i threw a bunch of my tour video footage together,
and put a sweet little memory lane piece together….
i love the road, and miss the movement,
but i have to admit being still and breathing new songs,
is making me incredibly happy!
so until my sounds and the road meet again,
please visit my friends website……..
click on the “rockumentary” section:


50 Responses to “moving…”

  1. Dimmu says:

    Cool vid Miss AdM. Nice tune as well.

  2. Welshboy says:

    …wonderful, what an amazing world you allow us to share…long may you sing and see for us. Diolch o Galon i Galon.

  3. rob says:

    cool video and great music, thank you

  4. Mark the M.W.D. creator says:

    Melissa, Melissa, Melissa, it’s natural thing, that you love tourning. You are the chinese rat. Every chinese rars loves journey and visiting new places, I know that. I am the rat too, I thing I said something about it already 馃槈
    Hey I seen that video before (link on the official site)
    I bought nice speaker recently and I only have to build a cabinet and repair my old MV3 the ’60s tube amplifier.
    I will be shaking the walls 馃檪

    and now I’ll try to put some tags up, maybe I will not make a mistake hahaha
    check this out, my MV3 looks like this one

  5. R茅orx says:

    Nice video , Nice tour I whish to see you soon in France after your new album

  6. smashing_pumpkin says:

    ah yes, i saw this a while ago. very very cool! I love the music as well!

  7. rikkytrikky says:

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  8. IceShaft says:

    Very very nice video!
    And yeah the tune is very good as well!
    It makes me remind the magic moments that i had when last year i went to your shows!
    I really can’t wait to see you again on a stage Melissa!

  9. Mark Sommerschield says:

    I love the Rockumentry! The editing is fantastic. Is the music something of the newalbum by any chance? Hehe. And the pillar swinging looked hilarious – then Kim sorta went flying! Looks like a lot of fun.

    Mark x

  10. the voice inside your head says:

    I hope the music makes it on to the new album 馃檪

  11. one freckle of melissa says:

    i had already watched it:)
    ahem.. you rock, again:D
    heres my offer(again 馃檪 ) :do you want to add some places from Turkey to that kind of tour videos?;)
    i m begging, pleaseeeeee….
    anyway, what about your next album?
    im praying for inspiration faeries and angels to bring what you want.
    be well d眉nyan谋n en g眉zel kad谋n谋:)
    (in turkish 馃槈 )

  12. eloD says:

    Mademoiselle, thanks again for giving an insight to your world: I’d say that most of our own videos while interesting would not have that kind of flair… and would definitely have a lousier soundtrack! Rock on!


    HI SEXY,

  14. Navras says:

    Nice video madm,maybe in the future the movies will be like the “Du Hast“song,not bad,its just a idea….

  15. rikkytrikky says:

    An excellent video montage. I had forgotten how beautiful you are.

  16. Mark Sommerschield says:

    This is just a quick observation, but have you noticed how many fans you have called Mark who post on your blog (Inc. myself!). Strange. There are also 3 Jessica’s on the Forums.. Hmm.

    Mark Sommerschield

  17. Mark the M.W.D. creator says:

    Hey Mark above me, you’re right, Melissa has a few fans called Mark writing on the blog. I think, that Marks just knows what’s good 馃檪

  18. MdMb says:

    Thank you for letting me take a peek into your touring life.
    It makes me wish of seeing one of your concerts more and more.
    I hope you come here some day. Otherwise, I’ll have to travel (it doesn’t sound so bad anyway, just too expensive…hehehe).
    Huge hug!

  19. janaduda says:

    still like this and l still loving you

  20. To the Hindenpeter says:

    You have a red jar of cedar chips. Why do moths miss the forest?

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    This is what i think and your video totally lets me relate to all the issues it brings forth.

  21. thisboy says:

    This post makes me sad.But a concert in Poland would make me happy.
    You’re just great,Melissa!
    Take care:-)

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  44. Raymund says:

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