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Occupy the Inside

Dearest Hunters & Healers

It’s been a while since my last “newsletter transmission”. Since the last one, I’ve seen some of you during the May “Bass – Synth – Visuals Tour” in Europe, others during my Trio of AMAZING summer festivals in my homelands of Switzerland & Canada and the rest of you I’ve pretty much had no contact with, unless you’ve been in tune with my #felinefridays on xMAdMxTwitter … silly, but I cannot hold back my love of felines!

Since last year’s full steam ahead OUT OF OUR MINDS 2010 journey,  I’ve been pretty much out of the blog, youstream, music loop. I have been building life. I am due to bring a new female life into the world this week. Perfectly timed for my favorite October Rust season. The “Future HER” will transcend from the other side, carrying wisdom from the beyond, in miniature fingers and black & white blurry vision eyes. This “creation” process has been heavenly for me. I’ve been extremely fortunate to LOVE being pregnant. It’s the most psychedelic and alien transformation of the body, which is leading up to the most extreme physical days of my life, while opening a new portal and gift of LOVE. What a trip.

As I’ve been focusing on the inside and “home” roots, I’ve been very inspired in this last month by the rise of human protest and “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations happening in the outside world.  It has been an extremely disappointing year (or decade) as far as politics, progress and much needed CHANGE. The rise of corporate greed and our western world’s “civilized” current political administrations, general lack of concern for basic human and environmental well being has been extremely concerning. It is difficult to imagine individuals having an impact on such powerful mass organizations, but to be apathetic can kill our spirit from the inside. To feel us unite in these masses, can nurture, the individual fire and the spirit to fight for change in whichever small or big ways we can implement. Although I am home, sitting on this couch, with a cat on my lap, waiting for the future woman inside to arrive, I’m out “there” in spirit with you.

EXPRESSION! Now is the time to get out there and speak your mind.
Follow the waves here…. Occupy Wall Street
(go! go! go! Madrid and Rome! Amazing!)

2012 is around the corner – the Mayan calendar predicted a “Quickening” during  these months, leading up to the end of an era and the opening of a NEW consciousness come 2012 …. Not sure where these exterior protests are leading to, but it’s a good start. I will be paralleling from the inside …. looking forward to connecting with you on the Other Side x

Signing off on my first Maternity Leave,

Happy Autumn….