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getting closer…

… the sounds are fuller.
the end is near.
i am craving ears.
to share,
to share,
to share,
the inner world that has developed,
since i was last “out there”.

this melody is my carpet ride,
across the ocean to you, you and you.
reaching out to you through this tune,
around the globe just to get it to you.


the sky…

… is my ocean

split screen
dual heart
one going up stream,
the other swimming down.
oh the excitement in the oppositions !
learn learn learn learn
give it give it give it.
i wanna grow from the clashing of ways.
harmony comes quietly.

hello !


beauty beast

my friend steve met these sweet beasts,
adorned with horns.
magical and mystical,
they suggest the unknow.
i want to hug the old,
and worship their young.
may we all connect with the sweet beast within.


hand in hand

theresia auf der maur died at 101 years old on march 17th, 2004
she came to me in my dream the other night,
she was still in between the two dimensions,
she has almost reached her son.

she was a woman with a mission and a vision.
her faith was in the force, the guide, the plan.
it kept her alive longer than most.

i honor her strength and confidence.

i send love to her and my father up above.
i miss you, but feel you close.