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summer funnin’…

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…in mauve sunset lighting.


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( steve and i rode the ferris wheel yesterday )

this isn’t a rock tour…

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…but it sure is rocky.

big mountains,
big love for my mum.
i am visiting my mother,
she is working on words in the mountains.

i was in the studio last week tracking drums for 2 songs,
it will be a slow but sweet process over the summer and autumn.

we are half way through 2005,
i hope it has been good for you so far.
it has been very new and special for me,
i am happy.

quiet times off tour….
restful and hopeful.

i am going to eat a big steak tonight.
bon appetit!
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i threw a bunch of my tour video footage together,
and put a sweet little memory lane piece together….
i love the road, and miss the movement,
but i have to admit being still and breathing new songs,
is making me incredibly happy!
so until my sounds and the road meet again,
please visit my friends website……..
click on the “rockumentary” section:



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…grow, grow.

growing time around here.
the blossoming things are flooring me with their beauty!
new, green and lush,
open hearted mush.
breath taking, tear jerking………..
lots of new,
but i still use my old tascam 4-track recorder.

our international cyber world is lovely.