saturn’s moon….


thanks to “astronomy photo of the day”,
and my magical friend elisa aka “hungerworld”,
i enjoyed a photo of another dimension today.

these images, and places,
are a comfort to me.
although i will never be able to see them,
or feel them under my feet,
just knowing the unknown is out there,
makes it all feel big, weird, and right.

i was on the hunt for a melody this week,
and i think i found it.

i also was in need for some lessons,
and i am getting those too !

to be shared soon.

all the best in health, family and music !


26 Responses to “saturn’s moon….”

  1. Chlora says:

    Just wanted to say great job, nice blog!

    Ex Girlfriends

  2. Mark Sommerschield says:

    Ooo I love learning about space – whatever people say there has to be something else out there if we are only one tiny little planet in one tiny solar system in one tiny galaxy in one HUGE universe.

    “To Be shared soon”
    WOO! Very excited.

    One of my best mate’s called Vicki (I converted her to huge fan of yours now), is making a video for her media class using “Fly With Me” by Moufette, and Steve gave her permission to use it and stuff, and it sounds so exciting. I love the whole Chew Your Heart album, they are so talented. We had the wild idea that it would be so damn cool if Moufette supported you next tour! Although Steve would be very very busy but i’m sure he coul handle it!

    Much love,

    Mark xx

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  4. Tempest says:

    Thanks for the cool pic and the update!

  5. Lost spirit says:

    hello, Melissa!
    As a bassist, and as a singer,like i am, i just want to say, that your blog is great.Keep with the great work, on this blog, and on your musical career.
    With wishes for you.
    and, if you could, share on my blog.:)
    thanx, anyway.

  6. damn nice says:

    i hear that particular moon on saturn has a restaurant. it’s a wonderful restaurant, the food is some of the most outstanding food you’ll ever taste and one day i’ll take you there. now, the problem with this restaurant is……..THERE’S NO ATMOSPHERE!!!!!!!!!! get it, funny isn’t it!!!!!! haha haha haha (forgive me, i thought it was funny)

  7. Doctor Rock says:

    Hello Melissa, you’re looking good.I just really wanted to get a comment in before the spamming hits. but really I have very little for me to say. Space. SPSSPSPPACAACACCE EE E .

    It’s out there man, we’re out here.
    There’s even Kafka In Space

  8. Doctor Rock says:

    I suppose I’m only seeing the crescent while you saw the whole of the moon.

    you stretched for the stars and you know how it feels too reach to high too far too soon you saw the whole of the moon.

    The WHole of the Moon thankyou.

    Sorry I just had a Waterboys attack just as I posted.

  9. GnomeluvsMadM says:

    Does anyone see the irony of someone advertising there celebrity blog on a celebrities blog? anyway… Nice to hear from you again Melissa… Im glad you found the Melody as glad as i ma that i found your Melody (metaphorically speaking)… just confused myself…uh.. Lessons.. in what? Life lessons or something else? Anyway… Keep rocking my sox

    Your Friend
    Lord Gnome esq.

  10. one freckle of melissa says:

    unknown is…
    unknown is meaningless feelings,
    the words that cannot means what they symbolizes,
    unknown is fear,
    in the center part of our brain,
    unknown is pyramids, natural balance, disasters and human…

    unknown is just in front of us actualy, not in space only:)

    hey God’s proof! havent you ever think why you are so much beautiful in front of a mirror? 😀

    unknown is maybe fearful, maybe experiencal… but discovering or inventing something unknown is beautiful; even frankenstein!!

    hey human bodied angel:) i just cant wait for your next album!!! i missed your voice in your new songs soooooo much!!!!

    in addition, your “not being in Turkey” is unknown too!!! come, please :’/

  11. MdMb says:

    Hey, Melissa!
    It’s good to hear from you again. I see you’re working hard on your new album, which gets me all anxious. Listening to your new music will definitely be like discovering a new planet! I’m looking forward to it.
    Meanwhile, I’ve found some footage from a festival in Italy. My God! The way you move onstage has no comparison. You certainly rule the place as soon as you put your feet on it. Besides, your bass has such a powerful sound. It makes me feel as if my whole chest was about to burst open. That’s THE sound.
    Yesterday I rehearsed with a new band for the first time. It was weird, but good. I don’t know why I get so nervous.
    I hope I can continue making music for a long time. You too, of course!
    Huge hug! 🙂

  12. haidi says:

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  13. Umnebelt says:’re leading us to strange places…alas…wish u a good hunting for melodies & a nice All Hallows Eve to everyone here!

  14. rikkytrikky says:

    Saturn is cool, but apparently there are rings around Uranus as well-haha!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Keep at it Mel-O-rama. I for one believe in you, and am eagerly anticipating your next album.

    Here’s some more of this Madrokk nonsense:


    “Well, that’s just peachy.” said the Madrokk. “There’s nothing like being made to feel at home.”

    “Irony will not alter the situation Mad Rock.” replied Gastropoda sternly. “We must accept the reality of the situation and act accordingly. There is far too much at stake-.”

    Suddenly, the door to Gastropoda’s chamber burst open and in swept the princess Anchovia with a flourish of bubbles. She was wearing a dark Sargasso weed cloak and her sea anemone crown rose stiffly about her head in what appeared to be extreme annoyance.

    “Princess-?!” cried Gastropoda in surprise.

    “I have just been to see the king.” Anchovia said angrily. “Concerning a matter of the utmost urgency!”


    “Gastropoda, you probably have yet to be addressed of this matter.” she continued, moving closer to the flummoxed snail. “But there is a surface dweller in our midst!”

    “You can say that again.” said the Madrokk.

    The princess stopped, taken aback. “Oh! I’m afraid I didn’t see you there just now. Forgive me Mad Rock, I did not mean to treat you as though you were not there.”

    “That’s okay, perhaps I’m not.”

    “Oh, my poor head.” said Gorn, placing his fins across his face.

    Gastropoda turned and stretched her eyes towards the Madrokk. “Well, you, um, certainly appear to be there.”

    “Yes, he is there and in fact quite solid.” affirmed the princess. “For if he were not, then the sea-whip gorgonians that he destroyed in his descent from the surface would not now lie scattered across the botanical gardens.”

    “Seeing is believing.”said Gorn, peeking out at the Madrokk from between his fins.

    “What’s this about the gorgonians?” asked Gastropoda.

    “I was going to get to that eventually.” said the Madrokk with a sheepish grin.

    “You’re the Coral Master, Gastropoda.” said the princess. “I thought you were supposed to keep track of this sort of thing.”

    “I have been preoccupied with other matters.” replied the snail with an air of pained dignity. “But never mind that now, you say you’ve been to see the King?”

    “Yes.” nodded the princess gravely. “However, I found Barak Kudah there before me.”

    “I see, and I take it that our shamanic contemporary was successful in distorting the issue sufficiently to suit his own agenda.” said Gastropoda.

    “Yes.” nodded the princess. She turned and addressed the Madrokk. “My father is a worthy king and was once a great and wise fish, but I’m afraid he is now quite old and sometimes not altogether ‘there’, if you understand me.”

    “I certainly do.” replied the Madrokk. “Weren’t we just talking about just that?”

    “Please, not again!” yelped Gorn.

    “Yes.” agreed Gastropoda seriously. “Marlin has ruled for a great many tides, and perhaps the time for succession is at hand. But although you are heir apparent Anchovia, will you sit upon the argent throne?”

    “Good point.” replied the princess. “If Kudah has his way, then no.”

    “Surely you don’t suspect him of treason?!” said Gorn.

    “Do you jest? I do not suspect, I am certain of it! He seeks to marry church and state in order to create a power structure of his own design. For one cannot deny the word of the Holy Mackerel, if government and Walrus become one.”

    “Yes.” agreed Gastropoda. “ He plans to create a theocratic dictatorship with himself as divine overseer.”

    “This is all a bit over my head.” said the Madrokk. “How in the world did this snake gain so much power and influence?”

    “Haven’t you been listening?” scolded Gastropoda. “As I said before, our society is based almost entirely on the teachings of the Walrus. It is a key philosophical base that pervades everything we do, say or think. It has a profound influence on everyfish in Aquapolis, whether religious or not.”

    “Barak Kudah rose from relative obscurity through the ranks of the Walrusthogists at a frightening pace.” continued the princess. “It was as if he tapped into some latent, yet persuasive reserve of religious mania in the minds of the city’s fish and has used this to fuel his ascent to power.”

    Gastropoda nodded. “It is indeed quite disturbing. Then of course there is the curious matter of his artificial limbs. Where did they come from? No one in our world possesses the kind of knowledge required to create such things. Yet, even more mysterious is the pattern of design, which appear to be like that of a surface dweller; for they are very much like your own Mad Rock.”

    “Are they now?” mused the Madrokk. “But mine are not constructs, they are real!” He emphasised this point by holding up his hands.

    “Perhaps this is one of the reasons he is so intent on persecuting you.” suggested the princess.

    “What do you mean, like he’s jealous?”

    “ Possibly, but my instincts warn me that there is a great deal more to it than that.” said Gastropoda.



    The snail stopped in mid-sentence, becoming very tense.

    “Gastrpoda? Are you all right?”

    “-no.” whispered the snail, closing her eyes.





    Frantically, the old snail flung her feelers wide to the walls of the chamber; her entire body shaking like violent green jelly.


    “What is she saying?!” cried the Madrokk, ducking under a thrashing tentacle.

    “I don’t know!” shouted the princess. “It is Coralspeak–spoken by members of the Guild!”

    “Do something!” yiped Gorn “It looks like she’s going to–!”


    “The wall, LOOK!”

    A large rift suddenly opened across a wall before them, ripping through the coral as if it were made of paper. The crack grew quickly, from floor to ceiling and then spread wide: creating a large oval-shaped hole.

    “Let’s get out of here!!” cried the Madrokk.

    “Wait, wait it’s–!”


    Through the hole, Gorn, Anchovia and the Madrokk could see the wide expanse of the castle’s central courtyard, the botanical gardens, and a giant section of the outer walls, which was simply no longer there.

    “Gazza, what’s going on–?!” asked the princess, but the Coral Master had disappeared into her shell.

    “I wish I could do that.” said the Madrokk.

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  16. To the Hindenpeter says:

    Ahhh so we are on to space now are we, a worthy choice young adventurer Miss Maur, I see you choose the mighty giant of saturn to turn your gaze at, well it has been gazing at you, creating its own collossal interpretation of shame at pity at what we are doing to our fragile planet. Thats why it seems the eteral beings of the stars are unreachable, because they make themselves because of our actions.

    However, the thought that we are alone in this giant expanse of blackness is indeed one of arragance and stupidity on the part of the species, if we do not see, does not mean it will not be. There is something outthere, most likley some form of gargantuain trout or something wierd crap of the like, but none-the-less its out there and our futile attempts to probe the dark reaches will no doubt fail to uncover such a Behemoth.

    But one day good gazer, one fine day……..


    Ensure stored in a dark place and served chilled.

  17. clandis says:

    Now this is funny 😉

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  20. Ariane says:

    i love space, i like looking at the stars… it makes me feel infinitly small and suddenly all my troubles seem stupid and pointless and im just there in that very moment and it makes me happy…

  21. SuperiorRDW2 says:

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    anyway, hope to hear from you soon.


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