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photo (1)Hunters and Healers:

For those of you whom I’ve met at OOOM events, or somewhere along the way of music, you may know that, other than participating in the ritual of rock music and art making, I love to connect with humans!!! Talking to you after a sweaty show or in the aisles of comic stores as of late (or hanging with #classofhope2010 during a volcano!) is the most heart moving part of what I do.

You are the BEST clan a woman could hope to have listening to her siren calls… Until you build me a time machine I will not be able to be in all of your conversations, but there is this Internet machine for now. The force known as Willing Enabler recently pointed out that in fact I could talk with you all via a HEARTLine.

Enter: On Line, Heart Line Experiment:

At 9pm EST on the full moon this Thursday May 27 2010, I will be live via video stream thing (my first web cast!! Ha! How very 21st Century of me…) to answer the questions submitted by all of you in these next few days.

What kind of shampoo do I use? What color was the pyramid in my dream about 3-D sound? What year is the Viking truck in OOOM Film? Anything your heart desires… Ask me.

To send a question via Twitter- include #HEARTline in your tweet

Or ask the question on my Facebook wall

Or comment on this blog entry

Reach for the full Moon with me this Thursday.

Huntingly yours,

P.S. What I love about you out there is, you are EVERYWHERE, so I picked a time that is comfortable for me, but may not be for all of you. If your are sleeping or working at that time, it will be up on the blog after the fact. Get working on that time machine someone please!!!



HELLO NYC friends, i am coming to you for some intimate, show & tell fun the  top of next week!

This Coming Monday May 24th!
Followed by Q&A with Director Tony Stone and other OOOM collaborators,
PLUS Raw and striped down music performance involving me, a bass, a keyboard and a heartbeat…
Housing Works – 126 Crosby street, NYC NY 10012


The next day Tuesday May 25th!
5:30 – 6:30 – Weird time, but always a good time to roam comic book aisles…..
Come meet OOOM’s amazing illustrator Jack Forbes!
Forbidden Planet NYC – 840 Broadway


Hope to see you there x pass it on ……

Love of OOOM Support

I want to express my gratitude for all of you who’ve been reaching for and supporting OOOM. This is my first Independent release, so the sharing of it brings on a whole new feeling and meaning. Starting with spreading the song OUT OF OUR MINDS…

Joey O. in Philly (love that town!!) on Y-Rock On XPN was the first to PLAY OOOM on the AIR anywhere! Back when it was a free sneak peek download – Thank you JOEY!!!

You, the listeners of OOOM pushed the song to a hyped track and Full Time add on Last.FM

I also want to pay a special thanks to some companies and websites who are DONATING gear to treat you, while spreading the OOOM:

FIRST! AMPEG and ZVEX, LP33 and Buddyhead have put up contests:

AMPEG and ZVEX are giving away a special Micro BASS Amp and effects pedals that I’ve hand “painted” (Box of Metal! Wooly Mammoth!)

Check it out:*

Hand painted ZVEX EFX and Ampeg Contest

LP.33 TV are giving out a FULL OOOM and put up a fun and full interview with me – check it out here:*

Win Full OOOM from LP33 tv
*These two contests are only available to US residents….

And Buddyhead also gave out some OOOM – thanks Travis!

Find his world here.

OOOM has also received support from, Fender, Shockhound, Blender and IGN and MSN:

I’ve played a Fender Bass for as long as I’ve played Bass – My Fender P has literally brought me around the world, so it was great to reconnect with the Fender team, and be featured on their site. There’s a special Women & Music story building in their camp, keep tuned in HERE.

Speaking of playing the bass, who knew playing someone’s Lunch break could be so fun? Performing live for Shockhound & Hot Topic at their Rock head quarters turned out great.

Rock & interview here:

Shockhound Live performance

I also had some fun making a tour video blog at SXSW which was posted to Blender – watch Here

MSN picked up on the OOOM! We posted a Windows Media player onto the site here- which brought the songs to many new ears. Thanks for the support!

… And my unofficial collector of all things MAdM OOOM on line, WILLING ENABLER! This personal blog, is often the first to show ME what I’ve been up to. Thank you for Passing it on…. Stay Tuned to WE!

Not to mention all the Tweets, Blogs, Facebook Love… know who you are.

If you’re still listening …then I will whisper this secret.Two new contests are coming up from the makers of two of my favorite things: BASS & PHOTOGRAPHY. FENDER and LOMO are going to give away a signed bass and Camera in honor of YOU & OOOM.

There have been many more supporters, but there will be more updates!

Thank you for coming in…



ok… so i need to get on a plane within the next 24 hours to get to this city in the rockies, but i must tell the story first. WHY AM I GOING TO DENVER?

To Share OOOM Film & Live

But also because of my special connections there…

Considering that i have never played in Denver with my own project (other than The Curiosa tour in 2004, but the magic of The Cure may have blinded most of the locals to the fact that i was there) and considering that i live in the North East and just came back from about 3 months of zig zag-ing east coast, west coast, europe and Volcanos, i do crave rest… BUT Denver is the place i want to be this weekend!

Years ago, i came across this magic six piece rock band from Denver, playing in a punk rock parking lot basically. they were VAUX and i’ve loved them ever since. an amazing band who toured harder and played harder than most i’ve ever seen, with HEART, great SONGS AND entirely and inspiringly self initiated DIY!!! we remained in touch over the years, and when i heard they had disbanded after an unfortunate wrestle with, YES a MAJOR LABEL…. it broke my heart, BUT i was determined to cross paths with them again…
Three of these six dedicated musicians, have been touring with me as my band, for the last year. We’ve been from Rome to Finland and Paris to Halifax. They are the best Holy Trinity i could’ve ever hoped for to help me out of my creative cocoon and back on stage. I feel supported and musically in tune with them- which inspired the recording of 22 Below on the album, AND spawned ISIS Speaks- a direct result being so inspired by our union. it’s the first song we wrote as a band- and the last song written and recorded for the album, one of my favorites. thank you….. and now:

Officially Introducing, all the way from Denver, Colorado:
The International Men of Leisure…

Christopher Jay Sorensen: on the guitar and race bike….

Adam Michael Tymn: on the other guitar and dirt bike…

and Michael Joseph McCahn: on the drums, paint brushes and tattoo needles (AND head of RED!)

We are playing Denver cause we WANT TO! we love to play music, there are friends and family to hug. sharing the stage with us at the Hi-Dive Saturday night is, The Swayback that Adam plays with AND Glass Hits, that another of the six VAUX-ers, Greg Daniels, plays in. This is our very own I LOVE VAUX AND DENVER PARTY… you should come!

for more amazing VAUX stuff check out greg’s impressive art books devoted to the magic years on the road…COOL ASS ART JOURNALS

(back in the punk rock parking lot days, the leisure boys WITH greg second from left)

meanwhile, watch the video for ARE YOU WITH ME, a song from their last album “BEYOND VIRTUE, BEYOND VISE” that made it to the end credits of a Travolta film this year (beating out my song THE KEY that was up for it too oddly!). here are the Intenational Men of Leisure virtually mingling with Grease Lightning and Paris!

more good vaux INFO HERE

enjoy and see you soon DENVER!

p.s. BONUS BONUS! OOOM film & video director TONY STONE is coming to denver for the occasion, cause he has a tribe of amazon women in his family climbing in those mountains! lots of colorado connections! x
p.p.s AND Lipgloss is hosting a fun friday night after FILM party for OOOM INFO HERE