oh, life is…

a bowl of wonders.

it is amazing to try and fathom the evolution, growth, progression, digression and change this little planet has gone through.

let alone our tiny human existence.

our lives are but a blink of an eye in the big picture,

but we will always be a part of this planet.

in spirit and ashes.

it is really important to not be afraid, and to accept everything.

hard to do, but necessary for us to enjoy our sweet life.

i have spent a few too many days alone,

and i am talking in the fluffy silly abstract to cyber ears.

i simply felt it was time for an update!

the plumbing is fixed!!!

back in my home, and back to work,

i had a break through song day.

me, my bass and gibson sg,

came up with something that put a huge smile on my face,

tear in my eye and jump in my foot.

really, i am very happy today.

on my sweet 10 year old 4-track recorder i made a sketch of the song.

even in it’s smallness i can hear it big and complete. happy happy.

there are many other sketches from this week, but this one is special

i have to say, this cyber communication is rather strange.

it is all so new to our social dynamic,

first there were cell phones and faxes,

now there is talking to strangers over wires and glowing screens.

we evolve with technology, so somehow this makes sense.

i know i sound like a nerdy grandma musing over this, but it is weird.

this journal is an experiment to me,

as i blab to you,

i am trying to incorporate the cyber world into my real world.

i will find the connection eventually,

in the mean time i will tell little stories.

i see that you have been visiting,

and reading this little window into my times.

our life reflects other lives.

we are mirrors for each other.

in watching others, we see ourselves.

that’s why we all love music so much.

thank you for visiting.

i am happy to see the visitors from far away countries!

so amazing, that we connect here…

and some of you have never seen snow!!!!

crazy, i have had so much snow in my life.

the snow salutes you,

and i like life.


80 Responses to “oh, life is…”

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