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Greetings from the beginning of The Most Romantic Music Tour In This Nation!!!!! This weekend we began The Curiosa tour in Florida, and it was more than i could have ever hoped for! The line up is impecable; full of honesty, origionality and romance (all hand picked by The Cure. Thank you Robert!) The crowd was perfect. Open minded, excited and curious at The Curiosa tour! It was an amazing opportunity for me to introduce the music to completely new ears. People who have never heared a note or a mention of my name before, were so enthusiastic to find something new that connected with them. That is the perfect attitude and atmosphere for what i consider to be a true “alternative” to the other North American summer festivals. I discovered the great and origional music of the brittish band The Cooper Temple Clause. I heared the beautiful sounds of Interpol bouncing in the open aired venue, rolling through the thick Florida summer evening air, and much more……..

But the day was perfectly topped with, of course, the familiar sounds of The Cure. So many great melodies and memories of the past washed over me. The crowd was sweet and attentive. I felt so thankful for being a part of this festival. I thanked Robert Smith personally after the show for creating the perfect musical home for us; the bands and all the like minded people in the audience. What a nice summer treat for all os us. So I am thrilled to be out here! Muse join the tour this week, and i am eager to see them translate their beautiful symphonies live! Join us at one of the shows if you can! It is really good music and good people.

Thank you to everyone who has shown support and let the music run through them!

Be good,and make the most of what you have; music AND life.


hello! i am relaxing on my first day off since my west coast whirlwind. i’ve done my laundry, and had good meal and will see a movie tonight. the west coast tour was fun. we had great shows in sanfran and seattle. then we went back down to l.a. for our spaceland show which was really fun. our friends yellow #5 (who are amazing! wow molly, dave and alfredo are cool players!) and the amazing mondo generator played. it made for a cozy rock night. then we played ameoba record store thenext day, and that turned out really well. you’d think that rocking under florescent lights in the early evening would be akward, but it wasn’t. a lot of people showed up (thank you!) and the overall vibe and spirit of that store is so good and true music loving that you can’t go wrong. our great guitar player kim pryor has been part of the ameoba family for a long while, and she calls that place home. we love it.

we had some great shows this past weekend in the deep HOT south; columbia south carolina and atlanta. these were really enthusiastic crowds. the south is a passionate place!

last but not least, we played a free chicago street party sunday, and i thanked the streets of chicago for all the incredible and inspiring music chicago has given us.

that is the update……off to scandinavia tomorrow! beautiful outdoor festivals. i am eager to cross that big ocean and eat swedish meatballs. more when i get back to the u.s., and start (YAY) the cure tour! see you soon!

oh yeah, follow your dreams, and take risks.