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thursday is…

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…jupiter day.

it is thursday,
it is the 17th,
sweet st patty’s day.
red hair, irish blood, sentimental heart.

top of the morning to all the fishes out there,
the cycle ends with the depth of the ocean and begins with the heat of fire.
the contrast makes life a blast.

w.p.c., my musical brother of sorts,
was born today too.
a toast to his songs is in order,
turn it up.

spring is promising us a lovely new year.
thank goodness for the infinite possibilities.

i am deep into audio options in the studio,
the preliminary sketches are coming to be.
great way to spend today.

on this day last year my 100 year old inspiration,
theresia auf der maur,
left this planet.
i feel her force more then ever,
i will eat an apple for her today,
and i wish her all the cabbage in heaven!

thank you life!


march on…

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… to the water.

is spring on her way yet?
she always brings sweet things.
she will offer and i am eager.

my brother and i spent time by the ocean.
cold and lovely.

the songs are being written and nurtured.
red wine is fun,
and i am officially recharged.
ready to emerge out of my hibernation,
and start phase 2 of album 2.

as i am trying to maximize the potential of this here blog,
i have created a new world:
in this corner there will be:
video fun
and photos
by my friends and i.

i finally bought a digital camera,
my film will always be closest to my heart and finger tips,
but i will be experimenting
and TRYING to post ’em.

stevie durand’s mini epic:
“telephone gents”
will be christening this corner soon.

i hope you are hope filled.
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