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beauty beast

my friend steve met these sweet beasts,
adorned with horns.
magical and mystical,
they suggest the unknow.
i want to hug the old,
and worship their young.
may we all connect with the sweet beast within.


hand in hand

theresia auf der maur died at 101 years old on march 17th, 2004
she came to me in my dream the other night,
she was still in between the two dimensions,
she has almost reached her son.

she was a woman with a mission and a vision.
her faith was in the force, the guide, the plan.
it kept her alive longer than most.

i honor her strength and confidence.

i send love to her and my father up above.
i miss you, but feel you close.



the unknown force is in effect.
it will only send you what you can handle.
it is as simple as rising up to the force.
it is your guide to who you are,
and who you can be:
a maker of sense out of chaos,
a maker of beauty out of pain,
a maker of hope out of fear…………………

i am eternally grateful for my trust in it.


Split Screen

duel duel :
a challenge between two sides

her – him
sleep – awake
hope – fear
heaven – hell
sail – sink
bravery – laziness
receive – conceive
interior – exterior
hold – have
make – take
harmony – dissonance
dual -duel

dual dual :
two of the same kind

ALL is one


live …

… and learn.



… we are making a record up here in the north.

my canadian pals and i are rolling into the deep spring,
with tunes wrapped around our wrists,
tones falling out of the wood work,
and our feet marching to the romantic rock drum inside !

french kiss studios is the place to be,
for a girl like me,
with JZ at the helm, man handling the knobs, buttons and beer …


by the river,

summer is comin’


… falls

i visited a three tear water fall on easter monday.
snuck behind the fall … true beauty.

i am back in music land,
creating odes to the smiths and danzig,
as always.

dig into every one of your minutes.


the forest …..

… the book.

for my day of birth i went to the woods.
in there i found beauty and eternity.
i dreamt of a haunted owl and human queens.
i came across a book filled of myth and wisdom.
all of these things are filling the empty spaces of my album….
it is coming,
noisy and hopeful.

the slow pace has payed off.

more climbing to go,
but the light is in sight.

“she” is immortal
and heading towards the universal heart.




i have been making this new album.
although there is no noise of it out there yet,
i swear it is brewing.
i have been patient with the sounds inside.
not rushing…….but now there is a rush of clarity.
straight to the heart,
up to the head,
and out of my fingers and mouth.
in the next three months,
i am gonna finish what i started,
one year ago, alone in the snow,
on my loving 4-track.

the vision and mission statement,
has made itself known now.

i am so eager to share……
thank you for your patient ears…..