good people of the music love!
my long standing relationship with my Fender P just got deeper and better!
we’ve joined love of BASS forces and have one to give away to YOU.

FENDER P-BASS GIVE AWAY! for details! excited!!!!

i apologize, for now the competition is only avail in the USA …
i’m aware how many of you live internationally, and somehow we will make it up to you! for example, you are getting a lot more of me and my bass in EUROPE this summer…. see SUMMER EUROPE SHOWS for details! excited!!!!

(just a reminder of how i play the bass and love it!)


5 Responses to “I LOVE BASS = FREE FENDER!”

  1. Miss Fitz says:

    While we’re on the subject, I reckon the universe did not deliver me the Ampeg Micro Stack that I ever-so-politely demanded from the Ultimate Guitar contest… Guess that means I better go ahead with that SVT FULL STACK! Huzzah!

    Good luck to the Bassoholics entering this contest! And again, Mariano– if I win this sucker, I’m shipping it STRAIGHT TO YOU! 😉

  2. Mariano says:

    That video, is THE FUCKING BEST!

  3. Mariano says:

    Don’t you even dare! =)

  4. Tempest says:

    Just a reminder of what made me a fab of yours and how you rock the bass!

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