What an honor and weird virtual reality being invited to be part of the virtual cast of Jean Paul Gaultier muses at the first ever Gaultier museum retrospective!

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has put together a retrospective of his 30 + year career – displaying many outrageous original pieces from his Madonna “justify my love” corsets to his inspired-by-Hasidic Judaism line. The man has worked in themes and concepts all along, not just with clothes, as it was pointed out by Nathalie Bondil (the sexy museum director at the opening I attended last week), but he has also built a fantasy world where all people can co-exist with total tolerance of each others differences… freaks & princesses alike. An amazing artist who has shaped a lot of what pop culture is today (gaga!). It’s an honor to be cast as three of the virgin mermaids in the show, standing along side a virtual version of the man himself…

Here’s some info on the show, if you find yourself in Montreal, between now and October 2nd you must stop in!

MONTREAL GAZETTE : As Good as Gaultier

FASHION MAGAZINE : The Glitz from the Opening of Montréal’s Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit + Watch talking Mannequins in Action

oh! me as a mermaid in crutches! my triplets are singing OUT OF OUR MINDS a cappella in the show! on a loop for many many months to come….


  1. Dominic Gauthier says:

    Strange look but i love the shells as boobs.

    Mélissa tu me fais de la peine mais c’est toi qui me console par ta musique!

  2. Marie-Noëlle from Team OOOM montreal :) says:


  3. Shane says:

    Reminds me of virtual world avatars, e.g. Second Life. Curious to check out the display model company’s website about that.

  4. Tilman Müller says:

    You should have had this outfit in the video of “Out Of Our Mind” instead of the stuffy grey skirt boodle.

    Must have been a hard job to be a museum attendant that days: three jealous making ..clothings before the eyes and “Out Of Our Mind” again and again to the ears. Would be interesting to see how long it takes to scream “Aaha-aahah!” yourself doing that duty…

    By the way: why did Gaultier choose your dummies for wearing the “justify my love” corsets instead of clones of Madonna?

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