oh, life is…

a bowl of wonders.

it is amazing to try and fathom the evolution, growth, progression, digression and change this little planet has gone through.

let alone our tiny human existence.

our lives are but a blink of an eye in the big picture,

but we will always be a part of this planet.

in spirit and ashes.

it is really important to not be afraid, and to accept everything.

hard to do, but necessary for us to enjoy our sweet life.

i have spent a few too many days alone,

and i am talking in the fluffy silly abstract to cyber ears.

i simply felt it was time for an update!

the plumbing is fixed!!!

back in my home, and back to work,

i had a break through song day.

me, my bass and gibson sg,

came up with something that put a huge smile on my face,

tear in my eye and jump in my foot.

really, i am very happy today.

on my sweet 10 year old 4-track recorder i made a sketch of the song.

even in it’s smallness i can hear it big and complete. happy happy.

there are many other sketches from this week, but this one is special

i have to say, this cyber communication is rather strange.

it is all so new to our social dynamic,

first there were cell phones and faxes,

now there is talking to strangers over wires and glowing screens.

we evolve with technology, so somehow this makes sense.

i know i sound like a nerdy grandma musing over this, but it is weird.

this journal is an experiment to me,

as i blab to you,

i am trying to incorporate the cyber world into my real world.

i will find the connection eventually,

in the mean time i will tell little stories.

i see that you have been visiting,

and reading this little window into my times.

our life reflects other lives.

we are mirrors for each other.

in watching others, we see ourselves.

that’s why we all love music so much.

thank you for visiting.

i am happy to see the visitors from far away countries!

so amazing, that we connect here…

and some of you have never seen snow!!!!

crazy, i have had so much snow in my life.

the snow salutes you,

and i like life.


80 Responses to “oh, life is…”

  1. Jon says:

    I find it endlessly amusing that you post in this metered, semi-poetic way, Melissa. But that’s not a bad thing. Some of your peers have proven that speaking directly in a public blog can be far worse… *coughbccough*

    But blogging is all about what writing what pleases you, and if the readers get something out of it, good for us! I’ve been lucky with this one, so far.

  2. The Last Decemberist says:

    I think about the phenomenon of the Internet from time to time too and I sort of combust – I realize that without it my days would be much more lonely and a lot less fun. Research for various projects would be a lot more difficult, or at least a lot more expensive. And I really have a hard time thinking about how I would live without it, because I share everything worth sharing with everyone via the Internet. We get to be our own publishers, which is magical.

  3. smashing_pumpkin says:

    Melissa, you are the coolest “nerdy grandma” ever 😀

    I’m so excited for your solo album I about pooped my pants when I read about the song!! haha, well, not quite, but you understand!

    Yay for musiiiiiic!

  4. LyricistJen26 says:

    Hello MAdM,
    I watched the “greatest canadian ” program tonight that you took part in. David Suzuki is such an amazing person. Being here in Ohio I did not get to see it until I downloaded it off of one of your websites. I love the acoustic song you did about mother nature voting for him….she would in deed! It made me laugh.
    I don’t feel that you are being a nerdy grandma at all. I think about things like that almost on a daily basis. Communication is so vast and easy anymore…all just for us to share information…this is obviously abused many times…but to sit here and be able to share my input with you! and hope that you will read it and maybe understand me is truly wonderful. It excites me to such a high extent to be able to communicate with someone I love and respect so much…my blog is heapsofnature incase you would like to stop by it…I only have a few posts, but one may be of interest to you…

    Awesome analogy about lives and mirrors…and I am very glad that your plumbing is fixed and that you are having so much fun with your music!

  5. Mark Sommerschield says:

    Its a stranger here from a glowing screen! What I wouldnt give to hear those recordings. We like to hear your blabs. We are all missing you here at the UK. I have actually completed my AdM Collection – I would show you a photo of it all but it would probably freak you out! I even got an Auf der Maur playing card! Your the Queen of Spades from Capitol Records deck



  6. loveheaven86 says:

    Hi melissa!
    Well,I really feel the same about what you say,about all the things.I have been feeling so bad for many years,and now that I’m starting to get well,and feel happy,I realize that we have to be happy with the things we have.We are a little part of this planet,and we have just to want stay here and enjoy the things we have and also fight for those we don’t but we want.Fight for our dreams,sounds a bit gullible,but it is that way.
    Well,about the strange feeling of internet conection with people,it is,hehe!
    I have computer since two months more or less and sometimes when I’m talking with people of another countries,I don’t think about it ,you know is kinda I’m used to,somehow.But sometimes I think about it and I’s trully strange,yeah,it is.
    I’m glad to see you happy with the new songs you have writte!
    I hope soon you’ll release them!!
    well,bye melissa
    ah!by the way take a look to my blog,hehe,I wrote something about you,or check it out at the forum of your afficial website.
    Hoppin’ you like it,and hopping you writte soon another post,bye.

  7. something witty says:

    Woooo. Your plumbing’s fixed and you’re busy writing. I’m happy to hear you’re doing well and that the writing process has been kind to you.

    You don’t sound like a nerdy grandma one bit. It’s cool that you’re taking the time to communicate with your fans over the internet. I appreciate you allowing us to see what’s going on with you. So, thank you for having this little blog.

    Life is beautiful, isn’t it?

    – Alison

  8. Swinehund says:

    Hi Melissa,

    I think life is a strange and almost magical process. Even with all the evolutionary progress mankind has made , I would say that socially we aren’t much different. It’s make sense where I live but it could be just what I’ve noticed. People forming gangs, close packs to protect what/whom they love.

    I can’t wait to hear any new material.

    Keep on rocking, loving and inspiring.



    It is said that all Scots have a sense of humor
    – because it is a free gift !

  9. IceShaft says:

    Everything that is new must be investigated, discovered, just after we’ve done that we can judge it.
    This whole “new” cyber world has involved us all, maybe it was forced by the progress, but it has found a fertile field.
    After the tradgedies of this century people wanted to communicate more and this need of communication between people has been partially satisfied with these new technologies.
    But like everything that is new, it can be dangerous too.So always keep your eyes open and don’t be fooled by its apparent wonders 😉

    Thanks for reading our comments Melissa, and even if it still looks strange for you, this is “contact” actually.

    about snow, in the coldest week we had here, we had a pretty heavy hailstorm that covered the streets and actually it looked like snow! but it lasted just 20minutes…

  10. littlegreenfairy says:

    Hi Melissa,
    I don’t know if this is relevent to your blog or anything but I just wanted to say that you are an inspiration in my own life.Through reading interviews with you I can see you are a very positive person and thats kind of what I aspire to be.
    I’m only eighteen at the moment so I guess I have a lot of growing to do but battling with depression and anxiety,I kind of hope that I will get to be where you are in a way,being positive about life,etc.And the thing you said about fear,not letting it hinder your life,well I kinda think fear is my biggest problem right now,and what you said is a big inspiration to me.Being able to read interviews with you and listen to music is definatley something that help gets me through.Thank youXXX

  11. TrixieBelden says:

    I love when inspiration just hits and within minutes there is a masterful song. I have only been playing bass for about a year (as I said in another note), and I just started writing songs (ok the bass line and words anyway…I’m lucky I have very musical friends who can write guitar parts to my bass lines), but the second one I wrote is amazing…I have no idea where it came from.
    I’m not conceited at all…winkie winkie haha…
    Anyway. keep up the good work!

  12. Shrike says:

    Personally I feel that blogging is a somewhat natural evolution in the personal communication front. The weird thing is when you look at it from the writer/personal perspective. Writing personal or semi-personal ideas and views is a good thing, but the strangeness starts with other people having their say at it.
    After writing online for few years, you tend to start censoring yourself unknowingly, something I try to avoid. Pure stream of consciousness is beautiful, but it can also be a bit boring… for the outsider.

    Oh, and thanks for all the music. It was great to read the ‘making of’ interviews, where you seemed like as big of an Kyuss fan as I am. Something to relate to, you know.

  13. Lisa Marie says:

    Dear Melissa,

    Nice to see you in the virtual world… ^^
    First of all ==> thank you for your blog…

    I discovered you with Indochine and fell in love with you during the concert in Strasbourg ^^
    Hope you’ll come back soon to France !

  14. Peppermint Patty says:

    what a smile you put on my face today, same as the snow this morning when i woke up (in new mexico, if you can believe it!)


  15. James Prorok says:

    Yes Gibson SG!

    No snow in Leeds. The weather can’t choose which way to go. Nice sunsets though, perfect for cycling!

    SkylineThis can’t be dirty old Leeds…Sun glareShadowTommorow will be the 1 year anniversary of when I first saw Auf der Maur in concert.

  16. James Prorok says:

    How frustrating is it to post a simple comment?!

    Sorry I made a mess of your blog.

  17. Christelle says:

    Hello Melissa!
    Like LisaMarie, I also discovered you thanks to Indochine and I also met you and Julien during your concert in Strasbourg, France!
    I really hope you will be back in Strasbourg for your next tour, I am looking forward to seeing you! I loved your gig in my city 😉 it was great! one of my best memories…
    Christelle who waits for you! 🙂

  18. dee-minor says:

    i am jealous of your snow.
    in the dreary uk all we can muster is rain. {particularly where i live right now}
    but i was lucky enough to go somewhere snowy for new years eve so i can remember how amazing that was.

    i am not a desperate scary fan, but i listen to your music and i appreciate it. i saw you play in the uk and i enjoyed your strong stage presence. it was good to see some real performance on stage.

    i study music at the moment at university and at the moment i am embarking on a dissertation on why women play bass (i play bass you see, and am a woman, so i was led to this question) or why they are drawn to bass rather than other rock instruments.
    so if anyone has 10,000 words to say on the subject that would like to donate then feel free to contact me, i would appreciate some thoughts from outside my brain where they have been stewing tooooo long. melissa particularly, as i am featuring auf der maur’s music as part of my first chapter, a history of the female bassist, but anyone who wants to ponder this question.
    all my great ideas seem to have shrivelled.

    this is a dreadfully rude thing to do i realise, advertise my research on your personal space, so do feel free to delete or edit if you wish. that would be fine.

    enjoy your new foray into the cyber world. keep making music! and playing bass! it gives me something to write about, something to aspire to and something to console me if i fail my degree!


  19. eloD says:

    Mademoiselle, life is beautiful… (to quote one of your dear friends)and yet we as human beings will never really comprehend its wonders. Oh well, c’est la vie I guess. ;o)

  20. mark says:

    wow melissa
    and we’re happy that your back and everything is fixed…..good luck on your song…. and writing songs!!!!
    I know you hear this alot but you rock ass!!!!
    see you if you drop by to england or Milton keynes in fact!!
    love to all and to all a starry night
    Mark Morgan

  21. Four says:

    the poet is speaking…
    what u write is completely correct. when i finish your writings, i got sad because they re enjoyful…
    life is…
    “life is me, me is life” 🙂 foolish but true!
    “everybody is god and nearly nobody knows it…”
    “life is all, nothing more:)”
    these re my words for life.
    about snow, in my city you cant see snow, just you can feel it:) what is my city? Izmir, in Turkey…
    i am happy bout your fixed plumbing… i hope you start to make talk your mind about your songs… because i am addicted… i am addicted to your songs, i am addicted to your voice, i am addicted to you Goddess!!!
    i am addicted…
    P.s. i love sergeant politeness:)

  22. Alejandro says:

    Wow!, the first lines that Melissa wrote reminded me some words of the argentinean writer Ernesto Sábato, in his autobiography “Antes del Fin” (Before the End), a really deep and realistic book, you definitively have to read it, it’a amazing!.
    Take care!!!

  23. The Mango Kid says:

    hey mellisa…

    its so true how crazy it is, one day your talking to people on the phone, the next you have everything set out so that people can share your life, people you don’t even know can see the pictures and read every little detail people are willing to post, it also makes you as the reader feel that you are somewhat sharing the life that is being written

  24. Doctor Rock says:

    Nice historical picture of Suffragetts Melissa. oh, life is… suffrage, is that what you mean, because that is an interesting metaphore you have constructed there as I see it from the other side of the planet entirely.

    Yes it’s all through the wires, we cling like leaches, we push our tailor made speeches, we listen to too much Peter Gabriel.

    Most of my life was led without even a telephone but withing the last few years I’ve installed multiple phones, data connections, satelite television and all these other now common household appliances that have come to define and enable my existence and everyone elses, in many ways I’d like to return to simpler times. Before the word telemarketer even existed. To just live in a forest, with snow, like Narnia or Aslans Country, yeah thats what I’d like. Instead of this diabolical heat I must suffer from for another moonth and staring into this computer that sucks the life out of me through the eyes and the fingers.

    But it’s the classic double edged sword for without this proto-cyborg existance I would have never even known anyone like you existed.

    Keep posting Melissa, it’s good, you are good, this life would be much worse off without you.

  25. Starbelly says:

    I know what it is… you got a few chords, a melody and some lyrics that probably will be changed in a few days, but you “hear” it.

    i do not have where to record it, but imagination is so powerful that sometimes i can even hear some arrangements and string sections ^^U

    Don’t feel weird, just only as weird as all of us. It is another way of bein part of the show.

    I got tickets to see your great friend, Rufus, next month in Madrid. Thax for discovering him to me. I’mm gonna ask him to marry me… what d’u think he’ll answer? hahahah

    i’m a little boy, so old in my shoes…

  26. MdMb says:

    Hi, Melissa.
    It’s nice to hear you’re back home and working hard. I remember the first time I came up with a song of my own. It was such a rush. It’s like the ultimate way of communication, because it’s so much more powerful than words. I don’t know…even though it sounds like a cliché, it feels like letting your soul speak through your strings and fingers.
    I could use some snow here in Buenos Aires. It’s raining now, but it’s also hot and all the moist makes it much worse!!! Everything is sticky. I don’t like it at all…
    My brother is starting his first record today (he’s also a bass player) and reading your post reminded me that I should call him to say “good luck”.
    I’am always wondering if I’ll ever get the chance to see you and thank you for your music personally. It’s something to look forward to.
    Huge hug!
    Take care.

  27. Dauthus says:

    The only thing overhere that can salute you back are… wooden shoes? Maybe the sinfulness of Amsterdam, I don’t know.
    The haze of technology is indeed one that needs time to take in. Especially when someone’s life is partially based on “old-fashioned” habits. Though the internet has given us the opportunity to make this world even smaller as it sometimes appears. It can make a lonely person feel closer to another despite the miles or oceans that lie inbetween. Life is grand, the world is small. Only a smirk on my face as I too am very tied up in the writing process of a new album. To translate the feelings through guitar-strings to the ears of the unexpected listener…

  28. patricia says:

    I imagine it must be somewhat difficult and frustrating coming up with new material that you like. It kind of reminds me of painting. Sometimes I paint and it comes out not so good, but then sometimes I paint something really cool and it makes me feel happy and like i accomplished something, then its a keeper. The Internet is pretty neat but its weird when i think about what it is exactly and how it was made. Most people who have been around snow all of their lives usually freak out when they hear of someone who hasn’t seen snow, its pretty funny. Good luck on your songwriting Melissa. I know a lot of people, myself included, are excited to see what comes next from you.

  29. b says:

    Hello, I have a link to my photography site on my blog. If you get the time, please check it out and leave a comment/opinion. Thoughts or advice from someone who is much more advanced is always helpful.

  30. Diana says:

    I love reading your blogs.

    When I saw the pic you posted I immediately thought that you had an old soul. You have so much in you. So much creativity…So much of everything that makes you a great person. I guess your soul has lived for such a long time and I’m happy you want to share that with us through your music.

  31. Alessandro says:

    ciao Melissa. i’ve given your name to my hamster, i love her. her full name is Cispia aka Melissa. she has a closed half eye as Tom yorke, but she’s so sweet.
    i had to tell you.
    ti adoro.

  32. rikkytrikky says:

    ‘Put off that mask of burning gold
    With emerald eyes.’
    ‘O no, my dear, you make so bold
    To find if hearts be wild and wise,
    And yet not cold.’

    ‘I would but find what’s there to find,
    Love or deceit.’
    ‘It was the mask engaged your mind,
    And after set your heart to beat,
    Not what’s behind.’

    ‘But lest you are my enemy,
    I must enquire.’
    ‘O no, my dear, let all that be,
    What matter, so there is but fire
    In you, in me?

    The Mask- WB Yeats

  33. SweetHarmony says:

    Oh how wonderful cyberspace is. I can actually leave a comment to inspiration. I seen you in Chicago on the tour with HIM and Monster Magnet, you were amazing by the way. It wasn’t long ago but I must your cd’s is in my cd player now, :). I’m actually from Ohio and I think you should make stop in Cincinnati or Columbus on your next tour. I have to meet you but while I was knocked out from someones elbow to the ribs in the medical room my fiance said he got to meet your drummer, I was jealous. But anyways I shall move along must get to college ya know. haha.

  34. Umnebelt says:

    A salute to Hephaistos God of craftsmen, metalworking and plumbing for this act of inspiration.
    And a thank to Hestia Goddess of family for creating such grandmas…

  35. Reactive soul says:

    Ha!, yes, it’s true!, i’ve never seen snow (in my whole life…), but maybe here, in mexico sometime… i hope…any way!, yes it’s unvelibable,when finally i gave up my principals about cellphones, there is the internet!!, and well… now is not the cell now it’s this… and messenger, and e-mails, and i agree with you, it’s really strange.
    I’m glad that your pipes are (finally)fixed, and that means that you have to get back to work. And, yes life is good, i think so too, well it’s time for me to say good bye, and if you have time, check my space, PLEASEEEE!!!!!!, well, my direction is:
    http://myveryownspace.blogspot.com, and… that’s it!, take good care!, and keep the faith up!.
    well, you know the procedure my english still sucks, so, if i have mistakes please let me know…

  36. Stevie says:

    Hi Melissa, I wish…..
    I mean… come on…. after playing your songs day in day out, screaming ‘followed the waves’ with my 6 year old daughter (to some annoyance of my wife) don’t anyone tell me it’s not freaky to have my scribblings read by you.

    If you do get around to reading this, then I just wanted to say thankyou for your songs and your words in here. whilst this world does throw a muddle of complexity and worries at us, it is rereshing to get a view on your perspective. The world is afraid at the moment, fear drives too hard in us all. Life is, I hope, worth the wait, I wish I had my daughters eyes.

    Itching to see your next posts. xx

  37. GnomeluvsMadM says:

    You say there are people from far away countries i myself are 1 (australia) but thanks to technology it really is a “small world after all” promise you wont try to understand how and why the internet works and just happens your brain could implode.

    Your never alone, No one is ever alone even when the weight of the world is crushing you just remember no one is ever alone someone allways cares, listens or loves and are friends family and ancestors are with us in spirit allways.

  38. Vieille Corneille says:

    N’est-il pas doux de sentir l’inspiration venir ou de savoir qu’elle est passé en nous laissant un petit bijou? Je dois m’y remettre aussi. J’ai besoin de nouvelles chansons. Pas que celles que j’ai en banque ne me plaise plus, mais j’ai besoin de sentir ces petits papillons dans l’estomach lorsque l’on chante en public une nouvelle chanson pour la première fois.

    J’ai bien hâte d’apprécier ton nouveau bijou.


  39. TheLostSoul says:

    Wow how good of technology to provide us with this secret world of Melissa! So secret I’ve only just discovered it. Shame technology isn’t always so good, can’t keep on the internet for more than 5 minutes, stupid internet service provider. Anyway thanks for creating this little internet book of wonder it is much appreciated!

    Em x

  40. alec says:

    Hy M.
    nice to find your blog… and Satchmo’ll agree with me:
    what a wanderful blog!
    regards from Italy

  41. Lindie says:

    Melissa, you are like a hero for nerds everywhere! From one nerd to another I have to say you rock. Enjoy the snow and good luck with the new song, I love your blog posts since they’re so different from what other people do, you have a great writing style and the fact that you’re a song writer definitely shows. Discovering you have a blog just made me so excited!!!!

  42. Purdue92 says:

    Well Melissa, I can totally relate to your being snowed in, having freezing pipes and all of that. This new snowstorm currently pelting us here in the Northeast has kept me home from work today, which actually I don’t mind!

    Reading your new blog has spurned me onto doing the same. Though I realize I don’t have a legion of fans following my every move and wanting to hear my thoughts, it still might be a fun experience. Kind of a public daily diary, right?

    Anyway, looking forward to reading more about what’s up with you in the off-touring times. I’ve got a nice picture of myself with you from this past June as you came through Maine at an in-store event and I’ve conveniently posted it in my very own blog….please feel free to visit and say hello anytime!

  43. Purdue92 says:

    …I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a second to THANK YOU for inspiring me to get started on bass. (I forgot to mention this in my earlier post.)

    When I had the chance to meet you last June in Maine, I hung around until after the meet-and-greet and then approached you with a couple of questions about your bass and amp preferences. I’m happy to report that I bought myself a brand new bass – a Schecter 5-string, which is different from your P-bass obviously. However, I DID buy a small Ampeg bass amp per your suggestion, and you’re right, the sound is great! It sounded so much better than the others! The rounded, smooth tones are what sold me on it.

    So anyway, thank you for your special brand of music – consider me inspired! It’s great to share the love, isn’t it?

  44. Gwell says:

    I Melissa!

    I discovered you thanks to Lisa Marie (she also wrote you a comment… you know, this Indochine Fan ;)) I saw you in concert in France. In Strasbourg as well (still with Lisa Marie)and… i couldn’t imagine something like that! have you ever meet a Fairy? i did during this concert. A fairy with red hair. You were so simple and beautiful.
    I use to be a QOTSA and smashing pumpkin fan, so hearing you playing was kind of a miracle for me!
    Thank you for being you (and sorry for my english…)
    Et j’espère à bientôt, en France

  45. city scapes says:

    Hi Melissa! It’s so lovely to read your beautiful thoughts. You are forever inspiring in your words, visuals and music.

    This new-fangled technology does worry me slightly. I can’t tell whether its a good thing or not. It is predicted that in thirty years or so computers will match human intelligence and even consciousness, which leaves me thinking of all sorts of Terminator-style scenarios. Some scientists foresee a merging of human and machine. Would this be the next step in our evolution, or the end of humanity itself?

    I don’t know if you remember me, but this is Rachel, the ‘skint student’ (haha) who you made very happy by sending her Pumpkins autographs and the bracelet you wore at Manchester on the farewell tour 🙂 I can’t wait to hear your new songs and experience Auf der Maur live once again, please come to another British festival this year!

    Love and hugs xx

  46. darkhorse8 says:


    Oh what a lovely thing,
    a generous look into a sincere heart and life.
    I love it and cherish it so –
    across this glowing screen, snaking through cables,
    resounding off of satellite stars –
    a moment in your world is brought into mind;
    a connection of technobits, but more:
    a connection of souls and interests and thoughts.
    So real and metaphysical.

    A smile darts across my heart.
    You share things that are dawn-new to me;
    and also, I recognise aspects of your day
    that I have experienced in a form of my own.
    A burst of warmth at this connection
    as my mind flits with ‘me too!’ …
    (Oh yes, I feel something similar when I write a poem
    and a beautiful thought has been channelled through me…)

    I am from so far away,
    and yet I feel I have come so close.
    Your sounds and musings have swum in my head,
    now I swim in your words on a screen.
    So there and bare
    and poignant in their day-to-day coats.
    I bask in giddy happy-nice:
    this sharing to relish, this network to cherish.

    New to this digital world,
    I marvel at it’s authenticity:
    so genuine a meeting between strangers,
    how lovely a language shared across oceans and time!
    A thank-you swells within me –
    for this moment and this exchange.
    Now a stranger that knows you,
    would like you to know her too.

    She’s a dark horse,
    a lover of music and art and thought,
    and films and mulling in day dreams.
    She holds a deep respect for what has come before her,
    that which remains etched in her soul.
    An affection for earth and its passlings,
    a desire to return the good to make whole.
    She thanks you for all that you are,
    and all that you share!

    With much love and wishes for all good things,
    Jacqueline (jacquelinestaden@gmail.com)

  47. decadentglamour says:

    I find the cyber space communication strange too. It’s so personal yet faceless. It makes me want to rush into it and then pull away at times. But I wouldn’t give the whole experience and concept away.

    Happy for you for the musical inspiration!

  48. Stefano_72 says:

    Well, I must admit that I am not so fond of this technology that surround us everywhere. I make electronic music since I was a child (now I am 32! ^__^) but despite all this, I prefer living in a old-style way.. you know… I also live in Sardinia (Italy -> the sunny side of it) where everything is natural and very earthed. I really blame myself when forced to communicate via a cold cold pc. But if this is the only (and easier) way to get in touch with interesting people all over our globe, I will welcome all this! 😀
    And anyway Internet is useful too… for example I buy a lot of my musical instrumentation on eBay and things like that.
    ps: anyway, today I passed my afternoon biking everywhere on the mountains near my house. I was inhaling life, and listening to the Cocteau Twins… I mean: that’s LIFE to me.

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