oklahoma, halfway between chicago and dallas

we are on our last leg of this inspiring curiosa tour. i don’t want it to end!

however the incredible european festivals (the reason why we are leaving this tour early) is the best alternative!!!!

we played a great show in chicago yesterday. it was a real gloomy moody day, but the crowd was great. unfortunately chris from muse (who i call “the best bass player on the tour”) fractured his wrist, and they had to leave the tour. this must have been a big disappointment to all the devoted muse lovers…i have to say that muse are one of the best bands i have seen and heard in a very long time. incredibly passionate and talented musicians.

looks like we are solidifying our fall touring plans in north america soon. we will be doing a lot of touring! i am very happy about this, and will let you all know the details as soon as we confirm them.

it is almost back to school time….that late summer melancholy is starting to set it. it is always a romantic feeling……………..enjoy you summer’s conclusion.

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