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saturn’s moon….


thanks to “astronomy photo of the day”,
and my magical friend elisa aka “hungerworld”,
i enjoyed a photo of another dimension today.

these images, and places,
are a comfort to me.
although i will never be able to see them,
or feel them under my feet,
just knowing the unknown is out there,
makes it all feel big, weird, and right.

i was on the hunt for a melody this week,
and i think i found it.

i also was in need for some lessons,
and i am getting those too !

to be shared soon.

all the best in health, family and music !


my eyes and mouth……

……are wide open

it is the autumn now,
and i am still in the midst of it.
hunting for my sounds, words, melodies and heart.

great three days in the studio this week,
with great friends and players.
really inspiring,
the difference between being alone inside the music,
and sharing it on the outside with trusted others,
is HUGE !!!

i need to learn,
i want to evolve,
i will connect with my heart.

just so you know,
i am slowly,
but surely,
doing my best !

thanks for being patient and checking in !