a heart full of….

hope and blood.

what the heck is Valentines Day anyway?
…. and what about that mystery?


The love that every baby that is born should be granted.
The love a good mother can’t help but provide, it is her instinct, her gut, her truth.
Nurturing and accepting.
Love over flowing with forgiveness.
Too often a child is denied that love, and that child grows up longing and looking for it.
May they find it through friends, and romantic love…..

The kind of love that exists between good friends is one of the most precious of them all.
FUN!!! It is light, and often effortless.
Non judgmental, supportive and we want the best for that person,
without taking it personally if they fail.
We accept each other for who we are, cheering each other on,
and letting each other fall when we must, and helping each other back up.
Friends, are our true life companions.

Somewhere in between unconditional and friend. what a joy!

Romantic Love.
The one with unjust pressure.
The expectations of a soul mate and the ecstasy of romance,
as well as the completion of your other half.
That makes it difficult to be the imperfect humans we are.
(Especially the “other half” bit;
We are born alone onto this earth, and we must be happy like that.
Willing to take responsibility for everything to make ourselves happy and fulfilled!)
May we consider every love, of any kind that comes into our life, as a BONUS!
If you are fortunate to find that magic with someone;
the chemistry, the timing, the place, the unexplainable,
then you must be willing to work your ass off to keep it.
The little things, the big things, we owe it our hard work. Don’t give up!!!!
This is when the lesson of unconditional love comes in.
The most crucial thing is;
we must love and accept each other for our worst qualities as well as our best.
We must be willing to admit to our weak sides, and WANT to change them……
and try to, with the nonjudgmental support of our partners romantic, unconditional love and friendship.
At it’s best, it is all forms of love rapped up in one union.

Happy February 14th 2005!
Let’s make it a celebration of ALL FORMS of love!


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  1. I actually didn’t think this specific situation that way. I feel that there may be a point in all of this. Delighted to be capable to get involved. Wish you luck.

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