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Jacksonville, Florida

Tour update! Photos and Fun!

We have been on tour with the sweethearts from Detroit for a week now. The Von Bondies are really fun and nice, “C’mom C’mon” is a great song, it makes me happy!

We also have Columbus, Ohio boys the Sun on tour with us. We started in the Midwest and have traveled south, some how avoiding hurricanes and bad weather all the while (lightning is my girl, that’s right, but she comes to visit me in my dreams instead!) still summer out here on tour! Today is our last date in Florida and we begin to head up to the northeast. We hope to see you there!

oklahoma, halfway between chicago and dallas

we are on our last leg of this inspiring curiosa tour. i don’t want it to end!

however the incredible european festivals (the reason why we are leaving this tour early) is the best alternative!!!!

we played a great show in chicago yesterday. it was a real gloomy moody day, but the crowd was great. unfortunately chris from muse (who i call “the best bass player on the tour”) fractured his wrist, and they had to leave the tour. this must have been a big disappointment to all the devoted muse lovers…i have to say that muse are one of the best bands i have seen and heard in a very long time. incredibly passionate and talented musicians.

looks like we are solidifying our fall touring plans in north america soon. we will be doing a lot of touring! i am very happy about this, and will let you all know the details as soon as we confirm them.

it is almost back to school time….that late summer melancholy is starting to set it. it is always a romantic feeling……………..enjoy you summer’s conclusion.

washington d.c. area

Another update to let you all know how much i love music, and people who make music and people who listen to music.

the curiosa festival continues to inspire me in many ways. the true love of music around here is so beautiful. last week i was calling it “the most romantic tour of the summer”, now i am calling it “the hope tour, 2004”.

there is an amazing sense of community building amongst us on the tour (you know me, the music community romantic…). The sense of closeness and effort robert smith is making to make us feel like a whole has a lot to do with it. he is incredible….inspiring personally and of course musically.

last night we had a farewell party for the thursday guys, despite the fact that it was wednesday, it was their last day on the curiosa tour, they are off to the warped tour now. we were sad to see them go, and they did not want to go. this tour has a rare delicacy and intimacy, which is hard to find anywhere in these intense times. i havent felt this since hole toured with lollapolooza 1995. we had a great show in ohio yesterday. it was our first day of rain on this tour so it was extra melancholy. it was at a beautiful venue in the woods, the main stage area is made of wood and specially designed for accoustics. it looked and sounded great. the cure played alot of very obscure songs of theirs, a real treat for the die hard fans. i saw rabbits hopping through the night time woods. it is fun out here! come participate.

we have another 10 dates out here, then off the european festivals… i hope everybody’s summer is treating them well and that you are finding beauty and hope around you.

thank you to everyone who has been showing support, and welcome to all those who have recently opened their ears to this and have discoverd it in the last few good and follow your heart!