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celebrate the NATURALIST


if it wasn’t for open minds,
the chase for knowledge,
and explorations on ships,
i surely would not be communing with you today via virtual log.

200 years ago, a role model for all of us was born.
charles darwin was born with a hunch in the gut-
that life was more than the upper class english culture he was raised in.
at the age of twenty he boarded a ship called BEAGLE,
and sailed around the world for 5 years,
collecting fossils, writing and engaging fully with the natural world.
changed man, changed world.
a life committed to understanding the natural world,
and how man has evolved within it,
sounds like a mission to me.
the darwin naturalist mission,
inspires me to wonder, what an active explorer should be doing now.
we have sailed the sea and gone to space,
scientific studies are often now in laboratories in our minds,
not aboard ships exploring desert islands…
we have an obligation to explore unchartered territories,
but so many adventurers have come before us…..
the pressure is on- so wether you explore in song or thought,
by foot or by air….
find your ship, a partner or two, and eat it up x
i am aiming to do the same….. eyes open everyday.
some titles to ponder in honor of a man who sailed for us:
Descent of Man to Emotions
The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex
The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms.



MAdM vs Auf der Maur

dear you,
this is a cyber update.
you must forgive your rusty freckled old fashioned friend.
the web is not my most clear and instinctive home,
but it is the only way i can swim across oceans,
and fly over mountains and planes to get to you.
so the fluidity of my exchange with you is key,
but not fitted yet….. first there is the name game:

as i sit on the edge of a hopeful new year and the unveiling of my new project,
i find myself stumped by my own name. dating back to my early childhood,
and memories of learning to spell and pronounce my name,
it continues to be a regular correction i must make everywhere my name goes.
as with my first album- this has been three years in the making,
thriving on collaborations and support by endless talent and generosity of my creative folks-
so these are not “melissa auf der maur: singer songwriter solo albums”-
but these could not live under a fictional title like “orange rubber duck”.
a while a ago i decided, as the captain of the projects, i would use a variation on my name…
using just my last name for my first album in all of it’s germanic, patriotic-ness-
was a nod to the ancient family, the “father’s of rock” who cam before us,
and amplified the HEAVY i was going for.
this new album has taken many twists and turns,
including the embracement of multiple creative outlets, and the reoccurring theme of
a connected but polar opposite title was needed for this one.
luckily, my initials are MAdM,
and i often had signed my name as initials because my full one is just sooooo long.
this naturally made sense- however back into this reality,
i have been confused on how to unite the old and the new world as far as names go.
i opened and myspace for the birth of the EP,
but this long established aufdermaur pages are getting lonely-
so i am addressing their concerns….
although my new project is MAdM- but i am still me.
the “x”s frame it all over the interweb, because MAdM was not available to me.
this is the last and only introspective name game essay i will write,
but i welcome any suggestions you may have. is it good to evolve and change names?
will people be confused or will people sort it out? what to do?

meanwhile, is under construction, that’s why it has not been updated…
a computer programming melt down occurred, but eventually this “blog” will live in there!
for now i am dancing between various places, and waving as fast as i can HELLO!

hoping 09 has been a smooth ride so far,
as well as being the year that finally gets my album out of my hands into yours.
thank you for visiting and riding the wave of the new MAdM chapter in our virtual club house-
see you out there soon! i am preparing for shows in the spring….
the bass can’t wait!