this is officially my first true connection to “it”!
my friend jason was offering me inspiration and guidance into the land of 21st century social media today, and i just had a TRUE FELT CREATIVE TWITTER BREAK THROUGH! it unfolded into my idea of a communal 2010 “I LOVE LIFE” UNISON CHANT PLAN! it all started while i was having a causal dialogue with some strangers about their new years eve plans, while i was day dreaming of mine. then this idea came out of my eager finger tips:

xMAdMx on TWITTER: DEC 29TH 2009 8:19 – 8:33 PM

wait! while i have your new years attention! let’s make a #ILOVELIFE unison chant plan! at midnight, we will chant it, together wherever …
#ILOVELIFE i am planning this as i type, but i can feel it’s right… if we spread the word, and make a pack to do it alone or with masses..
#ILOVELIFE or with dogs in snow, monkeys in huts, snowboarders in lodges, drunks in bars, costumes and lady gaga, USA or Turkey, up or down
#ILOVELIFE we will chant it together at the top of our lungs, and MEAN IT! SCREAM IT TIL IT HURTS!!!!!! join together in POSITIVE CHANTING
#ILOVELIFE you can scream it in your language or whisper it with an accent, let’s please do this together on thursday dec 31st midnight
#ILOVELIFE we can ALSO DOCUMENT IT! photo or video or audio or write a report. i am already giddy for my friends and i to do it together
#ILOVELIFE it would be an honor to collect the documentation for US and post it on my blog in the early days of 2010… we will be witnesses
#ILOVELIFE to our commitment to MEAN IT AND SCREAM IT AND BELIEVE IT AND SHARE IT ! proof to ourselves and to each other. no FAKING
#ILOVELIFE hunters, healers, team ooom, lovers, screamers, cryers, runners, bummers, scaredy cats, dirty dogs, jokesters, believers, do you
#ILOVELIFE read me? i am serious. i am picking out my outfit and charging my mode of documentation as soon as i step away from this tweet xo
#ILOVELIFE UNISON CHANT PLAN – MIDNIGHT 2010 – PASS IT ON. WE WILL SCREAM IT AND FEEL IT! i am serious! more on this coming soon …

already THREE on board:
MISSFITZPDX: @xMAdMx team OOOM is in your pocket on this one, MAdM–we await the midnight toll!!
SATANERS: @xMAdMx Sure! Have a great new years party! Listen out for my call!
AXESTATIC: ASP call to arms! Join @xMAdMx at 12am on NYE to scream chant yell rejoice #ILOVELIFE ! Snap a pic, take a vid, Tweet it out loud! You in?!

join this TRINITY and me!
i am going to document my midnight, with my people, where i am, to prove the LOVE WE MERE HUMANS HAVE for this great LIFE. IF you can do the same, wherever you are, then post a link to prove it. be sure to tag or mark it with #ILOVELIFE so i can find it, and post it either here as a comment on this blog entry, or on my facebook group page:

MAdM Facebook Fan Page

then i will take on the pleasure filled task to compile them all for us to see in the early days of 2010.

2010 will hear US COMING LOUD AND PROUD !!!!!!


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19 Responses to “#ILOVELIFE TWITTER…”

  1. Dérik G says:



  2. I am in it too!! I will post pics and vids of my Revéillon here in Rio de Janeiro!

  3. Melissa, te esperamos con Mariano Manzi en Buenos Aires, Argentina! que vuelva Hole sin Courtney!

  4. xMarkx says:

    Dear Melissa,

    I’m a traditionalist. Following reading your blog and viewing a few pictures (are your fingers tatted?) I contemplated your revision for 2010.

    And at 2010, you’re at 2200 and climbing.

    Happy New Year 🙂


  5. Banquo says:

    Yay! Happy New Year from the wild stony lands of South West England!

  6. Hello beautiful Melissa!
    Here in Portugal the year has already turned 😀
    We screamed outdoors under the beautiful fullmoon and clouds and rain. We live in the middle of nowhere, in a hill, so we could see all the fireworks of the surrounding villages. We recorded our chant but it was too dark to see so afterwards we recorded it again but by the fireplace (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erKBVEhX8nY)
    Happy 2010 full of success and strength! Justice for all the world. No more war.
    Kisses and hugs!

  7. jacqueline staden says:

    greetings melissa,

    i send well wishes from south africa…

    i spent the evening admiring our mother in her luminous & ephemeral majesty (and was treated to a partial eclipse!),
    then it was time for candles, reflection and meditation…
    and, of course, a moment to connect with you and yours in our *ILOVELIFE* chant.

    my self-timer camera captured me sending *love* out to the universe, and to all the souls that are united and OOOM:

    Together, we are powerful.
    All the best, dear one.

    Kisses from wonderland…

  8. jacqueline staden says:


    oh dear, the link to the photobucket image doesn’t display in the post… i will need to mail it to you…


  9. Ray says:


    Thank you for such an inspiring effort at common unity and happiness.

    Happy New Year 2010!

  10. flavio says:

    Nothing special! it’s only my fireworks to greet the new year and the new decade!


    happy 2010 everyone!

  11. Here you have pictures of my Chant Plan, as well as a song for your ears:

    Happy new year. We love life.

  12. Mariano says:

    Here you go, Melissa:

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  13. Miss Fitz says:

    My good Russian friend, Stoli, and I had a fantastic time on NYE, along with several of our mutual human friends… I survived my reincarnation into 2010 and hereby submit proof that my heart kept beating:


    Happy OOOM Year!!!!!

  14. Daniel says:

    Sad to say, I did the chant, but silly me forgot to put a battery in my camera!

    So while I’m here… I LOVE LIFE!

    Happy OOM year to all!

  15. Happy New Year all! I love life! I appreciate life even more since Monday (Jan. 11), when my beloved canine friend Rusty taught me how precious life it. He passed on from this life to the next (better!) life on Monday. The vet had to come to our home to give him the shot, and even though his body was weak and causing him pain, he still wanted to stay in it, stay here, because this was the only life he knew. He growled when the vet approached him, he growled to hang on to life. Hopefully he is in a much better place now. Rest in peace, Rusty. Love life, everyone! xjeg

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  17. All very true, but I don’t agree myself. I will stick the more conventional view. But I definitely support your right to say what you want. Interesting anyway.

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