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when in texas…

… do as romans do.

this past month my bass brought me to rome and austin.
this magic month of march opened a few doors of exchange-
and it’s about time!!!! man and woman, it’s been too long.
my hands on, out of the box vehicle has slowed my carpet ride down,
but it has been scenic and educational.
my decision to be the mistress of my own musical destiny has broadened my expression (hence OOOM’s multi layered mode of communication)
but has also required some learning curves.
what’s a girl to do without a record label?
make her own and make friends with cutting edge tech pals like topspin!
what’s a girl to do when the right manager has not presented him/herself? manage yourself!
and when you are invited to play scandinavia, rome and austin without a team? put your captain hat on!
in other words friends near and far- as always my fire to connect is raging,
and my skills to make the connection are improving!
i guess i’ve always wanted to know how you get from a to z,
and when i embarked through the looking at the top of my music ride,
i skipped a few steps, and have been making up for lost lessons.
not to mention: the exciting, ever changing scape of the music “business”-
the shifts that have been affecting the “deal” with music.
it has encouraged everyone to go out on a lim and try new things out.
this past week at sxsw music fest,
i was blown away by the open minded ways of all people.
the change and “collapse” has liberated us-
forced us into change and experimentation.
good times to be knee deep and head on in music.
i was also blessed with amazing friends
who accompanied me along the way on my busy bee week in texas:
cecil at the helm, NARDWUAR, jeff, raja, the webb sisters, mark, little radio, jason, claire, dave, phil, stacey, seb, katie larkin, two friends from mexico, 2 friends on their 4 hour lunch break, two philly pals and last but not least,
my musical trinity: chris, adam and joe with their two guitars and drums.
all of these music lovers were there with me.
all there for the right reasons and all there for each other….. pretty wicked.

(rocking red curtains at red eyed fly bloody mary party)

p.s. i did have the pleasure and honor to go to the amazing world of rome earlier in the month,
to play a classy evening at a bass player festival.
they offered me my own evening to do whatever i’d like to do-
so i showed the film, played a rock show
and then discussed my love of bass with the crowd. pretty dreamy-
especially because i had enough leisure time before to visit sistina chapel,
the coliseum and much more roman wonders….
i still can not believe that 4 strings bring me to such places.
hopefully i will get to you soon….
here i am with two fountains i liked very much.




Tony Stone’s Vikings have alas landed the silver screen.
If you are in NYC please come to the Angelika film center this weekend
and explore this one of a kind raw Norse epic.
It’s not everyday that a hand made,
1000 year old period piece,
dripping with black metal while exploring the pre-Columbus alt history that could’ve been,
hits a big screen near you and your kin- or ANYWHERE for that matter!
From my dream collaborator on OUT OF OUR MINDS-
comes THIS!
SEVERED WAYS will hunt you down wherever you may be!
not to mention the two 13s in a row…..

everyone listen to Danzig’s “Thirteen” this day,
and visit