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I woke up this morning in Milan. Today is our 4th concert on the first tour of my first album! Touring with A Perfect Circle is such a special way to begin this year’s adventure. The band and their crew have been so generous and welcoming, all the shows have been sold out and very fun to play! Considering that the album isn’t out and no one knows the songs yet, the audiences have been very attentive and enthusiastic. “Followed The Waves”, however, does get a cheer! I guess the video is playing on MTV Europe! The reaction was especially exciting in Lisbon, Portugal, our first show of this tour. As soon as I began the vocal howl at the top of the song, people drowned me out with cheers and started singing along! This is a first for me, people singing along with one of my songs that has been living in my imagination and 4-track world for so long…we are having a REALLY GREAT TIME OUT HERE!

Tomorrow we will be in Switzerland (my family name’s homeland!) and the week countdown to my album’s European release begins! We are planning our own club tour to begin mid-march. It will be extensive! I look forward to being in all parts of beautiful Europe this Spring, and thanks to everyone for your support and for coming out to these shows. I love the way music brings people together!