Archive for May, 2007

tree tales …

… and more abstract stuff to fill the gaps.

it is true, i have spent a lot of time in the woods of abstract.
a good place for me to be,
however, i would like to frame this fantasy land with some cold hard facts.
the world of hard facts changing as it is, it is hard to pin down.
the la la land of my mind, heart, eyes and ears weaved together is quite consistent.
always there for me to pluck from.
so as much as i’d like to say “MY NEW ALBUM WILL BE OUT XXX”
i can not, because the structure side is not clear to me right now.
the positive side of this wait for the box to form,
is the more time goes by the more i create to share…
there will be a full wad to release into the world when the word “GO” finds me.

for those who come to visit me here,
i thank you for waiting.


blow the candle out…

… and begin.

liberation in starting new chapters.
hope in the new
lessons in the old.

i am off to the woods to make action fantasy fiction happen!
strangeways, here we come!

all the best to YOU.