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…as you do, i have been out of the loop with you…
far too long.

yes there is a climax trying to wrap up the project,
and getting a small teaser out to you…
most of you have come into contact with xmadmx….
i promise there is FAR more.
i am onto the serious next phase:
i am hatching a plan.
it will slowly unfold.
i am thankful for your patience, and perseverance.

there will be some explosive chemistry exchanges in 2008.
those of you here first (yes, you) will get entangled foremost.
i have an experimental plan of how to make this EXCHANGE.

to begin, would you please leave me your email addresses….
i know this is crooked, and i don’t have a “mailing list” section,
but i’d like to start a log book of my visitors,
so you are sure to be notified when the GAMES begin.

if you can post a comment, leave your contact please.

i saw my soul hero morrissey tonight.
i cried twice,
and freaked the guy next to me when i had to share
“that was my high school yearbook quote”
during “stretch out and wait”

wow. thank you universe.
thank you fellow humans.
we have a lot to live for.
i am emerging from my creative cocoon daily.
on my way.
stay in touch.
long for more!