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this is officially my first true connection to “it”!
my friend jason was offering me inspiration and guidance into the land of 21st century social media today, and i just had a TRUE FELT CREATIVE TWITTER BREAK THROUGH! it unfolded into my idea of a communal 2010 “I LOVE LIFE” UNISON CHANT PLAN! it all started while i was having a causal dialogue with some strangers about their new years eve plans, while i was day dreaming of mine. then this idea came out of my eager finger tips:

xMAdMx on TWITTER: DEC 29TH 2009 8:19 – 8:33 PM

wait! while i have your new years attention! let’s make a #ILOVELIFE unison chant plan! at midnight, we will chant it, together wherever …
#ILOVELIFE i am planning this as i type, but i can feel it’s right… if we spread the word, and make a pack to do it alone or with masses..
#ILOVELIFE or with dogs in snow, monkeys in huts, snowboarders in lodges, drunks in bars, costumes and lady gaga, USA or Turkey, up or down
#ILOVELIFE we will chant it together at the top of our lungs, and MEAN IT! SCREAM IT TIL IT HURTS!!!!!! join together in POSITIVE CHANTING
#ILOVELIFE you can scream it in your language or whisper it with an accent, let’s please do this together on thursday dec 31st midnight
#ILOVELIFE we can ALSO DOCUMENT IT! photo or video or audio or write a report. i am already giddy for my friends and i to do it together
#ILOVELIFE it would be an honor to collect the documentation for US and post it on my blog in the early days of 2010… we will be witnesses
#ILOVELIFE to our commitment to MEAN IT AND SCREAM IT AND BELIEVE IT AND SHARE IT ! proof to ourselves and to each other. no FAKING
#ILOVELIFE hunters, healers, team ooom, lovers, screamers, cryers, runners, bummers, scaredy cats, dirty dogs, jokesters, believers, do you
#ILOVELIFE read me? i am serious. i am picking out my outfit and charging my mode of documentation as soon as i step away from this tweet xo
#ILOVELIFE UNISON CHANT PLAN – MIDNIGHT 2010 – PASS IT ON. WE WILL SCREAM IT AND FEEL IT! i am serious! more on this coming soon …

already THREE on board:
MISSFITZPDX: @xMAdMx team OOOM is in your pocket on this one, MAdM–we await the midnight toll!!
SATANERS: @xMAdMx Sure! Have a great new years party! Listen out for my call!
AXESTATIC: ASP call to arms! Join @xMAdMx at 12am on NYE to scream chant yell rejoice #ILOVELIFE ! Snap a pic, take a vid, Tweet it out loud! You in?!

join this TRINITY and me!
i am going to document my midnight, with my people, where i am, to prove the LOVE WE MERE HUMANS HAVE for this great LIFE. IF you can do the same, wherever you are, then post a link to prove it. be sure to tag or mark it with #ILOVELIFE so i can find it, and post it either here as a comment on this blog entry, or on my facebook group page:

MAdM Facebook Fan Page

then i will take on the pleasure filled task to compile them all for us to see in the early days of 2010.

2010 will hear US COMING LOUD AND PROUD !!!!!!


2+8=10 into 2010

it’s that in between day, the 28th of december. just over the eating x-mass hump and oozing into the best night of the year! NEW YEARS EVE is the page turner into the second decade of this wild new millennium we are sharing. so far the 21st century has been what i expected. a fuller and faster digital extension of the last one…. the extremes seem to be ramping up full speed. the more crisis’ on the horizon, the more efforts towards progress develop and the stronger the opponents of change become. the stronger the good, the stronger the bad….
BUT HAVE NO FEAR! as always there are wicked humans making AMAZING things out of love and hard work. there is an endless sources of inspiration to engage with.
this is what i found…
2010 AGAIN
… reclining on a snowy dune on xmas eve, submitting to 2010 and reflecting on some of my favorite things of 2009~

~ Fever Ray
~ Mastodon “Crack the Skye”
~ Severed Ways: The Norse Discovery of America
~ Julian Plenti “…Is Skyscraper”
~ The Entrance Band
~ My Yellow Stone Road trip
~ JW Waterhouse Exhibit
~ Amanda Palmer’s Overall Expressive Ways
~ We Were Monkeys Video for Land of Talk
~ The Hope for Change

as far as the leaders of north america goes, this past week in particular has been most concerning. i am a dual citizen engaged in both the canadian and american system. the climate crisis and health care crisis have been at the fore front of this years end, and what a tragic closing statement it’s been. canada was ranked by far the worst western country at the copenhagen climate change conference. one of the worlds worst creators of fossil fuels, while being the least willing to make a change. how horrifying (not to mention canada’s engagement in the afghan war and blind eye to torture that came to light this past year) i’ve never been more disappointed in my homeland than now.
meanwhile, 2009 brought the USA loads of HOPE for CHANGE, but at the end of the momentous battle for health care reform (one of the countries most corrupt systems), NOT every american will have their health cared for and the lobbyists, got what they payed for ………… so, the biggest let downs of 2009, are that north of the border, they are willing to actively and shamelessly participate in the rapid deteriation of our planet and everyone on it, and the USA continue in their tradition of not caring for their own and allowing corporations to have final say. BRUTAL.

that being said, this has been an amazing year in the arts…. and all of this beautiful, weird and tragic will be translated into fantastical work made by we mere humans. we are beautiful vessels that harbor beautiful sounds, thoughts and visions. that’s why i wake up every morning, excited to be alive and why i go to sleep excited to dream at night. i have no real complaints, i LOVE the life experience we are sharing. the possibilities are endless, and the bussier we are, the more we will get done, and the further we reach, the more we will connect.
thank you for receiving my transmissions, and i could not dream for a better time to give birth to my new project. 2010 is a time for OOOM …

hug your family and animals for the next 3 days straight,
and see you in 2010!

Memories in Alberta of The Cure…

Curiosa Tour '04

ok, these memories albeit are from the best tour ever to happen in my life, The Curiosa Tour 2004, and the specialness may never happen again BUT the Mountains played a role. these photos are from the last night being on that tour and it was a BIG hurrah in Denver, Co (they are our photos, but i’ve since missed placed them in the world of time, but a stranger on flickr has resurfaced them- thx for the memories!)
ANYHOW. me, steve and robert. that alone makes me want to join the party FOREVER! really…..
meanwhile, i am  near the Northern tip of those same mountains years later, today to prepare to unveil new MAdM OOOM sounds to Edmonton and Calgarian heads and hearts x
with me on stage this weekend, will be the magic TRINITY of CHRIS, ADAM and JOE the best band members a girl could ever dream of. THEY heil from the the Mountains of Colorado … which beings me back to my Curiosa Memories and the forever party with my best mate steve… and Robert Smith dedicating “Close to YOU” TO MEEEEE.
Curiosa Tour '04 MADM
(that’s me celebrating that fact after a few wine and orange juices later..)
we are eager about sharing the stage with AFI this weekend… but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of The Cure, Interpol, Muse, Cooper Temple Clause and Mogwai being there too…. thanks for the memories friends of music. we will make new ones¬†soon …..



as you can see the new xMAdMx site is aLIVE and MAdM SHOP has first official OOOM limited edition goods for sale! it’s been a long time coming and i actually experienced growing pains in my expansion beyond my simple BLOG format i’ve had for so long…. but have no fear, my blog will always be near. so REACH FOR THE OOOM!

..:: MAdM :: OOOm ::.. Comic

Site Map break down for you:
-the NEWS section, is so you can cut to the chase, and see what is happening in my music “reality” and not say, in the lunar cycle (no offence to the MOON!)
-the VISUAL VAULT is where lots of photos and videos will live and breed- both official and a public selections
-the COMMUNITY section will host an ever growing list of inspirations and web alliances
-the OOOM section, is for those who still can’t figure out if this is an album, a film or a comic (and for my own sanity and clarity) …. but come 2010, this section will lead you into the hidden mysteries and content of OOOM. so stay tuned.
-the new MAdM SHOP is where i can distribute my music and goods directly from ME to YOU VISIT NEW SHOP!

please note all the media Players and Sign up Widgets on my site are embed-able and share-able, thanks to the magic of intelligent programmers who work hard for us to connect! so share ’em! use ’em!

beyond the web world, all is fantastical on my side of the autumn season- the short run of east coast canadian show dates with STP and M for Montreal went by wonderfully and way too fast and i am knee deep in planning the next waves of all things OOOM.

Also wanted to thank everyone helping spread the word of the OOOM Free download on Twitter- as promised the OOOM Lucky Three will be rewarded with a package of OOOM goods coming to them soon. Not sure how, but the blind Witch chose folks from the Americas for this round- but next time she will reach across the Ocean to the rest of you x

Thiago aka fernn, from Porto Alegre, Brazil
Kirsten aka Unkownbinaries, from Stone Mountain, USA
Haydee aka Hada_Verde, from Mexicali, Mexico

(honorable mention: Sarah Fitzgerald aka Misfitzpdx, from S.F. USA)

Long live international LIFE, LOVE AND MUSIC
thanks for following and see you soon

p.s. there was a delay with the OOOM video premiere, it’s a long story involving a Tower and harmless curse, but i will notify you when it’s ready to be seen. in the meantime keep your senses tickled and please check out my backwards TOUR VIDEO BLOG

MAdM Live Video Blog


MAdM Tour Peak Nov 09 from MAdM OOOM on Vimeo.

it was so satisfying to get this ship rolling last week, thank you to all the canadian ears and hearts that were pried open with our sounds and sweat. i want to share some backwards memories of it with you ALL. i of course plan on getting to you all soon enough in 2010, but here’s a taste in the meantime x


p.s. my MAdM Music Shop will launch later this week, and the OOOM EP will be available there. i will keep you posted …
p.p.s meanwhile deep in the night, as promised, the full OOOM Music video will creep into these here players soon. however the robot ghosts have held her hostage in a tower, where she can only watch the world through the reflection of a mirror… when she is freed you will be notified. sorry for the unexpected delay sweets…… x