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…take two.

buckle up stevie!
off we go!
we get to discover taiwan after all !
they pulled through the super typhoon,
and they are ready to celebrate with music !
on august 5th we will be rocking on a beach.
first show in 2005.
i can’t wait to play,
we will be trying out one new song….
so exciting to imagine next year,
playing all new songs……….

i hope the late summer season it treating you all well,
can you believe back to school time is almost here ?????


typhoon in…

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… taiwan.

we didn’t get on the plane today,
the beach we were to perform on,
has disappeared.
this super typhoon in is the worst in 5 years.

i hope the country pulls though safely.

the show may be re-scheduled,
i still look forward to discovering taiwan one day.

mother nature sure is acting up lately…
…enjoy yourselves.


tie one on in…

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… taiwan !

as most of you probably know,
my favorite thing about my life in music
(other than the music)
is the discovery of new places,
and connecting with new faces,
through our love of sounds!!!

i am so lucky to have been invited to play in taiwan!

once upon a time,
taiwan was a small island deprived of rock music,
or in fact any alternative to extreme POP,
until a bunch of local music lovers,
put together a festival,
that, with help of the government,
would bring musical “alternatives”
to the young people of taiwan!!!
it has been happening for a few years now,
and the local music scene has really picked up ever since!
so thanks to james chen and his partners,
the sounds of
cat power,
dirty three,
and andrew w,k,
have been brought to their shores.
this time around (next week!)
i will lucky enough to meet their shores,
and play a FREE out door festival,
on the beach,
with black rebel motorcycle club
and the great PEACHES !!!
i am so excited to discover a new country,
and their love of music.

as for the rest of you international lovers of sound,
i am simply waiting to be invited to play ;
czech republic,
new zealand,
and many other places
i dream of flying to on my magic music carpet……
i will try before i die!

i haven’t played a show in 7 months,
and i am just throwing together a one off show
comprised of my montreal pals:
steve and julien of course,
my long time musical pal and team player;
jordon zadorozny,
the lovely lady of moufette;
ariel engle (steve’s honey bunny)
and good old barry tinker thomas
(to help us with the knobs and such!)

this will most likely be my only show of 2005,
as i will be recording all fall,
and preparing to get back on the road,
at the top of 2006 .

i will come back with stories
and reports from this trip!

hope the summer fun
is keeping you out of trouble,
and in a love bubble!

be good,
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