OUT OF OUR MINDS (OOOM) the album is the follow-up to MAdM’s acclaimed 2004 solo debut, Auf der Maur, and is the key component of her independently produced 21st Century concept project—a dynamic, multimedia experience that ventures beyond the rock album to include a comic book and a short film with an original soundtrack. A pumping heart is the sound of the album’s beginning and end. The journey in between carries us through stories of earthly things, like “Father’s Grave,” to more mystical tales such as “Meet Me on the Dark Side” and title track “Out of our Minds.” Melissa Auf der Maur produced the album with Jordon Zadorozny and Chris Goss (Queens of the Stone Age, Masters of Reality). It is a departure from her more straight-ahead rock debut, but it is a natural evolution that explores her diverse influences. Guest Stars include Glenn Danzig, members of NIN, Helmet / Battles, and Priestess.

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“We bloody love axe grinding demi-goth genius Melissa Auf der Maur…”

“4 stars”
– Mojo

– Kerrang!

“On an Odyssey of Homeric proportions to explore every corner of our sub-conscious, ‘Out Of Our Minds’ is a seamless fusion of conceptual and progressive musical references.”
– Rocksound 9/10

“…[her] star quality undeniable and her heaviosity somewhere between metal and dreamscape.”
– The Quietus (UK)

“with appearances by Glenn Danzig and dudes from Nine Inch Nails and Battles, the decidedly ungrungy Minds kind of sounds like Fiona Apple fronting Can — weird but good”
– L.A. Weekly

“peculiarly feminine, incantatory brand of metal”
– Paper

“richly elaborate”
–Bass Guitar