it is an honor and a pleasure to be invited to present portions of my new project at the 67th annual (yes, that’s right since 1939!) world science fiction convention, that happens to be taking place in my hometown of montreal, canada this week.
the event happens in a different city every year (last year it was in denver, next year it’s in melbourne, australia), and attracts sci-fi enthusiasts from all over the world.
although i am a virgin to this community, i have always sensed a deep sisterhood between the sci-fi / fantasy world and the alt / metal / goth music world.
people who believe in the unusual and fantastical,
who long to be challenged and “escape” into other worlds,
who believe in the magic of story, sound and imagination…
i will be presenting OUT OF OUR MINDS, the film,
as well as making a general presentation of my
“21st century concept album” –
how a song turned into an album,
album turned into a film, which then turned into a comic,
nurturing endless potential for web portals along the way,
and then will finds it’s way to in live, in flesh venues:
film festival, sci-fi / fantasy festivals, rock clubs,
art galleries, bass player festivals, red head festivals,
full moon festivals, etc…
give us a space, and OOOM will fill it.
the aim is to commune with the fellow humans,
and OOOM is the magic carpet ride that will help me do it.

hope to see you there,
or at another in the flesh venue near you!

p.s. ooom, is basically opening up for neil gaiman’s coraline,
i am humbled and grateful!
see SHOWS section for full schedule details.

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8 Responses to “MAdM ~ WORLDCON ~ OOOM!”

  1. Walt Tanner says:

    I am posting this comment to you here just in case the facebook does not work I am sending you some information I should have given you Ms. Auf der Maur. I asked you to think about allowing Two Assholes Talking About Nerd Stuff (TATAS) podcast to interview you without giving you the link to their website to check them out. Sorry for my mistake, here is the link:


  2. bea says:

    coraline is a really great movie, and I believe it will be quite interesting if gaiman watches OOOM, as an opening.

    I’ve longed for one of those sci-fi conventions to come for Brazil someday, but I didn’t get that lucky yet! enjoy!

    good luck, melissa!

  3. Harold says:

    Oh, boy! Have fun!

    I don’t know if I know anyone going to that convention, but if I do, I hope they get to see your presentations!

    Get lots of pictures!

  4. Marechal says:

    Hmm. Interesting photography, Stevie Nicks-mystical, but conceptually done to death in 500 pro-environmental documentaries since 1973. Are we out of our minds for logging? Do falling trees kill Vikings? Do the trees make a sound, if so (or do the Vikings)?

    Although you’re an attractive redhead, and have a talented eye for framing photographic subjects, what is up with your astrology fixation? Do heavenly bodies orbiting above have an actual effect on your destiny? Do they govern the tide of your moods, mind, spirit, and water retention? Will you play music on your stereo, make the cuckold’s horns, and butt people around your living room? (Wait, you did that.)

    Lightning, there is something fascinating about you, and something offbeat that is hard to place. A “je ne sais quois”, if you will. Enough with the mysterious gazes from ‘neath the hooded cape and Hogwartsian finger wiggling…confess your meanings and your leanings.

  5. Jamie says:

    yeah…what Walt said

  6. good good…this post deserves nothing 🙁 …hahaha just joking 😛 …nice post 😛

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