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Back to school season crisp air always whispers a rush of unknown sexy things! I am excited to report lots of MAdM OOOM activity, it’s hunt for the heart season!
My dear hunters and healers, no matter how long you have been connecting with this here blog, you must know by now, I long to connect you with OOOM. It’s been quite a journey of connecting dots, talking a lot, secretarial duties, steeping ideas and traveling here to there. It’s been far too long, but it is finally coming via my own independent MAdM run portal. First round of events were due to the early showing of the film portion at Sundance earlier this year. The film is riding a wave and promises to commune with more of you soon….
Starting with you, my fellow Montrealers, The fate of muses and star aligned destiny, has brought OOOM to The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. As if it wasn’t enough to be presented in such an honorable establishment, but the company that we will keep, lights my heart fully a fire! The occasion is a long awaited retrospective of the great British Pre-Raphealite painter, John William Waterhouse. His work has been a huge influence on me since before I even played music, he was one of the first (along with his renaissance soul mate Botticelli) to introduce me to myself. His exploration of women, magic and myth have played a big part in my work throughout my photography, music and into my new OOOM multi media project. A pair of daring and innovative museum director and curators, declared OOOM to be a contemporary response to Waterhouse and the Pre-Raphaelites, inviting us to live within his exhibit opening October 2nd, and running until February 5th.behind black velvet curtains, with church pews as seats, you are be invited into OOOM for our longest rung yet!

In addition to that, OOOM and I have been invited to the Royal Flush Festival in NYC later in the month. MAdM Live, for the first time since 2004, (oh my!) at the new improved Knitting Factory, and our film playing the film portion of their festival as well. We are having our European Premiere at Sitges in Spain (Euro’s leading Fantasy Film Festival) Also this month New Orleans, Woodstock, Henry Miller Library …. For those who are no where near these places, I am concocting plans to get to you right now!

Please see SHOWS for more info!
The hunt has begun

Hermits & Freedom in the USA


as promised! more tales from the road trip last month…. been a while since my mastodon vs mountains report, but there’s a lot of american goodness to sift through. yellowstone and the glaciers were clearly highlights but KANSAS was way up there. beginning with the lucky timing of visiting amelia earhart’s house and legacy on her birthday, then continuing on to lawrence and few amazing spots in between!


from the VIKING motel the tucked away in “little sweden” aka lindsborg,


to an isolated and empty old school house in the tall grass prairies sponsored by the andy warhol foundation,


to the most perfect buffalo burger at “local burger”, a dreamy fast healthy food chain serving burgers of all kinds made of only local ingredients,


to the noticeble pride of the canadian who invented basketball who once lived in kansas,
to one of the best slogans of any city in the world: FROM ASHES TO IMMORTALITY.


visiting lawrence, ks was an inspiration and reminder that beyond dorothy and the wizard, kansas is “the birth of the civil war”. the fire and determination for FREE STATES was fought hard in kansas, changing the course of history and moral disposition of this country. that free fighting spirit and alternative ways are still very evident there. that epic period of colorful history, is far too rich to tackles in this here blog, but i had the pleasure to discover a lesser known character from that era, that i want to introduce you to: HUGH CAMERON


a civil war hero, born under the sign of SCORPIO who fought for slaves and women’s rights and ended up living in a tree.


he was a peace loving, tree hugging spiritual man and he now lives in his own little corner of a local history museum. the legend has it, that the love of his life married another while he was away at war, and upon return he became a hermit. one day a woman laughingly said she hoped he never cut his hair until women had equal rights. he took her up on it and grew the most wizardly mane. he was straight edge and wrote a book called the USEFUL WORKER to help people with sobriety. as for why he lived in a tree, he said communing with nature gave the greatest satisfaction to the soul. i wish i could’ve visited him, and if i build a time machine I WILL!



i knew 9/9/9 would be a big day, and an opportunity to use the upside down 666 for good… so here i sit watching a live stream of Obamas Health Care reform speech. it has been dicey as of late, he seems to be taking the wimpy route as opposed to the roaring lion route that teddy K would’ve liked…. but we must give him tonight, to turn around. on my road trip last month, while bathing in the glory of this country’s landscapes, history and people, i listened to chapters of Obama’s “Audacity of Hope”. his positivity, idealism and intelligence shines through in his book. it filled me with hope AND information. so here we stand, still unsure if this backwards system will turn around in the name of the people and their needs. As a dual citizen of Canada and the USA, i have a clear perspective about the disadvantage american citizens have when it comes to health care. The statistics prove it, and individual witnesses stand by it: USA has the one of the most inefficient and corrupt health care systems in the world. I choose to live in the USA for the love of it’s spirit, it’s history and it’s people, but i have always been floored by how blinded the people are to the lack of basic opportunities they have, like MEDICATION and GOOD EDUCATION. i don’t understand the fear of spending tax dollars on health but how “they” are willing to go into debt for war and banks, but not our health? truly backwards.
when Obama was elected it was the first time I had genuine hope for change in this country – and EXTREME pride. he sets the bar that leaders around the world should rise up to (you hear me Canada!?) …. but this health care issue is a make or break for this country’s health and prosperity. i want to believe these massive changes can happen here in this country, and that hope the skeptics will be properly informed….



(“Rue des Moulins: The Medical Inspection” by Toulouse- Laudrec! now that’s some wild victorian party times!)

i am listening carefully to this leader speak. PUBLIC OPTION ! he just said it!!!!
YES THAT IS CHANGE that teddy k and teddy R would be proud of!
now he is addressing a letter that ted kennedy wrote to him upon learning his cancer was terminal and requested to be delivered to Obama upon his death. words of SOCIAL JUSTICE and CHARACTER OF COUNTRY! that resonated with O, during this crucial time. loosing Ted K during this crucial time was heart breaking, but hopefully invigorating to this county and it’s destiny…
WE CAME HERE TO SHAPE IT!” YES YES YES XOXOX that was an amazing speech! THANK YOU!
may we stand together for that fellow humans.
Wherever you live! DONT FEAR IT, SHAPE IT!