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i found magic….

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…in iceland.

the land of:
special horses,
amazing painters,
men of the sea,
sculpture gardens,
dried fish and shark,
late nights,
early sunrise,
coffee wagon,
the blue lagoon,
new friends
and true blue isolation,
has captured my heart eternally.

i am so lucky to have visited such a place
and be hosted as i was.
enough inspiration to keep me going for quite a while.
fuel to live life fully
and search for truth in beauty and the unknown.

thank you,
and of course, beckles.

the ocean stone has been found,
and it now lives in my heart.

meanwhile back on planet earth…
i hope the spring is nurturing you all well,
and providing you with many new adventures inside and out.

the music is growing bigger and louder inside,
i will soon be in the studio……
can’t wait!

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people cannot stand…

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…too much reality.

i recently had the pleasure to see doctor david suzuki give a talk.
this scientist, environmentalist, humanitarian, peace maker,
enlightened us with basic truths and reality.
he reminded us how disconnected
we have become from the land in the last 100 years.
what a dangerous shame that is,
because we can find all the answers in nature.

simultaneously to this disconnect, and a direct result of it,
a massive energy crisis is creeping into our modern world,
right now, as i type and you read.

so as we walk blindly into our ipods and concerns for the economy,
life as we know it will be slowly but drastically changing.
as scientists and environmentalist are facing this scary news,
the media is not covering it,
because it is BAD NEWS.
it is not gonna make people feel as good about themselves as say,
the tragic lives of a couple of blonds or wackos.

so was i ever happy to discover,
shortly after this eye opening talk of suzuki’s,
an article in rolling stone magazine,
expressing the exact same things.
good for this music magazine,
to be covering the real news of the world.

as we enter the 21st century,
we are facing mighty changes and challenges.
in 20-30 years the supposed “comforts” we have grown used to,
will be escaping us.

the bad news is we must start facing and preparing for this now.
the good news is love and the wonder of the human spirit is eternal.

please check out the ” slow emergency”,
the link is in my ” i like things…’ column.

oh life…….

7 years today…

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…my father faced his end.

nick was one of the most lively people i will ever know.
his love of adventure,
classical music at high volumes on sunday morning,
bar stools,
alleyway short cuts,
underground tunnel warm cuts,
taxi rides,
donald duck,
bar buddies,
fedora hats,
silly ties,
belly laughs,
young people,
needy people,
funny people,
serious people,
and me,
sits inside my heart everyday,
to remind me of my father’s beautiful ways of seeing life and being alive.

holding his hand to his end
was the most life altering thing that has ever happened to me.
i thank him for this gift,
and everything he passed on to me through good times, swiss blood and undying love.

i love you more than ever nick,
i miss you today,
and everyday.

love to all the fathers of the world,
from my blog to you.


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