OUT OF OUR MINDS | OOOM began as a song. It was the early stages of making this second solo album. I was in French Kiss Studios working with my solid CANADIAN collaborators. The song introduced itself as songs do, and the heart of the album was born: “Travel Out Of Our Minds, Into Our Hearts Standing By.” It was mid first decade of the 21st Century and technology had just begun to dismantle the music business towers. It was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me. The landscape changed and I began to morph my roots in visual arts with the music. The many portals of OOOM invite listeners and viewers to discover on their own, at their own pace and in their own space. If you’re listening, Come in… xMAdMx


OOOM Album

The making of the music itself had many stops and starts while I was exploring alternative creative outlets AND release outlets. It was made in Canada, California and New York over 3 years. I worked with Producers Jordon Zadorozny at French Kiss Recording Studio and Chris Goss. There were multiple versions, collaborations and reinterpretations. All the extra time allowed me to GET and LOOSE perspective over and over.


OOOM Comic

My sci-fi peer at MSTRMND and I began to explore the comic book possibilities for OOOM.A handmade Xerox comic by TheHebrewGod landed in my hands. It was then clear which illustrator would be able to tell the colorful tale of OOOM in only Black, White and Red.



The pinnacle of the multi media nature of OOOM began when the Filmmaker, Tony Stone and his Viking Film “Severed Ways” came into my life. MAdM Fantasy and Heathen Films embarked on a collaboration to tell the story of OOOM in Moving Pictures. The Entance Band joined us for the Score. Please see OOOMFILM for more info.