stand up for light’s sake !

when you’re fighting for the light,
inside and out,
and into the night,
you are compelled to spread it.

i feel you,
receive you,
and always believe you.
the feminine leads me here,
to the woods and the wolf.

i am grateful, she is always here.
the protector,
the mother.

open our hearts,
and find one another.


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  1. Tempest says:

    Creepy and cool photo! Nice and dark. I look forward to hearing your new sounds and seeing you again on tour.

  2. Mark Sommerschield says:

    Ah Melissa – cool post! We are all so anticipating your new record and everything that comes with it! I need new sounds for a new part of my life 😀 I’m not sure how much longer I can wait! ^_^ Hope your well,

    Mark x x

  3. MdMb says:

    Talking about the femenine side of your family, perhaps?
    I have to agree with Tempest and Mark: WE NEED NEW SOUNDS SOON!!! =)
    This has been an awful week so far. I haven’t been in my best mood and that’s getting annoying.
    I have to start thinking positive.
    New AdM would help, you know? =P
    Take care, Melissa.
    Huge hug!

  4. Nejra Leffor says:

    If those lyrics are lyrics you’re gonna use in your new songs, then i can surely say the album is gonna be totally amazing! I love your poetry Melissa. And about the album, take your time, i know making music can be very hard sometimes. Do whatever feels good. Who cares what somebody else is thinking. It’s your thing and if it feels good to you, it will feel good to us, the world and everything around us. I’m willing to wait for i know the album will be great, as long as it feels good to you!



  5. Doctor Rock says:

    Melissa seems to beome ever increasingly mystical, I’m just very happy that her presence can still be seen in The Land.

  6. Peter Hector says:

    Marvellous lyrics..really. I’m writing lyrics too, trying to find something in what surround us to be concerned on.
    It’s difficult.Expressing the thoughts that come out before going to bed; trapping them on paper before they fly away-
    Looking forward to your new album.
    Hope you’ll also come to Italy.
    have a nice day

  7. IconicDreams says:

    that is so funny I’m reading a book ‘wome who run with wolves’ check it out some time

  8. AzraeL says:

    Fuseli’s Mad Kate is an amazing but sadly picture…
    Kate gonna mad because her lover sail across the sea and don’t return…

    Who are you waiting? who’s gone?

    Nice mystic blog..

    Feel, don’t think..

  9. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Hi sweet Melissa!
    Ton message m’a beaucoup touché et ceci très personnellement! Il y a même aujourd’hui encore de la noirceur dans mon coeur.
    Même quand je marche pour me détendre , je marche un peu beaucoup dans les ténèbres , pourquoi est-ce ainsi ? Parce que mon pénible passé m’a appris à me méfier et vu que je suis très sensible et que j’ai de la difficulté à lâcher prise souvent je marche avec toutes sortes de sentiments négatifs…

    Mais , plus que tout, j’aimerais changer, car je ne suis pas heureux comme ça. Je m’aperçois de plus en plus que cette mauvaise perception des choses nuit énormément à mon évolution, cela me fait souvent manquer des chances inouïes que j’aurais à me faire plus d’ami(es)

  10. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    …à me faire plus de contacts de toutes sortes …
    Ce qui me permettrait ENFIN de me réaliser et ainsi exorciser mes vieux démons.

    Comme nous pouvons le constater, je suis dans un infâme, indigne cercle vicieux…

    En espérant qu’en me prenant en main, ce cercle vicieux ait une FIN!!!

    Mille merci MELISSA pour M’avoir fait prendre conscience de ce fait.

    Trillions de trillions de baisers pour toi Melissa, de ma part

    DoMiNiC vOn LuNaTiC

    Melissa, I love people of your Blog, they are nice! ( like DoRoTa )

    YOU are the only one for me, MELISSA!

  11. Katz says:

    JESUS you have some creepy fans…
    I would like to have fans with my band,hehe…everybodey is talking about some new sound, cool… maybe it will be good, maybe not, its all up to you, i wish you good luck, but my wishing luck will not make you feel good couse your a star and all, and all stars get ego tripers, no offense, but it is true, i cant tell it about you couse i dont know you, sorry if i was rude and stuff like that… bye and hi from croatia (europe)

  12. enxofre says:

    a million soldiers of light, bringing good weather to our beloved new planet.

  13. DarrenB says:

    this evening i was driving home from work with melissa playing. i was going over our famous harbour bridge & my mind got distracted by a sms message. the last song “i need i want I will” had finished for a good two mins & this came on the xMAdMx code. i was momentarily perplexed, but it becomes clear after about 24 secs.

  14. KevinHogg says:

    Sharing the light…is like smiling and talking to a new person…that person might not have smiled in such a long time because of loneliness and isolation. So if we take the time to talk, smile and laugh with strangers and loved ones…the world could get infected with love.
    Pay it forward. Life is a sacred gift.

  15. anphetamine annie-dog says:

    your images scaring me. nice you have a blogspot being an artist. uhn… its a way to your fans feel more close to you, i think. sorry for my english. im brazilian, so… its a little hard to me.
    kisses. bye. o/

  16. spaceboy says:

    hi melissa 🙂 good to hear that you’re working on a new album.. But I’m wondering if its another solo-album, or if your working with the pumpkins again.. 🙂

  17. Dan01 says:

    Hello Melisa. 😉

    I have been listening your cd and this good one, I have read that these working in your second cd and also uniting to SP (personally it doesn’t convince me a lot the idea, because it seemed that Billy Corgan is enough egolatra, also that the voice has changed him for bad), you that you like the music and it is good that you have several projects, this benefits us to those that we like that faces.
    Excellent the song Head Unbound, very fresh …a sews that I don’t like it was the beginning of the song Followed the Wave, neither that of Skin Receiver…
    What I would like that there is in your next cd it is that it contains something additional as for example a video or two, talves one of them live or different versions ..Bueno ..son suggestions anything but

    Please more videos in You Blog..please 😉

  18. Baccal says:

    i need you and your new songs!
    angel, i cant wait… i know i have to be patient; but please make it quick:)
    one of the biggest hug and the smallest kiss in the universe… to you melissa…
    i adore you!

  19. IconicDreams says:

    May the spirits guide you beyond the feminine
    your soul is boundless without shape
    and always remember the image of God is Man’s ability to create

  20. Ziomal says:

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  21. Ma Hemsath says:

    This is the first site I read on my new Droid. I’ll be back.

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