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sword in hand…

…leads you to the promise land?

all i know is HARD core believing is the only way.
fight fight fight
push push push
laugh laugh laugh
love love love
this spring day has delivered a huge heap of hope!
thank you

also, a brand new girl named Arrow arrived.
we are ready to show her a good time.
one day old,
dozens of hearts open.



and gone.

the green beer day of st-patrick’s and my birth has come and gone.
the first day of spring has come and gone.
the snow is on it’s way out, into the earth and rivers.
in that time i loved my family, friends and cat Thor.
witnessed the passion of two leaders on the environmental crisis.
as they said….
there is a huge opportunity in this crisis
emergency + opportunity = crisis.
technology + will = solutions
and also said…
we have a moral responsibility
to protect the web of life we are part of.

before that all came and went,
i sat on a mini chair on a large frozen river,
humming a tune.

the stories and sounds are getting LOUDER.
my cut through the red tape is in process.
much, much more to share soon.
for now i send you this cyber post card.

if you’re a dreamer…

… come in.

if you’re a pretender, then come sit by my fire.




in the snow,
in the past,
in our heads,
in our beds,
in the future,
in the now,
in forever,
always together.


petits mots…

grand monde…

hard to imagine a little web of words could link around the world,
but so it seems to go.
so many tales to share…………….

our human ways are overwhelming our home
(obviously, we live like maniacs and have to change)

great music is being made by beautiful people

oil obsession will push bears and wolves out of their homes
(you can do small things to help big causes)

wise and amazing people are leading the way to awareness
( he is my hero)

there are very funny people saying very funny things!
(check out “death by black hole” man! love him)

there are cosmic collisions happening right now!
(imagine the sound!)

AND SO ON AND SO ON……………………………………………………..
endless! then it seems to eclipse into the massive view:
(love, birth, earth, space, death, LIFE! all in one big freaky mass)
how could words possibly wrap around that?!

however, i will keep sharing my petits words about a grand world,
til the day i die.

happy friday!

through the grass

i can see

ah the patience…
i have called upon again and again.
the gap in time and space between
you and my music demands it.

the time to be an independent music maker
has descended upon this earth whole heartedly,
and i am caught up in the red tape of a monstrous corporation.
there are far more profound problems that could be,
so i am just sitting back and letting the cards fall where they may.
watching a cold river making cuts across the land,
and dreaming up more direct ways to get my creative ideas out there…

2007 will bring new and more immediate ways to share.
computer tricks and a new way of looking at things will do it.