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i never claimed to be a computer wiz
in fact when i started this blog 5 years ago (will be turning 6 in JAN 2011!!!) i could barely send an email…. then i slowly learned photobucket so i could upload photos. i got a tiny shitty canon camera as a gift for spending so much $$ on my AMEX card for all of my first album & tour, that helped create content for the blog…. anyhow, i must say, i’ve really gotten my act together between here and twitter (facebook is still lagging, but after an ooom tour with 7 FB obsessors, i am slowly getting intrigued) ANYHOW, last night, fresh off tour, relaxing at home with the cats.. i had a flash back to I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO USE COMPUTERS! i did not press RECORD on the USTREAM HEARTLine episode. boo, as i know it was late for most of you, and a lot of the questions came from other time zones… sorry the intention was for you to be able to watch and learn from HARP & DAGGER TV Studio Wisdom, on your own schedule… but no. so only the folks who watched live were able to catch the answers to 2 of the 4 pages of questions and see Witchlet (grey small cat counter part to ISIS magic cat who speaks) jump on my lap mid show….
luckily GreenKitsune in tiwtter got a screen grab of when ISIS CAME BY!
THAT is lucky, as some of you asked to meet ISIS et voila:

behind me is my ode to the moon poster, representing my loyalty to her patterns, next to me were my faithful props of celtic harp and norse dagger…. i had a hot toddy to nurse the tour sniffles which i carried up on a purrfect kitten tray……….
it was a lovely hour HEARTLine with some great questions!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh to live in the memories of those who were there, although none of you were really there as webcast is virtual not natural, so we should be able to transport it into the future for those who were not there…. la la la. better tech next time. I HAD ANSWERS FOR TAKETOTHESKY,AMAL,OLIVIER,LESTATUS, MARTIN AKA TEAM OOOM MTL, FITZ, DAN CHARTRAND, MARIE NOELLE TEAM OOOM MTL, NASTASIA, AMBROISE, JP TEAM OOOM MTL, JAN, M.>>, SEBASTIANO,ALAISTAIR BLOODNAIL, LISA… let me know who heard their answers, and wo did not, i feel i amy have to repeat part of this lost episode…. post comment here…. THX
in the mean time REST UP ALL!
do what you love on your days off….
sleep, eat, love, kiss, read, play, listen, dance, celebrate….
#ILOVELIFE coming sooooooon!


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16 Responses to “LUNAR ECLIPSE ECLIPSES HEARTLine UStream”

  1. Lestatus says:

    Thank you for that… i can sit by your fire of art! Have a beautiful christmas time with the Ones you love!

  2. Miss Fitz says:

    This is a good reminder that we all live IN the MOMENT– in a natural world, not a virtual one. Treasure every second and #LOVELIFE!

    Cheers to future Heartlines!

  3. Olivier says:

    I blame myself for not setting the alarm….

    Someone on facebook and on the forum summarized your answers, so I know you answered most of my questions, thank you for that! But of course I’d rather have heard it from your mouth…

    BTW I was one of those who asked to see ISIS! She’s a proud and beautiful feline and her name totally suits her.

  4. Efe says:

    this was one of the great experience that i had in my life! the servants of the mistress of the sea want more!

    btw, you looked like the frescos at the walls of hagia sophia, in istanbul. the poster of the moon placed on the back of your head like a halo on a fresco 🙂

  5. God, it seems like it was yesterday that we did the #ILOVELIFE chant. 2010 was a blink of an eye.

  6. I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise for the crude, suggestive comment that appeared alongside this screencap on Twitter. I’m very sorry and will endeavour to resist such temptation in future.

    Hopefully you’ll learn and improve at every attempt, and before you know it you’ll be webcasting with the best of them.

  7. Lisa says:

    Hi Melissa!
    you’re extremely nice to repeat your answers!!!!!! thank you! Unfortunately I am a part of the group of people who did not hear their answers. Here was 4 am. When some of lucky people told me that you answered me and showed your cats I was soooo sad!
    tech problems could happen. Don’t worry… but please, if you could record a short version of the webcast I’ll be very very happy and grateful !


  8. Jan says:

    I did not hear the answers to my questions. Thank you so much you want to repeat it. You’re too friendly as always. You should be a bitch after you played in Hole and you spent so much time with courtney. 😀

    Great blog photo’s from europe! Congratz to Matt!

  9. Sandarsita says:

    I like how you put reading before playing and listening, was it intentional? And, I have almost the same cat (Toddler) – is everyone keep telling you it’s ugly? I have no idea why some people hate black-brown cats, but they do. And…I think commenting these celebrity pages is stupid, but I came here anyway and I am writing this comment because you said I’m cute in Prague. And because of discrimination of black-brown (or is it brownish black?) cats.

  10. JP of Team OOOM MTL says:

    Yes… Team OOOM MTL was watching and chatting as we shared our excitement at hearing answers to our questions !!! Thank you again ! Until next time, we pass it on … Xx

  11. Sebastiano says:

    Hi Melissa. I was watching but unfortunately there was many lags and freezes on the stream. Remeber to record next time 😛

  12. Alistair 'Bloodnail' Dyson says:

    Hey Melissa, I unfortunately wasn’t up for seeing your webstream, I had to fight the awful ‘man flu’ when I was trying to stay up to watch :s

    Thank you for even reading my FB question, it was an overpowering moment to have finally met you at the London Scala gig, and this is just the icing on an awesome cake 🙂

    Have a brilliant new year

    with love and honour


  13. Kamil says:

    Hello. I Totally missed this ad I was on a break from the web. What a shame. My questions were on the original heartline batch. It would be great to create another. K

  14. Tempest says:

    When I want to see what is happening with you, I come here. I repost your Facebook posts and am not on Twitter often, but I am one of your Twitter followers. I like this site a lot and I prefer reading your blogs here as opposed to Myspace. Myspace used to be my favorite, but not anymore–I just don’t find the time to be online as much as I did in the past and I am fine with it. I prefer reading the blogs of my favorite artists on their web sites.

  15. We miss you in Portugal..The last time you came here I had a broken leg and I missed your gig with ‘A Perfect Cicle’.

    We would like to see you again this Winter (or Spring or Summer or Autumn..LoL)

    If you’re looking for a place to play, please try this one:

    P.s.: I am kind of sad because when I get your new album I was expecting to get a comic book with the CD and the fools in ‘FNAC’ don’t even know it. I would love to get that comic, but I don’t own a credit card so I can buy it through the internet..sigh…

  16. Sari H. says:

    Sorry, I missed it. Oh well. Next time!

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