i am sorry to say, again do to strange uptight laws about public contests, we can only give away to the country we are based in…. please tell your international friends reading, that this is not my choice. sorry!
for those that are located in the USA you can
Lomo and John Fluevog have generously donated a “Color Splash Camera” and a pair of “Auf der Maur” boots, to a lucky follower of these here waves….. any of you who know me, know my LOVE of Lomo Photography and Leather boots, well the love is coming back our way.
We will announce the winner March 1 2011, and if the winner is in NYC, they can pick up the goods from me personally in March 3 2011 at the NYC OOOM Tour show at the Highline ballroom!



6 Responses to “FREE CAMERA & BOOTS!”

  1. Scot says:

    I hope I wiiiin! I’m coming from Ohio for the NYC show!!! <33

  2. Renee Harper says:

    Thank you so much for doing this, Melissa. I had the pleasure of meeting you in Portland OR and watching your film. Thank you so much for everything you put out in this world. Really, makes it a better more interesting place to be. x

  3. isispeaks says:

    I’m coming to the show in NYC but as I live in Switzerland I cannot do the contest to win these fantastic shoooooooooes !!! ;-(

  4. Ant73 says:

    Melissa hello dear … I am happy to come play near my house
    God heard my prayers … strong desire to see you again
    I hope you’re holding back some day there are beautiful places to visit … maybe do a collaboration together … I have so many new songs you could sing.
    I hope to be able to get close to you being in the backstage
    I’d be really happy.
    appearance March 26 in Lecce.
    I love you and respect you’re really a remarkable woman.
    Hello Antonio

  5. Juliana B. says:

    sweet! well since you aren’t coming anywhere close to the Twin Cities (that’s in the midwest), this is just as good 🙂 and the boots are exactly my style.

  6. Thanks for finally writing about > MAdM | Melissa Auf der Maur
    | Official | FREE CAMERA & BOOTS! < Liked it!

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