we can not know it…

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… or feel it, untill we find it.

you know that theory that you can only see what you know ?
that our minds can only conceive of what we have already found,
and that we are blind to the unknown until it has been discovered.
for example the universe being infinite,
the finding of the new world by the explorers,
or the globe turning out to be round and not flat…..
these are the types of mind blowing things
that have been discovered by our human race,
that could have never been conceived of until they were discovered.

2005 has presented some profound new things to me,
i am so grateful and in awe.
things i didn’t know could exist,
i didn’t doubt they existed, i just really had not been able to imagine them…

love and music,
always the things to blow my mind.

love and music to you all!
the infinite wonders of our world.


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