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blame the plumbing!

blizzards are weird. they can snow you in, or snow you out.

they are beautiful, white and windy.

the blizzard of 2005 broke my plumbing.

frozen, explosion, then evacuation.

just as i was getting the wires hooked up and neck of my guitar cozy in my hand… my system broke down.

so a brief visit to nyc was called for, while the handy irish plumber took control of my home.

i went to the MOMA yesterday and saw a lot of art.

wonderful klimpt sketches, architectural theories and lots of cindy sherman photos.

arts, culture and friends in nyc. fine with me,

but the plumbing made me do it!


snow blind

my oh my…. winter wonderland.

had i gratuated to a digital camera i would show you the real thing…..

“blizzard 2005” they are repeating.

“go get candles! batteries! water!” they warn.

“do not go outside”

60 miles an hour winds.

hurricane force.

snow drifts, 8 feet high.

i got out last night just in time to the stop and shop……..

now i am snowed-in to my home.

the neighbors are loosing power one by one,

while mine is still here i am cooking and blogging.

then it will be accoustic guitar and reading by cande light.

i am snow blind,

and it looks beautiful!


(i got to get a digital camera for the next blizzard!)

new journal world

me and a headless horse. take a nap as yelena snaps……….

new world journal 2

as i open my mind and spirit to the new technology of the world, i am talking twice today.

the north-east is fluffy white and crisp. i am happy to sit in my quiet here.

i ate half a pizza and watched “adam’s rib”.

i dream of katharine hepburns life a lot lately. her life holds a key to my deep dream.

tell your mother you love her,

and may we all learn to love like a mother.


The lovely snowy North East

Happy Dr. King Week!!!!
Welcome back from the holidays and welcome to your new year.

I have been relaxing a lot since I got off tour….time for reading and viewing inspiring books and films. I got a chance to see an amazing PBS documentary on Martin Luther King Jr., and I was so moved. What a great holiday for this country to celebrate, it may be the only one I really feel inspired by (other than new years! I love new years!! I had such a fun time with my friends and brother in London!!!) Anyhow, if you get a chance to read up, or better yet view some footage (his speeches are beautiful) of Dr. King’s life and wisdom, you will be reminded of how much the world needs him more than ever now. We need wise, brilliant and peaceful leaders like him to guide us and show us right now!!! Let’s hope for them to come. In the meantime we will try our best to feed our minds and spirit and be hopeful.

I have just sunk into my hibernation. Quiet time and writing mode here I go…..

So, you’ll be hearing from me more now that I am gonna sit in one place for a bit.

Enjoy the winter for those in the northeast and midwest…can you believe this snow???????!

it is sooo beautiful!!