Los Angeles

I am so disappointed that the San Francisco show was cancelled. I love that city, but because it is not our tour, I couldn’t rearrange anything. H.I.M., like us, have been on tour for a year, and their singer, Ville, lost his voice, so he had to cancel.

Hopefully he is all rested for the L.A. final shows. I am really excited about these 2 shows. Not only are they the last days to celebrate with our new Finnish friends, but they are our last last two shows of the year, and of this album. A change of pace is coming for me, from touring and connecting with the outside, to returning inside and writing my next album. Wow. New and exciting adventure, I have never written my second album before… but first I must play my last 2 shows of my first album before, something else I have never done before.

Thank you Los Angeles friends for coming out in the next few nights.

It has been an amazing year. I am so happy that I got to share it, through my music, with so many nice and enthusiastic music lovers…

One month left until the turning of a new year! I love new years.

With it, I always feel hope, and most of all the excitement for the unknown future to come… yahoo!! Music, love, friends, knowledge, food, challenge, adventure, confusion, freakiness, and much much more.

Hope you are all well.


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