PostOOOMTour Lunar Eclipse WinterSolstice Live #HEARTLine…

that is a mouth full, but it’s NOW!

in HONOR of the Full Moon, End of OOOM Tour, the coming of 2011 and YOU!!!

although matt and i haven’t even managed to upload the end of OOOM tour blog (day 3 of italia, luxembourg, paris AND istanbul weekend still pending arrival of his hard drives lost in transport via casablanca!) the FULL MOON, Lunar Eclipse 1638 AD vs 2010 AD, Winter Solstice, finally home after 8 weeks, xmas holidays means stop the madness, calls me to START UP THE HEARTLine AGAIN! although i only ever got ONE down this past year, after instigated and inspired by Willing Enabler and Kamil in the UK, i have been planning on returning to it, once i returned to sanity post all OOOM, all the time in 2010 x
now this lunar madness and post ooom natal longing calls for it! the last 8 weeks of OOOM have been the best music exchange moments of my life, really. thank from the bottom of my bloody fire heart to all that put it together with me and all of you who came out… just because i am back home, does not mean i am gone. thanks to YouStream i can reach for the OOOM and me to be in your homes tomorrow, Dec 21 at 9pm EST. see what came of it last time…. you ask me questions in advance, i answer them live in my HEARTLine Studio!
HEARTLine #1

i still have pending questions from last MAY which i will address, but i am thinking there may be a new round of OOOMTour Specific questions which may be fresh in the minds of US now – you have 24 hours to send in your question:

via Twitter xMAdMx – include #HEARTline in your tweet

Or ask the question on my Facebook Wall

Or comment on this NEWSblog entry

Reach for the full Moon with me this Tuesday.
Now all i have to wash my hair, dust off my harp & dagger TVstudio, remember how to use YouStream and dream with ISIS under a Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse… Heaven until we meet again x

Huntingly yours,


P.S. What I love about you out there is, you are EVERYWHERE, so I picked a time that is comfortable for me, but may not be for all of you. If your are sleeping or working at that time, it will be up on the blog after the fact. Get working on that time machine someone please!!!

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26 Responses to “PostOOOMTour Lunar Eclipse WinterSolstice Live #HEARTLine…”

  1. Amal says:

    Yeah hartliner:)
    1) what goes into deciding who/what band you want to take on tour with you?

    2) when making connections in the music industry in order to organize such things, is it better to make friends with people or rather maintain a professional contact?

    Peace & luv,


  2. Olivier says:

    Dear Melissa,

    From another (humble) bass player: is there a reason why you always use a pick? I prefer the feeling (and sound) when I play with my fingers…

    And also: this is not a question but a request… We want to see Isis on video!!!

    Salut d’un Français à Luxembourg 🙂

  3. Lestatus says:

    What do yout think- which character from Twin Peaks is more like you: Laura Palmer, Audrey Horne or Donna Haywards?

  4. Martin aka Team OOOM says:

    Hi Melissa,

    here’s the questions:

    1-Is there going to be another french version of a song ? (I love when you sing in french)

    2-Is there going to be an album release of b-side, accoustic, mix, live, etc. stuff ?

    3-Finaly, what’s your plan for new year party ? 🙂

    Martin de Montréal aka Team OOOM

  5. Marie-Noëlle from Team OOOM montreal! says:

    hello mistress of the sea!
    1- Would you work with Billy Corgan again?
    2- I saw some cool hoodies at the merch booth during the montreal OOOM concert, will those be on sale on the website one day? (damn I regret not buying one that night!)

  6. Nastasia says:

    Melissa! Good god! 😀 I’m still frantic (positively) about your concert in Munich, it was the first time I saw you live and I’m.. um… really bewitched it seems. Can’t sleep – or don’t need to sleep.
    Okay, the first question is just nice-to-know but the second is in fact not entertaining for all but important for me. 😉

    a) What is the meal someone should cook for you so you could fall in love with?
    b) Will there be any solitary merch in your shop so you can arrange the bundles of your own?

    Stay the way you are. I love you.

  7. ambroise says:

    what books do you consider a human being must read?
    what[s your favorite thing on earth?
    what can i do to have your beautiful hair? hehe
    have you ever tried meditation?

    thanks! you are the best!!!
    ohhh and come to argentina!!!! pleasy please!

  8. JP of Team OOOM MTL says:

    Greetings High Priestess of the sea …

    For us you will forever remain that cool girl from Montreal. But since you travel all over the world, how do all the different cultures you encounter find their way into your creative process ?

    Love from your Team OOOM MTL ! XxxX

  9. Jan says:

    1)Is there any chance that Steve Durand will join you at one of your next european tours? How important was he for your career?

    First of all I want to apologise in name of all Belgian fans that someone (probably one of the drunk girls in the front) threw beer at you.

    2) If you knew after the show who did this to you, would you be as friendly as you were now? Or would you be pissed off like Josh Homme at ‘norwegian wood ’08 ‘?

    These people can ruin the whole show. 🙁

    3)Have you ever had big problems with fans? stalkers etc…
    And which type of fans do you prefer? The quiet fans at the back of the show, the ‘rocking’ fans in the middle, or the über fans at the front row.

  10. M.^^ says:

    Hi Melissa,

    is there any special connection to the Number “22” or
    why did you name the song 22 below and not perhaps
    23 or 21 below ?



  11. Sebastiano says:

    Well, I know that i asked you a lot of question in Torino but there’s another one… Can you describe the best FIVE MINUTES of the last tour? and the worst of course…

    In Italia 9pm EST means 3am… But my sleeplessness this time will be helpful…

  12. Olivier says:

    A couple more questions if I may…

    -I know it’s a bit early since the tour just ended, but do you have any artistic plans for the foreseeable future?

    -do you have any unreleased songs that didn’t make it to either album?

    -another “weapon of choice” one: what type of strings do you use?

    -I wonder why you played “1000 Years” so rarely live, is there a technical/other reason or just you thought it didn’t fit in the current setlist? It’s one of my OOOM favorites 🙂

    -what’s the ideal venue to play in? from small club with small stage and close to people, up to stadium?

    OK it was more than a couple questions 🙂

    Finally congratulation for keeping such a close relationship with your fans, I don’t know any other artist that does…

    Merci merci merci!

  13. Lisa says:

    Hi Melissa,
    First of all it was nice to see you in Ravenna a week ago! It’s always a pleasure to listen to your beautiful music and to talk to you. If you remember me I’m the red head girl with the cameo necklace who bring to you the “embrace” picture of us taken this august in bologna. Before, we met in 2004 in bologna again, in 2009 in Roma at the auditorium della musica, and two times this year! Amazing shows and amazing you everytime! This time I saw you a little tired but the tour now is over and you can relax and enjoy Christmas at home with you family and felines! I love cats.. I adore cats, they are magic. I’m sure you agree with me! Maybe I can’t see you in live streaming this night cause here in Italy will be approx 6 am but I hope that all your answers will be recorded and will be on youtube or twitter, or on your website to let people see you! Ok, my question is: Do you love animals? Of course we know you love cats but did you ever think to help to try to stop the seals killing in Canada? What’s you position about this issue?
    Another question: what’s your cats behavior most curious or that you like the most?
    Hope to see you next spring in Italy again, as you told me! South this time!
    I do embrace true love + sound

  14. Lestatus says:

    What is your favourite movie of the 90’s ? And do you like Dracula (directed by Francis Ford Coppola)

  15. Ian says:

    After playing in so many countries in 7 weeks, is still hard to deal with the differents time zones?


    Its kindof weird to make a question about sleep, but as it helps us to be in a good mood the next day that you have to catch a flight early or make a couple of interviews, I assume it is important XD

  16. Stephan (a.k.a. BassManiac) says:

    Dear Melissa (goddess of the bass…)

    First of all I’d like to thank you for the concerts in Zurich (back in August) & in Lucerne. I was extremely happy having the opportunity to exchange a few words with you in Lucerne & having the healer miniposter signed by you. My 12 years old son is very proud of the pick you gave him (& I’m kind of jealous of him… 😉 ) However, sometimes I’m allowed to use the pick for my guitar, but not for my bass…

    Now to my questions:
    In neither of the concerts I’ve been at this year you played “This would be paradise” live. Is there a special reason for not playing it (except that you’d have to bring an autoharp along).

    Did you ever play other basses than the Fender P? Do you – for instance – know Tune’s BassManiac?

    Finally: Do you already have plans for the next tour to Europe (including Switzerland)?

    Looking forward to meeting you again, hopefully soon.

  17. unfolias says:

    – If you could, would you travel to the past or the future?
    I know you’re a big fan of the vikings, but the future could be promising!

    – Do you get to decide where to play live? If so, could you come play to in Portugal? I know we fans demand too much, but it’s been almost 7 years since you’ve came here…


  18. Kimberly says:

    Hello MAdM!

    -if you could tour with any band(s) of your choice, which would you choose?
    – is there any one OOOM song that is extra special to you?
    – what inspired you to start playing the bass?
    – and do you have any US tour plans for 2011/2012 (specifically Chicago…we miss you so!)?

    Much love to you and happy holidays! 🙂

  19. Bronwen-Tracey ( Wales) says:

    Hiya Melissa, I was following a recent conversation between you, Danko Jones and Shining on Twitter. I got somewhat excited when you started talking about working together at some point. Are there any plans being made to make this happen? And somewhere amongst the collaboration, a cavernous bass duet with you and JC would be wonderful!
    Please come to Wales on your next visit to Europe, Have a Happy Yule..Nadolig LLawen :-),

  20. Holly says:

    Just watched Heartline from UK, it was great thank you, perfect ending to the ooom tour. Look forward to the next. Merry Christmas Melissa xx

  21. Olivier says:

    I can’t believe I missed the live upstream and it wasn’t recorded… Any chance that someone recorded it on the user side??

    I’m happy that at least my request to see Isis live was honored! Thanks to whoever made the screen capture and posted it on twitter.

    Also while it’s fresh, could anyone write down what they remember of the questions that were answered? Here or on MAdM’s facebook wall. That would be much appreciated 🙂

    Thanks in advance!

  22. unfolias says:

    Ok i saw the youstream and i can give you guys some news:

    – The song “The One” has a french version which Melissa plans to release with some other b-sides, acoustics…
    – Mel and Billy Corgan wrote a music for OOOM, but it didn’t fit the album too well and will be released maybe in those b-sides;
    – She thanked a lot for the inspiration on OOOM’s Europe Tour (Melissa, you forgot Portugal & Spain dates :\);
    – The OOOM tour cycle isn’t over yet (she referred some more dates in NYC, Montreal and Italy?);
    – When making connections in the music industry in order to organize such things, Mel said she preferred to make friends because in that way she could show how passionate she is for music (or something like that);
    – Mel showed the new hoodie and dates t-shirt. She said something about the online merch, but she’ll post the news in her site;
    – Someone asked about what fans she preferred, Mel answered she liked the variety. Meeting different people inspired her (or something like that);
    – About “22 Below”, she said that when she was young (13 or 14 years) something happened to her at 22 o’clock;
    – Someone asked if OOOM was a financial sucess, she answered no, but she was doing what she wanted & was thankful to all the people who helped her;
    – She talked about a new album, with a multimedia dimension project too (MAYBE), because music doesn’t come alone;
    – Mel was happy to know about the 8th place in Kerrang’s 2010 Album of the Year!

    PS: Mel and Isis have a beautiful relationship!

  23. Johannes says:

    Nice summary, although I have to disagree with some of the details. A few other topics such as meditation or essential books were also covered. A fine show and too bad it is now lost in time. But yes indeed, this just made it that more special!

    She also told to do these [well, out of respect and not to put pressure on Mel, let me just say:] “more often” from now on…

  24. Tempest says:

    I bought a MAdM doll on eBay a few years ago. Would it make you feel uncomfortable if I were to present it to you as a gift the next time I see you? (We met in 2004 in Camden, NJ when you were on Curiosa–sadly, I have not been able to see you the few times you have been back to this area).

  25. Ant73 says:

    Melissa hello dear … I am happy to come play near my house
    God heard my prayers … strong desire to see you again
    I hope you’re holding back some day there are beautiful places to visit … maybe do a collaboration together … I have so many new songs you could sing.
    I hope to be able to get close to you being in the backstage
    I’d be really happy.
    appearance March 26 in Lecce.
    I love you and respect you’re really a remarkable woman.
    Hello Antonio

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