough times.

I just gave a talk in the US and told them that I was in the US when the Soviets
launched Sputnik in 1957. In the two years that followed, the US failed
miserably to get their own rocket into orbit while the Soviets put up the first
animal, man, crew, woman. We realized how advanced they were in science, math,
engineering and medicine. The US didn’t moan that it cost too much to catch up,
they decided immediately they had to beat the Russians to the moon, poured
money, people, resources into it and look what happened. Not only did they beat
the Russians, it spawned all of the telecommunications revolution and even
today, 40 years later, when Nobel prizes are announced, the Americans win most
of them. So it’s shocking to me when Americans look at climate change and
immediately say it will cost too much, rather than taking it on as a challenge
AND opportunity!

I’m thrilled to see that Jimmy Carter has put out a book warning about what’s happening.
The damned media haven’t been doing their work either, giving Bush a free ride, the way
Harper got an easy time of it.

Gotta stop. You didn’t want a diatribe from me. Stay in touch. David

22 Responses to “A DIALOGUE…”

  1. IceShaft says:

    You were right about David!
    I think he’s one of the, unfortuantely, few persons who really know what’s going on today and doesn’t feel ashamed to tell it to as many people he can.
    He has been pretty realistic in this reply to your message.
    He talked about Americans and Russians in the years of the cold war.. the cold war is gone, we have Iraq now.
    They destroy instead of creating.
    Until the americans won’t find a way to get money and power, or simply like David said “see it like an opportunity”, from the environment (unluckly for them, the environment is probably the only thing that can’t be bought) they’ll never do anything for it.
    It is so true that wars are the only things that make the world move.
    What do we have to do?A “war on environment”?

  2. Zé Pedro says:

    If nations like Canada or the United States dont comply with important international treaties such as the Kyoto agreement it will be virtually impossible to the treaty to have a visible and positive effect.It is bad to hear that the new Canadian PM does not intend to meet with Kyoto.
    The nature´s response to the current unbalanced actions of manking will be increasingly more severe.
    We have rough times ahead.But we can make it!
    May the Force be with us all.

  3. Riccardo says:

    spread the truth on us government…

  4. paulc says:

    The key to this problem is not to blame the American people en-mass, but identify the people who control the politicians, who then in turn control government policy. Must be very hard for the 50%, who did not vote Bush in to power.

  5. Tempest says:

    And to think that some believe global warning is a myth. Thanks for keeping us informed, Melissa and for sharing this.

  6. Louisa says:

    Dear Melissa,

    I never thought politics and the environment stood well together.

    Although those who possess power do not know how best to use it, it ultimately rests in the hands of you and I to save what is left. Politicians make the policies, but People enforce them. Kyoto was just an ideal – if it fails, we must create other ways.

    I’m taking a module on Environmental Law next year, just so I can make more informed contributions in future. You and David seem to be doing pretty well in spreading awareness – keep it up!

    By the way, I love reading your entries, they’re really opinionated and you have strong convictions about things in general! Have always liked your music too. Hope to hear from you soon.

  7. DarrenB says:

    we can always relay on letterman – click here for thursday’s dig at bush

    thank you melissa for your concern for all the living creatures on planet earth. i am sickened by the apathetic mainstream that vote in dumb #$%es to run our countries. i’ll always be an optimist despite fools like bush and my own prime minister. people like suzuki who dedicate their lives trying to save our planet are the true heroes of our world.

    here’s a couple of songs from the vault for all the bush, howard and harper voters – sheep choice

    on march 11, 2006, bush devotee, john howard will join the likes of adolf hitler (11 yrs), joseph stalin (29 years), kim il-sung & kim ong-il (48 years), robert mugabe (25 years), the rt. hon. margaret, baroness thatcher (11 years), chairman mao (27 years) and mohammad soeharto (31 years), and become an official dictator of the us state of australia. accountable only to the united states and capable of doing anything nasty, petty and disastrous to the long term future of australia.

    dave garver concludes that a state leader whose reign of power excedes 10 years is classified as a dictator. of course there are exceptions like ronald reagan, george w bush and pol pot.

    in the future clean air will be worth more than oil and gold – dave garver

  8. MdMb says:

    Really interesting information.
    We’re having some sort of “diplomatic conflict” down here. It all has to do with two paper factories being built in the coast of this huge river which separates Argentina from Uruguay. People in the argentinian side of the river are protesting everyday (they don’t aloow cars to go through the roads that lead into Uruguay), trying to stop the construction. However, the president from Uruguay says there’s no way they are aborting this project.
    The thing is these factories will use certain chemical products to produce paper, and all their waste will be thrown into the river. So, the will damage Nature and People as well (those chemicals seem to spread through the air too).
    It’s a huge deal, and it seems like there are no chances of stopping those who have so much power. By the way, all the investment to build these paper factories came from Finland. I wonder what kind of “arrangements” were necessary to get their project aproved by the government of Uruguay…
    Take care, Melissa!
    Huge hug!

  9. orange tumbler says:

    Dear Melissa
    I must thank you along with most people that read that post, for sharing the dialogue and spreading the word.
    It saddens me a great deal that the Kyoto protocol is at risk here in our country thanks to the last election. I took an engineering course last semester to learn about energy systems – what’s wrong with the way we live – and it wasn’t particularly uplifting.
    It was so painful to learn that even before this election, we were and still are the most wasteful country in the world. (The main reason for this is the cold climate and consequent use of heating.) Our emmissions have only increased since the Kyoto protocol has been put in place in Canada, no one will take the environment seriously!! Now the ridiculous extremism of Stephen Harper is only going to dig them into further denial, and us absuing our Earth will continue and continue. We need to entice people to do their part, the government should be encouraging all of us to make a shift towards hybrid vehicles. Did you know that the waiting list for a hybrid vehicle in Australia is two years? And here in Canada, they sell so few that they don’t even keep them on the showroom floor? I did a paper for this Energy Systems class on hybrid cars, comparing and contrasting them to conventional vehicles. The emissions from hybrid cars are *so* small compared to that of our conventional vehicles. I shall not continue to rant, but I just don’t know why it seems that our fellow citizens don’t seem to care for the environment – the thing that nurtures us, and has allowed us to exist here. I think somewhere along the line the human race got confused and started thinking that we could own it.
    I hope you had the chance to read this, thanks again for sharing.

  10. GnomeluvsMadM says:

    you know whos to blame don’t you? scientists! There all ways meddling and now they caused glogal warming! Look at horror movies, its allways scientists that cause the disaster and its the same in real life…

    just kidding

    hello MELISSSSSAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. xmariannxhx says:

    people are so destructive. we want to save our planet, but we are NOT prepared to do ANYTHING.

  12. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    I’m agree with each of you. We must do something as collectivity. Because quality of life of next generations are in danger. We must speak about it LOUDLY. So we will PROVOKE a domino’s effect on each citizen of the planet. After that each lobbyist will be concern and like this if governments want to be re-elected they will have to change their point of view. That’s the only way that politicians will become responsible.
    So it’s to everybody to be concern by the state of our mother EARTH!
    Thanks xMELISSAx and doctor Suzuki.
    🙂 Dominic 😉

  13. PaulaMoura says:

    well… My friend send me something and I thought it’s really really funny…

    go at http://www.google.com and search “failure” … go and see the first link with your own eyes.


    (brazil loves you melissa!)

  14. Doctor Rock says:

    Is it my imagination or does it seem as if Melissa writes to David Suzuki in much the same way as we generally write to her?

  15. answer-man says:

    ps I’m having a little trouble sending comments so if I do it twice please excuse me and I apologize.

  16. Simon says:

    The hardest part to believe they did so much to catch up then, but they’re not willing to catch up now and be an example to the rest of the world. How times change…

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