Downtime, revving up for some In-Store fun!!!

The OFFSPRING tour has ended, the album is out and we are embarking on some intimate acoustic in store performances this week! New England (where my Mother’s side of the family is from) Newbury Comics style In-Stores. Fun! Time to meet people face to face and turn the heavy rock songs down into pretty (but creepy) acoustic sets. This will lead us to next week’s NYC show at Mercury Lounge – fun, sweat and friends in the Big Apple! Then there is our first TV appearance with my redheaded brother, Conan! Fun keeps coming, and I keep meeting nice people along the way, all because of music…

I was supposed to be playing a John Kerry benefit on the 17th of June but it has been rescheduled to later this summer. I will keep you posted. While we are on this topic:

Please DO NOT forget to register to vote. As you know, your vote does count – and voting is your opportunity to take action. I know at times the big political picture seems impenetrable, but we’ve got to at least try!!!! Protect your future by choosing the better option for you and your views. The last U.S. election in 2000 was a really crucial one, and although I am a very proud Canadian I am a U.S citizen as well and I made sure to vote (even though I was on tour in Europe! You can vote from abroad! No excuses!). What frustrates me is a lot of my friends (sweet AND smart friends) did not vote last time around out of lazyness or worse, a feeling that it wouldn’t make a difference (I think things would be very different right now had a Democrat stayed in power). I hope this doesn’t happen again this time around! We don’t want that to happen again – we can’t afford to lose the votes of smart individuals! Please take the opportunity to choose the person and party who best represent you and vote. I know none of the candidates are perfect, but some of them truly are terrible, and we must, at the very least, protect ourselves from them!!

There is also a very important Canadian election coming up this month (June 28th!!!) to choose our new Prime-Minister, so for all the Canadians reading, please participate in this big decision in your fine country!

Please vote and have faith that we as individuals can make a difference. Pass it on!

Wow! Back to the music: I love it, and have been enjoying myself tremendously with it thus far in 2004. Thank you for listening and for all the support you’ve shown!

See you soon?

ps: we are getting ready for a fun West Coast club tour for late June!!!

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