Calling 2012 Women Hunters and Healers!

Although I am on a maternity inner journey for this beautiful year, I have agreed to step out for a special event in the name of Women and Music. Women’s Music Summit is a unique music camp experience nestled in the magical Catskill mountains in upstate NY – it’s quite a deluxe and extravagant WEEK long event. The full package includes accommodations, food, the natural beauty all around AND the musical workshops with the guest women musicians (such as me, kaki king and meshell ndegeocello among many others!). This is certainly a one of a kind experience for any music loving woman out there, i look forward to sharing it with any of you who can make it.

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5 Responses to “Calling 2012 Women Hunters and Healers!”

  1. Harold says:

    Melissa, it looks like you may have a virus. Here’s a note a friend just left on my site:

    Harold – my antivirus is coming up with an infection when I visit your page. Whoever is on your blog roll has the infection in their favicon.ico file. It’s a Java iFrame trojan. You may want to remove them until they can get their infection cleaned up.

  2. Tilman Müller says:

    (We also had a virus warning at that time trying to visit your side. But it doesn’t seem to be actual appearing anymore.)

    I had once asked in a letter the makers of one of our legendary music-magazines on German-TV, the “Rockpalast”, why they did only very few female musicians on their concert recordings. I gave them beside a list of female artist I would like to see on their recordings. At that time, in the mid-ninties there was a revival of live-concerts to be televized. The “Rockpalast” had the budgets for two big own organized events in a year: one at easter in the Grugahalle in Essen and one Open Air-event in August at a rock called the “Loreley”, beside the Rhine. I recommended to do one of them once in a while under the slogan of a female artists concert. The response was that they made me therefore a member of the “Rockpalast”-Club, having the privilege to get a paper magazine every quarter of the year. My idea wasn’t answered. But I could soon see why: their self-organized concerts were dropped the next year and instead they recorded in collaboration with concert-promoters festivals like “Rock am Ring” and “Bizarre”…

    Are there any plans for doing a concert in the German region, that I could visit without getting a jetlag and a hole in the purse?
    Would also love to see you as a Hole or a Pumpkin. But Courtney and Billy might be very dominant and moody. It’s interesting, that even people who wanted the original Pumpkins back, were open enough to also accept you to become a member of them again.

  3. Dominic Gauthier says:

    Joyeux Noël !

  4. repa says:

    Happy birthday Dear!
    Miss you and your music so much!
    Greetings to the family! 🙂

  5. Just to say I have been a big fan of yours, since seeing you live at a Pumpkins gig in 2000 and later with A perfect circle. I did learn to play the bass as a teenager, but never got anywhere. However- I am definitely planning to start up with it again! Thanks for the inspiration.


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