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OOOM fell into the nurturing and clever hands of a man named BROWN,
he embraced the notion and shared it with his twitch tribe.
see what one man of with a taste for fantasy had to say post viewing of OOOM…




OUT OF OUR MINDS, the film,
is taking it’s first steps in her desire to go around the globe.
last week she visited Toronto at NXNE,
and tomorrow will be screened on a big BIG screen at BAM in brooklyn.
june 28th- 9pm, as part of the BAMCinemaFest.
i, the conceiver and my collaborator, director tony stone,
will be in the house for some after school Q&A.
what do you say? come by if you hover in those parts,
and share an audio visual experience with me x
happy weekend wherever you are.
know that OOOM is on the hunt for you too,
and will prevail soon…
more info please visit:

MAdM T.O….

… finally rocked toronto after too long,
oiling up the rusty joints.
some fast sweaty side stage clips for you…

… and the man who got me my first cassette dj gig, mister beckles, aka pinky carnage, offered humor between bands, in return for boos by the rock crowd… but he devoted himself to OOOM backstage, so i am tickled pink.

… that’s the MAdM NXNE report. merci!


Clues to OOOM- Part 1

Life After Death from MAdM OOOM on Vimeo.

the question of life after death x

Moving Pictures and Horses…


… this day in history, JUNE 15th
1869 Celluloid patented by John Wesley Hyatt, Albany, NY
1878 First attempt at motion pictures: using 12 stereoscopic cameras,
each taking 1 picture triggered by horses hooves at one thousandth of a second,
to see if all 4 horse’s hooves leave the ground at once.
horses and celluloid embrace


MAdM at NXNE this week!

please note, all TORONTO FOLKS, that MAdM / OOOM will be near you soon!
see shows for more info.