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Munich, Germany


WE ARE IN MUNICH TONIGHT. We are in the midst of the german moment of the tour. Berlin last night was great! The people moshed, rocked and danced! There was a fun after party at an east Berlin club that was full of Canadian and American transplants, good times. Hamburg was the day before, and there too they were serious and attentive rocking Germans!

Over the weekend we were in Scandinavia; Oslo and Stockholm were in fine Viking-blood form. They are serious about the drama and romance in heavy rock music. Just like me! The freezing winters with overwhelming snow demands it of us. Rock keeps us hot and fuzzy!

So overall everything is going great. We are having an amazing tour, it is so great to be sharing the music with open eared and open hearted people of Europe. Next stop is Europe’s sweet child North America. The music exchange will begin on May 11 th in Minneapolis on tour with The Offspring. In 1995 I toured Australia (the Big Day Out tour) with Offspring and they were really nice guys. My drummer buddy Atom Willard (of RFTC and plays on “Head Unbound” and “Would if I Could” on AdM) is now playing with them now, and that is a BONUS because he is one of my favorite drummers to watch live! Yay for Atom.

So, all this to say, I am very happy. Music makes me happy, this life I am lucky to live makes me so happy. Thank you to everyone who has shown their support, I am able to follow my dream because of you. Thank you!!!!!!

I had a dream I pass it on.

Keep the dream flame alive, pass it on!


Three days in Scandinavia. Spent some time in a hippy compound in Copenhagen – wonderful, although the presence of police and the big man trying to shut down their magical ways was frustrating to see.

Mingling with the Vikings, collecting latex weapons, and in search of more mysteries of the northern world. They love heavy rock music up here! Just like my brothers and sisters in Canada.

Thanks to everybody for coming to the shows – you make my night!

More later…Where are the horses?

DAY OFF! Friebourg, Germany

Hello! We have had a lovely day of rest, and time to reflect on the past three amazing days. The first Auf der Maur headline tour began on Monday in Bruxelles, Belgium. It was incredible. A beautiful venue called the AB box, and a really mixed and enthusiastic crowd. Sold out! The album has been out in europe for a while here, so the people knew the music! This was a first for these songs and this project. The next day was Cologne, Germany, a dirty, small and sweaty club called Prime. It was really hot and the stage was nice and low so that we were almost at eye level with crowd as they smiled and sang along! It was so new and exciting I got goose bumps. Last night was Amsterdam, one of the worlds most liberal and open minded places in the world. In turn it is one of the only countries with hard rock radio that plays Followed the Waves, DURING THE DAY! Those dutch love heavy music. So the crowd at the legendary, Milkyway club, was smiling the whole way through with open minds and full attention. Beautiful young women right up against the stage singing along and making me smile. Sir Chris Goss was in Amsterdam doing promotion for his new album, perfectly timed to join me on stage for an “Overpower thee” duet. A truly blissful moment in my life in music. It was SOOOOO COOL! Chris is my papa bear of rock, and our mutual love and respect warms my heart!

The touring of this album has officially begun, and thus has the musical connection to the people! I made this album because I wanted to celebrate and explore my love of music. Music has had an amazing affect and influence on my life, far beyond just the sounds of it. It has filled my life with so many amazing people and experiences, and has given me direction. So many mysteries such as love, death, truth and beauty, can be explored through the making or listening of music. Not to mention amazing melodies and heavy riffs! I want to share all of this with others. It is a way of relating and connecting.

I hope this sense of discovery and curiosity is coming across through the music, into your ears, and inspiring adventure in you! Thank you for checking in, and thank you to those who are making it out to the shows here in Europe. As for the rest of you, we plan to explore the globe as much as we can with this album, and hopefully will be in a city near you soon!

I love music and am very grateful for what it has brought into my life. May we keep it alive and loud in the world. Thank you music lovers!