…wonderland 2006 !!!!

it is coming !!!
a new year for new adventure !!!

alot has happend in the last while,
there was a huge climate change conference in montreal
(more to share about that later)
some christmas mania,
family, friends, food, fun,
music, music, music
and silly sleep ……

i hope you have all been blessed with some of your favorite things,
and at the very least lots of rest and music.

the northern winter hibernation mode is in full effect,
so i will be keeping warm and focused.

i wish you all the best in:
love, music and health !


43 Responses to “winter…”

  1. solitaryrefinement says:

    happppy freakin’ new year, melissa!

    and kudos for attending the climate conference. i’m curious to hear about that.

  2. Tempest says:

    Happy New Year!

    I never paid much attention to Canada until I became a fan of yours, but I do recall recently reading that the climate situation is not good. I think ice caps were melting? I cannot recall exactly. It is good that you care about these things and I look forward to your update.

  3. smashing_pumpkin says:

    A merry Christmas, indeed 🙂 Hope the new year fills you with lots of music and happiness (but really, what’s the difference?)

    Today is my two-year anniversary as a Smashing Pumpkins fan. Seems longer… I listened to all my CDs today and smiled. I love them so!

    Can’t wait for the new album 🙂 (only, I can, and I will XP)

  4. Mark the M.W.D. creator says:

    Happy new year!!!
    It’s January 1-st 2006 in Poland already. Winter is beautiful, even if you have to push a delivery van full of food to an observation point up the hill at 9:00pm, when the night has fell a few hours before and it’s dark.
    Be cool.

  5. GnomeluvsMadM says:

    greetings Melissa

    Meryy Christmas
    Happy Hannukah
    Krazy Kwanzaa

    Happy new year from the wram land down under!! (under what i wanna know!)

  6. KevinHogg says:

    amazing photography
    beautiful music
    peace and love
    for the new year
    unwrap all sense of natural time
    new music = a new beginning

  7. Umnebelt says:

    Winter rocks! First new year’s deed is to build a big worship snowman for the Muses…to give ya inspiration. A Happy & Creative New Year!

  8. xmariannxhx says:

    Bonne et heureuse année 2006!!

  9. IceShaft says:

    Happy new year Melissa!!

    Hope you’ve spent an awesome new year’s eve with the people you love (instead of me spending it with the flu at home!How frustrating!).

    I have high expectations for this 2006, since 2005 hasn’t been that great for me…
    Expectation both for my own life and the life of the people in general.

    Yeah it sounds cheesy but this is really what i hope for this new year! 🙂

  10. Mark Sommerschield says:

    Oh Melissa Happy NEW YEAR! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Nice to hear from you 🙂

    2006 is going to a big big year for me, a lot is going to change – but I look forward to it I guess.

    Mark x x

  11. damn nice says:

    in 2006 i hope to meet you again. you’ve been a wonderful influence these past few years, i’d like to tell you in person just what it means to me.

    i’ve been hibernating, well i’m still in hibernation as major clinical depression is a cold place to be. like a bird on a wire, like a drunk in a midnight choir how i yearn in my ways to be free.
    goodnight from me.

  12. damn nice says:

    maybe one day we’ll pretend to be henry miller and anais nin.

  13. Cécile says:

    Bonjour Melissa!
    Bonne année à toi! J’espère que tu aura beaucoup de succès avec ton deuxième album (qui sortira cette année je l’espère 🙂 ). Tu le mérite en tout cas! Je serais comme pour le premier album une des première à l’acheter… D’ici la, bonne continuation et à bientot sur les routes de France! Et merci pour ta musique…

  14. Veronica says:

    Hey Melissa!
    Happy New Year from Berlin! The City is surprisingly covered with snow as well (seldomly happens that the snow stays for longer than a few minutes here…), I love it! Have a great 2006, hope to see you soon. 😉

  15. DarrenB says:

    New Year Greetings Fellowship of the xMAdMx,

    Wow, it’s 2006 and I hope everyone dares to dream, but also pinches themselves to appreciate what we have and think about those who are less fortunate.

    To xMAdMx, we all hope your dreams are realised – long live your passion for music and the environment. We can all play a part in saving the planet and supporting your music. Thank you for your new year well wishes.

    Yesterday in Sydney we had a day of extreme heat – 44.2°C – close to our all time record.

    Today’s weather forecast across the globe courtesy of BBC World Weather.

    Montreal = Max -10°C, Min -12°C
    Buenos Aires = Max 32°C, Min 18°C
    New York = Max 4°C, Min 4°C
    London = Max 8°C, Min 5°C
    Sydney = Max 24°C, Min 20°C
    Rome = Max 8°C, Min 3°C
    Paris = Max 6°C, Min 2°C
    Taipei = Max 19°C, Min 16°C
    Rio de Janeiro = Max 32°C, Min 23°C
    Warsaw = Max 0°C, Min 0°C
    Baghdad = Max 9°C, Min -3°C
    Harare = Max 26°C, Min 16°C

    Something old “Eighties” by Killing Joke and for something contemporary view the “Johnny Cash” video from Sons and Daughters.

    Animal pic (3) of the moment – Bluey the Groper (Lord Mayor of Clovelly Bay), Harvs the Wonder Dog (lives in Melbourne with friend) and Queen Sweet P I (our adored lioness). Last night watched a wonderful Canadian film called “A Bear Named Winnie” which had my wife and I in tears. Check out behind the scenes at the CBC site. Made me think of this beautiful film clip by Weezer – “Island in the Sun” (Spike Jonze version). If you want to feel better about the world read about Mr E’s Bobby Junior. Oh, if you read the rest of the site beware Mr E suffers from Wolf Boy sydrome 🙂
    Music trivia – Bush’s war on terror was a major reason for Killing Joke reforming in 2002. Dave Grohl played on Killing Joke’s 2003 self titled album.

    Dave Garver – “I sing sublimely when I’m asleep”
    The Eels – “Trouble with Dreams” – will take a while to download. Long live Letterman, Mr E and the PJ renaissance. My greatest PJ moment was when I was wearing a PJ top as a serious piece of night attire and I had to front up to the police station after a drunk had smashed into my car.
    Something dry – The Hives intro (you need to click on intro for the dry bit) Frank Black on Oz music program Rage.

    Word for 2006 – perseverance – click on the word for a minor thrill. Hippopotamus is the best word for a minor thrill 🙂

  16. paulc says:

    We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. Buddha 🙂

  17. GnomeluvsMadM says:

    Melissa! Its my bday today.. i turn 18… please play a song for me! 😛 even better … write a song for me… please.

    Yours with unwavering love and stalker like devotion! 🙂

  18. enxofre says:

    happy new year… maybe it will be “a new life”. “…awaits you in the off-world colonies. the chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure…”

  19. Spiderprint says:

    Hey,long time reader,first”commenter”.
    ‘really liked yer record. It was excellent.
    My favourite tune right now is “head unbound”,i really like the arpeggio-d chords there.
    I read somewhere that you’re a Failure fan,iam too,aren’t too many failure-fans around,it seems.
    What’s your favourite Failure song?
    Oh yeah, if you like nice pics of old abandoned buildings n’ stuff check out this site:
    It’s really cool. Lotsa pics of old Insane asylums,castles and things. When is the next album coming out?
    Happy new year!

  20. joejones73644957 says:

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  21. paulc says:

    Be good to hear ur thoughts on the climate change conference in Montreal, spent the day in local mountains, all’s not well. Good mix of subjects on site, your music nice and relaxe’in, with an sharpe edge. 🙂

  22. keros says:

    As a permanent fixture in Florida, with blood so thin that it freezes before water…All I can say about those pictures is…That looks way too cold. Haha.
    Happy New Year- and I hope 2006 brings more heavy deep romantic rock from your stings.

  23. To the Hindenpeter says:

    Winter!!!! UNCUT AND EXPLICIT!!!! XXX 18+++

    Thats the one thats cold, yes? You may think this, but in fact, should you visit sunny australlia they will tell you much to the contrary….. MUCH to the contrary.
    BBQs in december, Surfing in January…. Crazy dont ye think?

    The call of the mocking bird cuts through the crisp cool air with the explicit instructions. “I beseach thee, go forth and run the globe in the intrest of the lark, let no lapse in jdgement cloud thy vision…. To be, or not to be the saviour of man, the lark crys, to quote shakespearian literiture. For the power that is intrusted to us by the god of fire to keep us warm through the harsh and fed through the famine. For we have the power, comes the responsibility to look after the lark and all it watches over.

    The responsibility of this world doubles ten-fold when the creatures of the northan hemisphere turn into their winter slumber….. hibenation as you so “delicatly” put it. For as we analyize the state of our geographical boarders we begin to see that those with the lactose intolerance can never keep control over those with the power….. the power to digest. and so while on the subject, Happy new year and all that jazz, though the year be allready be doomed with the heathanistic prospect of a german pope.

    We must reflect on the year past, yet switch off the bad, turn on the good, turn it on turn it on turn it on. cast out the bad eggs and apples, bring in the new, embrace christ and all his little gremlin chums. For the world as it stands is like a bomb, and we alone hold the wire cutters, wether we choose the red or blue wire, the safe or explosive path is up to us. the path we shall choose? No-one will know till we take the plunge, and plunge we shall.

    The nations as they stand are like a zenophobic biosphere. Afraid to open our boarders, insular and selfish. Yet willing to take what is not theirs, expell the expendable and import the sleek black substance… churn it like an unholy beef casarole.

    The time is now January, looking down the telescope into the future year we can broarden our horizons and expand our minds, right the wrongs, just the injust and feed the birds, tupence a bag. Will we be able to, time will tell…. sooner or later… time will tell.

    We have a year past to reflect and a year forward to change, to challange, to colloquially converse with our fellow peers. Will us lowly mortals be able to change the thinking of our leaders…..Again, time will tell.

    But then again, we can always blame canada….

    Rich & Katy…. Making life taste better.

  24. Stinkerbelle Rock says:

    PS… you should stop by my blog and meet my animals. I think that you would adore them. 2 dogs (one is a very young puppy), an albino kitty named Dokken, and My little baby SKUNK who has the run of the house.

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