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… BORN JULY 24TH 1897 – Atchison, KS
in the magical ways of an “un”planned road trip,
i was lucky enough to fall upon the amelia earhart birth place and museum,
on the eve of her birthday.
today marks the birth of a true blue modern day woman,
a pioneer of independence and adventure, born at the turn of the last century.
with a passion and determination to fly,
she was the first woman to fly the atlantic ocean on her own.
unfortunately, shortly before her 40th birthday,
she disappeared during her final stretch of her most ambitious flight;
the first person of the time, to fly around the world on the equator line….
she was a red head,
good friend of the first progressive “first lady” eleanor roosevelt,
she designed clothing and luggage and flew planes!
she wrote a letter to her husband on the morning of their wedding day,
that he had to sign and agree to before they married,
that included the poetic line
“In this connection I may have to keep some place where I can go to be by myself
now and then, for I cannot guarantee to endure at all times
the confinement o even an attractive cage.”
she was incredibly independent in a time when
woman were expected to do nothing but stay home,
let alone learn to fly and educate herself with worldly things…
she could’ve almost been considered to be a “witch”.

on this road trip i’ve also come across other inspiring parts of american history AND contemporary stories… involving civil war heroes turned hermits,
vikings in kansas and the magical rebirth and roam of the buffalo!
as the internet connection allows,
i will forward on these tales and snapshots upon you in this here blog!

Clues to OOOM – Part II

CHAIN CRASH from MAdM OOOM on Vimeo.

I am healed!


read all about the GLOOM OF SWINE roller coaster ride i was on here:


the mark is a new canadian online news source
that have invited me to be a “contributor”,
more to come….




a full moon eclipse happened today.
humans and creatures alike bathed in lunar force,
day or night, clouds or clear skies…
we all lived under the influence today.
the tides of the oceans,
planetary movements and human breath, we stepped in her honor and light, wether we knew or not.

full moons make me hungry and want to receive something-
the wholeness, the light, the dark side, the surface, the core…
it makes me just want more.

todays full moon was in capricorn –
the moon embodies all things feminine, the mother, the goddess, the emotion, the magical…
the capricorn, ruled by the planet saturn, is a gentle, yet extremely masculine sign, representing, the father, the provider, the warrior, the practical …

today these two energies were at play in a high and mighty way, further intensified with an eclipse; which is when the moon passes behind the earth and for a moment the suns’ (the PAPA bear provider) rays are blocked, making it a dark moon. so for an incredible moment, we mere humans, on this greenish blue planet earth, at our computers here, were standing between the two parental forces of masculine and feminine- which has got to make us FEEL in the deepest wells of our pores and guttural emotions and if we are lucky, even our conscience minds!
i apologize, as i am simplifying it all to my elementary school girl comprehension, but what i take away from this event is, that today ,we were reminded of the dance between the eternal sources of creation: the sun and the moon – the extremes of the masculine and feminine, but reminded of our mortal selves and fleshy planet existing within that tango….

within my tiny world of creation, the MOON is a full time influence on me as a woman, and my new project OOOM –
as the central theme is an eternal feminine force on the hunt to expose heart in the matter, the freedom in the collision, the feminine in the masculine, the dark side of the light, the healing in the wound and wrapped in love and music …

i am attempting to unveil more than my little words can say…. so please let NASA do the talking: 

the beauty in the eruption,
i want more!
off to the moon i go

hope you have a full moon hangover tomorrow…..


Moranis, Canada …


… the mountains and me.
what on honor, on canada day,
to share a page with a McKenzie brother,
a New York Times Op-Ed page no less….

NYT Op-Ed Canada Day!

of course i am a dual citizen and celebrate the duality-
between today and the 4th, i promise i will trot in the rain,
commune with the explorers, founding fathers/mothers
and the kings and queens,
who made the pilgrimage to this new world, and paved the way,
for me and we, to be modern 21st century folks, who play loud,
escape into the vortex of the virtual,
and squint into the eyes of the past by gazing at the sky,
rivers and mountains that received the settlers,
and wonder how the future will shape them.
the discovery and expansion must’ve surely been empowering,
but also just plain practical and necessary
to house our epic of explosion of flesh and borders.
hurray the future is here, the past is there,
and we can visit anywhere in between!
it’s a future-past sandwich week!

la la la,
le canada